The Doors Will Open On The Right..

Last Week on Friday I was Returning To Home By Metro and Usual I Was Happy Because Next Day Was The Weekend , Yeah, The Saturday,The Day of Relief, From all Worldly Affairs,Shitty Jobs, Money Buisness, Funny Engagements, Creepy Events and Off course Brutal TV Serials.But Inside Me There Were Questions and Because I Think Myself as An Enlightened Being I Was Proud Of It.”What Is Life, Which Is More Important Truth Or Me and My Happiness”.

Suddenly There Was An Announcement Which Woke Me Up From Deep Thinking ” Doors Will Open On The Right”,

So as I Have To Interchange Metro I Came Close To The Doors But All Of a Sudden It Opened On The Left and In Hurry And Adrenaline Rush I Run Towards The Left Doors and My Right leg Slipped……Boom….!!! Silence

My Eyes Were Closed and a Few Seconds after, When I Open Them I was Normally Sitting In Metro However Everything Wasn’t That Normal.

A Very Few People Were Out There Sitting Like Statues.They Have Pale Faces ,Deep Eyes and Almost Everyone Was Dressed Up In Black Or White Suits No Gray or Any Other Colour , Wether Men Or Women They Have Same Sort Of Clothes.They Don’t Talk. Just Stillness and Silence.They Were All Look Like Dead Souls. No More Announcements in The Metro,The Only Coloured and Alive Person Was Myself,I Was Feeling More Lightweight ,Stress Free and Happy,and As Free as Dead .I don’t Know Why I Enjoyed Such Deadly Situation .There Was A Kind Of Internal Peace and Energy Suddenly Start Emerging In Me From Nowhere.On The Next Station Two Young and Absolutely Beautiful Women, One With Saffron Indian Suit and Other In Black Enter In My Compartment and I Was Unmarried So You Know ….

Yeah, I Start Staring at Them.The Girl In Black Have Deep ,Dreamy and Eternally Calm Eyes,Her Voice Is as Much Peaceful as Death,She Look at Me And Start Talking To Me “Do You Want To Sleep With Me” and I Was Like…..?WTF She’s Saying…..?

I Said ‘No’ and I Still Don’t Know Why? But The Saffron Girl Whispered To Her ” He Is Mine” and they Both Walk away,and I Was Wondering Why Nobody Even Dare To Look on Them and Me.

Then an Middle Aged Man Enters With a Modern Day Flute In His Hand. From Nowhere,He Is Now Here.He Has An Unforgettable Beauty and Glow on his Face.His Eyes Were like That Nobody Can Make Eye Contact With Him.He Was Blissful.I Feel Something Like Having an Eternal Relationship or Some Kind of Connection With Him. He Seems To Be Mine,Even More Then Me.

He Was Just Wandering around There, Looking at People’s Faces and Smiling and Suddenly Stopped On My Glance.

“Hii,Bro Can I Sit Here” Said He.”Do You Believe In Truth” He Immediately Ask.I Wasn’t Expecting and Not Even Prepared for That Kind Of Questions However I Was Thinking about Them Long Before I Enter in Metro But It Seems Like That It’s My Duty To Answer Him So I Said “Yes”. “Truth Is The Eternal Lie That Humanity Is Searching ” Said He While Sitting Next To Me,and Start Discussion on Philosophy and I Was Just amazed By His Appearance.He Was Saying and I Was Just Moving My Head and Humming.

“Truth is Itself a Lie ,a Mirage, Because It Changes With Time and Space,So any Friends of You Who Say That They Will Give Value To The Truth and Justice Over Relationships and Pleasure, Leave Them. The Person Who Is Doing Right as He Was Taught and Expected To Do is The Failed Person ,And The Person Who is Doing What Needs To Be Done Is The Righteous Being.Nothing Is True, Good or Bad ,You Give A Meaning By Your Perceptions and Create Illusions And Then Search For Truth and You are all Alike a Spider Stuck in It’s Own Web.”

All Of Poverty,Scarcity Is Created By Man and It Can Be only Wiped Out By Abundance,If You are Going Eliminate Poverty it Will Increase,But When You Start Creating Wealth, Poverty Will Eliminated Automatically, It’s True For Every Type Of Problem So Start Searching For Pleasure and Pains Will Get Eliminated Automatically .

I Finally Said and Said it Loudly “Why You are Telling Me These Ideas and Where You Came From all Of a Sudden and Start Hitting on All of My Values and Beliefs , How Did You Know That I was Having An Internal Conflicts and Thinking about These Topics”.

