The Vultures

Who are The Vultures ? Vultures are Carnivorous Birds Who Eat Dead Corpses. This is a Harmless Species Which Usually Don’t Hunt and Wait For The Death Of It’s Prey. They Pray For The Death Of Their Prey.

Vultures are Quite Harmless But Vulture Value System Is Quite Dangerous. This ‘ Vulturism ‘ i.e Living On The Corpses Is Not Limited To Birds. It’s a Trait Very Common In Human Species also. Some of The Humans Have Mastered This art Of Eating Corpse Especially Female Corpses.

The Bird Vulture

There are Many Types Of These Human Vultures. The Common Attribute Of Them Is The Despondency For The Alive and Celebration For The Dead. Let’s Discuss Various Types Of Vultures :-

Political Vultures

A Girl Was Raped In Uttar Pradesh India Very Recently. Her Tounge Was Cutted Down,Her Backbone Was Broken and She Was Murdered Off Course. Her Corpse Was Burnt. Few Days Later All The Political Vultures Gathered around Her Ashes Just To Feed Themselves With Votes. Lust For Power Always Exceeds In Cruelty From The Lust of Body.

A Girl Was Never Raped. It Was a Rape In The Ruling Party’s State. The Opposition Vultures Started Hovering around It.On Very Next Day Another Gangrape Happened In Opposition Ruled State. Again The Ruling Party Vultures Started Hovering Around. These Vultures Ask For Votes To Feed Themselves Standing On The Corpse Of a Teenage Girl Who Haven’t Experience Yet What It Means To Alive.

TRP Vultures

A Rape Is Not a Tragedy Anymore. As Stalin Stated Once

A Single Death Is a Tragedy but Million Deaths are Just Statistics.

Joseph Stalin

Who Cares When Ninety Three Rapes Occur On A Daily Basis. It’s a Common Thing You Know. But When You See TRP Vultures Hovering Around a Corpse Then You Should Understand That It’s Not a Girl Has Been Raped, It’s a Community Has Been Raped.

It’s a Lower Cast Girl Raped, It’s a Brahmin Girl Raped, It’s a Hindu Girl Raped and Murdered By Muslims, It’s a Muslim Baby Girl Was Raped By Hindus. A Girl Is Not Raped Anymore. If It Was a Normal Corpse These Vultures Won’t Even Notice It. They Have Enough Tasks To Do Like Publicizing Private Chats,Slut Shaming Celebrities etc. Busy Vultures You Know.

System Vultures

If a Woman Is Raped and Unfortunately Not Turned Into an Living Corpse Then She Will Be Eaten Alive By The Vultures Of The System. She Will Be Raped Thousands Times For Registering a Report. She Will Be Raped Hundred Times By Judges and Lawyers In The Temples Of Law.

If She Turned Into a Corpse Then Her Family Will Be Raped and Eaten Thousand Times By The System Vultures Until Their Very Soul Is Torn apart.

Common Man Vultures

These are The Most Common Types Of Vultures Found Almost Everywhere. Their Biggest Weapon Is Self Victimisation. These Vultures Can Ask Questions From The Governments, System and Shamelessly From Everyone. They Will Light Candles For The Dead. Still These are The Most Dangerous Yet Innocent Species.

Because They Don’t Wait their Prey Of Being Raped Or Corpes. They Hunt Them Down. A Father Can Rape His Daughter,A Brother Can Rape His Sister and So On. Virtually Anyone Can Rape and Murder anyone. Ninety Three Percent Rapes are Done By Someone Known and Trusted. No State Is Capable Of Keeping an Eye On Every Single House. No System Is Able To Guard A Woman From Her Own Relatives.

Sick Vultures

These Vultures are Very Rare But Most Heinous. They Can Rape a Corpse after Taking It Out Of The Grave. They Can Rape and Murder On a Footpath In Broad Day Light. They Can Do Anything at anytime To Anyone.

Feminist Vultures

These Vultures Don’t Eat The Corpse But They Eat The Very Sense Of Being Alive. They Convert Women In To a Piece Of Flesh. A Meat With a Glorious Hole. A Meat Which Have No Soul. They Do It In The Name Of Equality. Virtually They Want To Kill The Very Essence Of Women and Turn Into The Photocopies Of Men So That They Can Eat Their Sense Of Womanhood.

These Vultures Shouts That Men and Women are Same But Virtually Nature Had Made Them Different and Opposite,So That They Can Attract Each Other. Freedom Doesn’t Mean ‘ Free Nipples’ ,It Means Free Soul. Men Can Show Their Nipples Then Why Can’t Women ? Sorry For Laughing.

Woman Don’t Have Breasts Only,They Have Heart Also

Men’s Nipples are Pretty Useless While Women’s Breasts are For Maintaining The Most Beautiful Relationship In The World – Mother and Child. Everyone Knows That Women Got Breasts and Nipples. It Was The First Experience Of Everyone. For a Long Time It Was The Most Warm and Safe Place For Us In The World.

These Vultures Turns a Beautiful Woman In To a Male Hunting Witch and Eat Her Womanhood. Same as a Rapist Vultures Does. They Both Eat The Dignity and Essence Of Being a Female. The Public Nudity and Burqa Is Technically A Same Thing Because They Both Reduce The Essence Of A Woman In To a Piece Of Flesh. In First Case It’s The Woman Herself Reduces Herself To a Body To Be Enjoyed By Anyone and In Case Of a Burqa Or The Black Coffin, It’s The Society Which Reduces a Woman To a Piece Of Flesh To Be Preserved.

