The Dark Side Of Moon

Oh Moon !!!

You are So Beautiful. But You are Cunning Too.

You always Shows Your One Face,One Side ,Not The Other.

No Matter How Much You Looks Beautiful in Night Sky,

How Much You Look Similar To The Face Of My Loved Ones,

You always Have an Unexpected Dark Side.

Moon Replied on Full Moon Night

Bro, It’s Life ,It Always Have Dark Side, It’s Not What It Looks,It Is That Which You Never See.

Never Believe What You See or Feel About Something, Because It is Never The Same as it Looks . Always Think about it’s Dark Side.

No Matter How Spiritual The World Looks, It’s always Looking For Sexuality and Wealth,Not God or Peace.

No Matter How Much Beautiful The World Looks It’s always Filled With Greed and Lust.

No Matter How innocent The World Looks, It’s Extremely Cunning and Clever. It Never Become Happy With Cuteness Of Teddy Bear,It always Love Chilled Bear.

No Matter How Intellectual The World Looks, It’s Always Planning To Get Rid and ahead Of Each Other.

No Matter How Peaceful It Looks , It’s Violent Then The Sun’s Surface. The Peace Is Stable Because Everyone Is So Powerful That There Will Be No Winners only Sinners Will Left after War.It Talks about Love always and Exist on War

Oh Moon…!!!

If The World Is So Bad Then You are Always Safe , Because You’re Out of This World.

So Please Tell Me How I Should Survive, Because I am Spiritual, Beautiful, Peaceful, Intellectual,Naive and Unlucky.

You Don’t Need To Be That Because Your Morals are Based On Existence Of Supreme Being , Who Judge You By What You are And Not What You Looks Like,He Knows Everything About You. He Will Save You. But God Is Dead. Replied Moon.

But How It’s Possible , God Was My Only Refuge,Now I am almost Dead. I Have Never Enjoyed Life Just To Remain Moral,and Now I Can’t Change Myself.

If Now I’m Free From all Moral Obligation Then Tell Me How I Should Conduct My Life ,So That I Can Enjoy My Life and Remain True To My Soul.

Teach Me The Middle Path.

I Have Seen Buddha Asking Me For The Same But Ultimately He Found It By Himself. I Can’t Teach You Because Your Life Is Your’s , You are You Not Me . So I Can’t Help You.

It Was The Incomplete Verse. Which Was Most Completely Incomplete.

I Got All of My Answers.

My Life Is Mine and Not anybody Else’s. So I Have To Search For Values and Enjoyments on My Own.

I Have To Restart My Journey To The Unknown Dark.

53 thoughts on “The Dark Side Of Moon

  1. Ah, the endless ways in which the moon inspires writers! Lovely post and pretty interesting thought process ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. Stay pure and good even if u walk alone ..good triumphs believe me…
    Evil age is short..
    Stay in the light ..please…

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  3. Nice. We see what we look for, right? Good work, keep it up.Always focus on the good side.Thank you.

    Liked by 2 people

  4. That was an interesting post…just loved the way how you presented your thoughts with such brilliant idea and the usage of words and everything is so awesome…just loved your work ๐Ÿ˜Š

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