From a Hero To a Villain

The Eternal Conflict Was Going On Within Me.The Questions Wandering In The Mind Of Arjuna,The Questions in The Mind Of Siddhartha,are The Same Questions Which Were Wandering In My Mind Too,May Be It Also Travelled Sometimes In The Streets of Your Mind Too.The Questions Related To The Best Way Of Existing.

I Was A Good Noble Man according To myself.I Was Traditional, Hardworking,God Fearing,Deep Thinker,Value Driven, Other Centric and Very Rigid To My Belief Systems.I was To Worried about The Situation Of Poverty In The World,Communal and Communist Politics and Policies Of My Country, Situation of Women and Bla Blah.I Fear From My Parents and always Try To Be a Rebellion.

I Don’t Have any Love Relationships, Don’t Have Too Many Friends,a Hard-working But Almost Inefficient Worker,A Very Boring Kind Of Being With Fat Belly.I was Very Feared Of Losing My Job as I Get It After Two Years Of Unemployment.At The Time Of unemployment I Realized Various Dark Truths About Life and Relationships.

To Other People Especially Female Version Of Humanity Which Rejected Me Completely Excluding My Mother and Sister Off course,I Was Very Boring, Arrogant, Naive,Poor,Have a Very Bad Traditional Dressing Sense and Overall A Nobody.But To Me I was A Wise, Intellectual,Deep Thinker and a Victim of Modern Day Street-Smart Lifestyle and Values.

I was A Hero To Myself and A Villain For Others.In Totality My Life Was Messed Up ,I Was alone Without any Emotional and Economic Support, Unhappy With My Job, Nobody To Talk,No Happiness , Only Pain of Existing.

But Now I’ve Decided To Be The Dark Side Of Me. Now I am a Style Icon. Women Are Chasing Me and All The Good Things are Started To Happen. Now I Don’t Talk About Political and Religious Shit,Have No fear Of God And Worry about Problems of Mine Not Of The World.Now I am The Hero For Everyone.

But Was The Change.It Was The Answer That Siddhartha Found and He Become a Buddha Which Is You Have To Be In The Middle,You Have To Work For Yourself,Not For Others. It Was The Answer That Arjuna Found That Don’t Think Too Much Of Others Try To Get And Do What You Have To Do, The World Will Remain Same,You Have To change. Do What You Have To,Not But Other Want You To Do.

Be Self – Centric,The World Exist Because You Exist and Not Because World Is Existing For You,It Was Inherently Bad, Because It’s Natural.One Day When You Die Even You Make The World A Heaven Still It Doesn’t Value a Coin. And No Matter What You Do The World Will Be The Same Forever and Even If You Do Nothing It Will Solve It’s Problems By Itself.

The Humanity is The Most Hippocratic Species In The Universe, It Always Say Something and Do Exactly Opposite Of It. So When It Teaches You To Be Good it Indirectly Teaches You To Be Bad.

Never Search For Good or True, Always Search For Pleasure.Goodness And Truth Will Follow

The World Was There Before You,It Will Be There After You,So You Don’t Need To Worry About It And It also Don’t Worry about You. So You Have To Search Your Way By Yourself as Buddha Has Said.

So Just Join The Hand With Your Dark Side and The Life Will Be Brighter.

29 thoughts on “From a Hero To a Villain

  1. That’s Something Quite Easy To Say But The Flow of The Innumerable Humanity on A Drop Is Too Big,So If The World Is Villainous Then There’s No Scope For Heroism

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  2. Thanks For Your Beautiful Appreciation , It’s Provide Me The Necessary Motivation, However I Myself Don’t Agree With Your Thought,But It’s Still Lovely

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  3. Hello Pankaj
    My heartfelt thanks to you for following my blog, and for all the likes & comments!And hope we continue to grow and support each other in this journey!
    Also, my blog A Wayward Scribbles reached the milestone of 500+ followers last month and I thought why not celebrate it!
    So, I’m very excited to personally invite you to my blog party(23 May, 2018), since you’re one of those amazing blogger who chose to follow my blog and I would love to show my gratitude!
    See you at the party!

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  4. I see a theme throughout most of your work (which is excellent writing, by the way), of the nothingness of everything, including (perhaps especially, God). I would agree if by God you mean the God of Baptists, or Catholics, Allah, and all other man-personified editions of God. I see God differently. I do not see a personified God who looks over our shoulders to either blame or praise humanity. I see God as all of nature, a source, a creator of all life and nonlife. I see that creator planting the seeds of life on planet earth and the life that we know is due to ongoing evolution. Whether we evolve beyond the need for wars, for man’s desire to control others, to blame, praise and say it is because of God, I do not know. I hope we get on with it before we destroy planet earth and ourselves along with it.

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  5. Really Great Thoughts Mam,I appreciate Your Thoughts,For Me God is a Principle a Psychological and Metaphysical Reality Which is Beyond our Knowledge ,He Is Simply Unknowable…..
    I am Really Great full To You For Spending Your Precious Time on My Posts……!!!!!

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  6. I love reading is beautiful when we accept our good and bad sides with understanding and move on according to the situations in front rather than pleasing the people around us especially the ones who are very much attached to us. We could feel god in our hearts when we are at peace with ourselves 🙂

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