The Vultures

Who are The Vultures ? Vultures are Carnivorous Birds Who Eat Dead Corpses. This is a Harmless Species Which Usually Don't Hunt and Wait For The Death Of It's Prey. They Pray For The Death Of Their Prey. Vultures are Quite Harmless But Vulture Value System Is Quite Dangerous. This ' Vulturism ' i.e Living … Continue reading The Vultures

The Philosophy Of Rape

No, Don't Judge Me. I am Not Justifying Or Glorifying anything. It Can't Be Justified. I Can Justify Immorality But I Can't Justify Brutality. It's Not Darkness, It's Not Brighter Obviously. It's Bloody Red. Dark Side Of A Being Is Like Blues Or Jazz Or Ghazal,While Brighter Side Is a Happy Song Or Anthem But … Continue reading The Philosophy Of Rape