The Physics of Life

It's Your Life,Make It Large


The Dark Philosophy

Guys I was just thinking about the most permanent thing in life, what is that which is going on and on from Fourteen billion years continuesly. Which is for ever , never Dies ? Is it human beings, Angels , Time , Space or Gods ? The answer is A Big No. Then what is... Continue Reading →

Why You Are So Serious

I have some spare time now, to do some rest finally, but mind never take rest. You can talk to others maximum up to 3 hrs, but you are talking to you from almost beginning of your life, and still not understand your self. That's what your words fail. We have the language to communicate... Continue Reading →

Discover Your Dharma

Often equated with religious creed or dogma, a human’s dharma is rather what he or she was born to do, for all dharma is ultimately sva-dharma, an individual’s personal path through existence. Dr. Ambedkar was for instance born to help lead the India toward freedom from cast discrimination. Though this may not have been his... Continue Reading →

The Kites

Yea it's August , The month in which India got independence 70 years ago. To celebrate this people fly kites in Northern part of India especially in Delhi. A kite in Delhi is mostly manufactured in other parts of country, wholesale Market is in chandani chowk , after that it reaches local market and at... Continue Reading →

Discover Your Dark Side

We all have two faces ,the one which we show to others and the one which we actually have.maximumm number of times they contradict each other which generate Hippocratic attitude which further lead to mental and spiritual problems .So first off all we have to accept that I am not what people think, I am... Continue Reading →

The Fight Within 

Yes The title similar to the spiderman-3 theme where the black spiderman is the same one but different ideology Yea it's Batman Versace joker in our daily life . We all have Rama And Ravana within us ,they are the two sides of the same coin,to keep it modern I will say they are Batman... Continue Reading →

The End

Here it is. Hiii guys this is the saddast person in the world. I think this whole shit of writing such blogs is just to release mental pressure called bhadaas in hindi. am not a writer or something even close to that but nobody can count his own hairs, so you guys can tell that... Continue Reading →

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