He Laughed and Start Playing His Flute,I Got angry and Said You Know It’s Illegal To Play any Music In Metro,You Will Be Fined.

” That’s My Train and It’s Called Existence My Son”. He Put His Hand On My Head and I Just Become Calm, Feeling Enlightened Like Really,But I Know That I am In Wrong Metro Maybe It’s The Metro Route Of A Hospital and This Man Maybe a Psycho and all Other Peoples are Patients,But The Thing Which He Said Seems Appealing To Me.

Then The Charming Saffron Girl Came From Nowhere , Hold My Hand And Said Come On Na! Baby !Our Station Has Come,I Was Wondering Why Everyone Is Behaving Like That, Suddenly An Announcement Woke Me Up,”Doors Will Open On The Left”. Left Wtf..? ,It Must Be Open On Right,The Man With Flute Went Outside Patting on My Back and The Saffron Girl Pulled Me and I Was Outside The Metro.I suddenly Saw His Purse Falling and The Saffron Girl Going Again Inside, What’s Going On.Too Many Things Were Happening at The Same Time.

I Opened His Purse, It Has Nothing But a Visiting Card and a Photo Which Changed My Life…


Was Written On that Card and The Man With The Flute Was With Mohammed, Jesus,Nanak,Rama,Shiva,Osho,and Buddha In Same Frame,With a Caption “God and Sons – Since Eternity”,I Was Frozen until Somebody Pushed Me,Purse Fell Down and I Was Literally Flying and Then I Become Unconscious.

I Found Myself in a Hospital,My Parents Were Sitting around Me and I was Just Smiling However I Want To Laugh On Myself.

All The People Were Dead In That Metro Train,I Was Happy Because I Was In Chains Of Breath and Wanted To Be Free,I was Quite Intellectual Being,They Are Sad Because They Don’t Know That They Were In Chains and They Don’t Want To Be Free.Therefore I Was Chosen and All Beauty Of Life and Death Were Passing Before Me and I Choose Life.The Supreme Being Himself Told Me about The Realities of Existence.He Was Right ,It Was His Train Which Completes The Journey of Life and Death.

After a Few Weeks it Was a Weekend again and I Was Traveling in the Same Metro and The Door Never Opened again On The Left. But I Was Opened,Now I Was Free,Free From Bondages,Pains and Was Searching For Pleasure. Saffron Is Now My Favorite Color Because It is The Color Of Life,and I Don’t Sleep Especially On Dark Nights Because Sleeping and Black No Matter How Peaceful, It is Death.

Now I Work Hard and Harder To Create Abundance of Wealth In The World To Eliminate Poverty.I Don’t Look at Problems ,I Look For Solutions.

I Love Sex and Smoking, Drinking, Reading and Partying Because Pleasure Is The Utmost Priority To Me, Whether The Pleasure is Mine Or Anyone’s.

I Don’t Talk Too Much about Philosophy,and I Don’t Leave Friends Who Betrayed Me.I Don’t Follow Politics and I Love My People Wether They Are Wrong or Right Because I Know No Ideal Will Save Me In Troubles Of Life Only People Will.I Love My Life,and Love All Small Things and For Bigger Things I Trust on The Man With The Flute.

The Doors are Now Open on The Righteousness.

39 thoughts on “The Doors Will Open On The Right..

  1. Sorry For That ,But I Think It Goes Well With The Mood Of The Philosophy,If You Read The Blog Then You Will Understand What The Picture Actually Means, Thanks For Your Kind Suggestions

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  2. Thank you Very Much For Such An Encouraging Appreciation, It’s all About Realization of Social and Individual Values Through Near Death Experience Of An Individual,It is The Transition of An Ordinary Human To a Righteous Person Within The Backdrop of Metro

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  3. Thanks For Such a Beautiful Appreciation, Its Not True Incident If You Go With The Narrative but , Near Death Experience and Philosophical aspects are True

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  4. Because it’s Untellable,The One Who Feels Can Only Feels, Never Tells,and Who Tells Never Feels, It’s a Kind of Near Death Enlightenment Experience of a Person, Sometimes These Kind of Event In Life of an Individual can affect The Lives of Billions, Thanks For Analysing, It’s Lovely Jab Satya khojne Ke Liye Koshish Karne Wale Milte Hain, Am Extremely Thankful To You

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  5. you are right, you know there is always a craving to see such things .. this gives peace to mind and soul. Whenever i read such story or blog I feel peace … Thank you 🙂

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  6. You are unique my friend, I am not very fond of motivational sites but yours is exceptionally great. I also I take this as an opportunity to thank you for your likes on my poems. I greatly appreciate it!

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