From Buddha To Hitler

Why Are You Still Alive ? why You Were Born In The First Place ? Why This World Came Into Being ? What's The Point In Living In This World Which Is Metastable On a Point Next To Hell. A Sudden Push and It Will Be Hell. There are Billions Of Living Beings Who Had … Continue reading From Buddha To Hitler

Back On Track

Hello,Friends How are You Guys ? I Was Suffering From Some Physical Ailment,Off Course Not COVID - 19 Which Is Nothing But a Chinese Biological Warfare. Yeah I am The One Who Believe In Such Conspiracy Theories. But That ailment Has Almost Killed My Inner Creative Being. I Wasn't Able To Write anything Because Mind … Continue reading Back On Track

The Doors Will Open On The Right..

Last Week on Friday I was Returning To Home By Metro and Usual I Was Happy Because Next Day Was The Weekend , Yeah, The Saturday,The Day of Relief, From all Worldly Affairs,Shitty Jobs, Money Buisness, Funny Engagements, Creepy Events and Off course Brutal TV Serials.But Inside Me There Were Questions and Because I Think … Continue reading The Doors Will Open On The Right..