The Voice Of The Dark

Pankaj Sharma

Aspiring Writer and Truth Seeker

Searching For Solutions To The Most Deepest and Unanswered questions Of Life

Hii, Friends

Namaste, It’s Me Pankaj Sharma aka Pankanzy aka Sharmaji The Author of This Blog and I am Technically Nobody. I am an Unknown Face In The Crowd Of Billions of People In a Third World Country. I Don’t Have any Mastery Over any Subject But I am a Learner In The School of Life.

I am Not Here To Provide Solutions Because I Can’t. I am Here Simply To Share My Ideas With You Guys and Tell You About Those Things Which are not The Real Solutions. You Have To Find Your Solutions Yourself and Within Yourself.

I Simply Share Abstract Philosophical Ideas Here. These Thoughts are Mine and I Simply Don’t Want To Hurt anyone’s Feeling. But I Speak Truth and Truth Is Bitter. So If You Feel Little Upset With Me Then It’s Probably You Who Needs To Be Blamed So Beware Of Truth.

What I Do Here Is
  1. Little Bit Of Wordplay
  2. Introduce You To The Dark Realities
  3. Expose The Darkness Inside You
  4. EXpose The Darkness Of The World
  5. Put Light On Hard Hitting Ideas
  6. Put Facts Over Feelings
  7. Put Bitter Truth Over Sweet Lies.
  8. Speak Truth
  9. Break The Wall Of Comforting Lies

I am Not Here To Make You Happy. I am Not Here To Amuse You. I am Here To Make You aware. I am Here To Help You To Convert Your Inner Devil into God.

तत् त्वम् असि श्वेतकेतू

That Is You