A Man and Woman Must Be Treated Differently. A Man Has Aggressive Sexuality Therefore Abusing Or Making Fun Is Not a Big Thing. While a Woman Has Different Sexuality. She Is Passive. If She Wants It,She Will Seduce, Motivates and Attract But She Won’t Force.

A Man Is Polygamous By Nature But a Woman Is Not. She Has To Choose Because She Has To Give Birth. Man and Woman Should Be Treated According To Their Innate Nature and Not With an Abstract Superimposed Equality. In The Words Of Shakespeare

For women are as roses, whose fair flower
Being once display’d, doth fall that very hour.

Or In More Morden Words

Women are like beautiful flowers. Only when you love them and take good care of them will they fully bloom into the beautiful flowers that they are.

– Avijeet Das

Historical Vultures

In The Past There Was a Different Type Vultures Existed Who Ate and Rape Women Just To oppress The Invaded Society. In Those Days When Everything Which Needed To Be Produced Can Be Only Produced By Muscle Power and alive Females Don’t Have That. That’s Why They Were Turned Into a Showpiece Of Flesh. They Were The Prize Money Of The Winners. Invaders Turn Them Into Corpses To Suppress The Dignity Of The Losers.

Genghis Khan

Now These Type Of Vultures Don’t Exists Because Technology Has Wiped The Vulnerability and Non Utility Of The Females. Now More Sophisticated Technology Is Required To Produce and Not The Genitals and Muscles.

How to Stop These Vultures

Practically There’s No Way To Stop These Vultures. If You Think The Economic Prosperity and Education Can Stop This Then You are Absolutely Wrong. The United States Of America Is In The Top Fifteen Countries In Which These Vultures Exists. It’s The Most Developed Nation In The World Where Humanity Has Reached It’s Peak.

If You Think It’s a Cultural Problem Then Think again. India – The World’s Most Ancient and Sophisticated Cultural Society Is In The Top Ten. The Cultural Who Worship Women as God Is In The Top Countries Where These Vultures Exists.

If You Think Lack Of Religious Values Is The Reason Behind It,Then Wait. Most Of The Rich Brats of Dubai and Saudi Arabia Have Harems In Which They Exploits and Makes Corpses. Statistics Are Mostly Hidden Because These are Religious Countries and God Doesn’t Allow To Turn Alive Bodies Into Corpses.

If You Think Victim Shaming and Lack Of Sympathy Is The Reason For The Growth Of This Species Then Pause For a Minute. In The United States Of America Victim Shaming Is Not an Issue and Society and Government Is Sympathetic Towards Victim Yet These Vultures Don’t Stop. Yes It’s True That Vulnerability Is Less In The United States But That Doesn’t Matter for the Vultures. They Have Found Another Body i.e Childern’s Body. The Rising Number of Pedophiles Is a Clear Reason.

If You Have Lost it and Believe That It’s all About Race. The Enmity Between Races Produce These Vultures Then You Have Completely Lost it. It’s Not That Only White, Black Or Brownies Rape. The Country In Which Both Black and White Co Exists i.e South Africa Has Topped The Chart.

If You Think Weak Laws are The Reason Behind This Then Stop Acting Like Naive Socialists. India Has The Most Strict Laws. Infact Staring For Thirty Seconds Is a Punishable Offence. Life Imprisonment and Death Penalty Is Also There. What Is The Result Of All Of This Drill ? It’s Turning The Victim Into Corpse. Earlier as The Law Wasn’t That Strict So The Victims Were Left Alive Physically. Now They are Burnt Alive To Wipe Out The Evidence.

If You Think That Internet and Pornography Is Responsible For It Then Again Don’t Waste Your Time. Countries Like Pakistan,Sudan and Most Of The Sub Saharan African Countries Don’t Have Such Connectivity and Access To Porn Yet They’re In The Top Five.

These Vultures Will Exist as Long as Humanity Exists and It’s Consciousness Is Situated In The Body. Unless We Find a Technology To Transfer Our Consciousness To a Digital Device,These Vultures Will Continue In Their Human Form. Every Era, Irrespective Of Time and Place Have These Vultures. Unlike The Human Species These Species Is Not Divided In Caste, Religion,Age, Nationality,Race, Digital Division Or Work Sectors. These are Common To all Of Them.

It May Sound Pessimistic But It’s A Fact. The Darkness Was There,Is There and Will Be There,Ever and Forever. Vultures Will Exist Unless Humanity Is Evolved Into The Angels Or Devas. As Long as Human Body Is Out There, Corpses Will Be There and as Long as Corpses are There, Vultures Will Be There Forever. If Forever Has any Meaning By Then.

91 thoughts on “The Vultures

  1. Hi my name is DR. King powerfully and I am blogger. Can you please follow me on my website and like and comments on all of it and share with other people please? I need Email follower on my website.

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  2. Wow !!!! This is one of the best articles, I have ever read !!! Bookmarked this one !!! I was following your blog but today I must say , I became fan of your writingsπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

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  3. Pankanzy, this is a pretty comprehensive and well-researched article. There may not be a solution, as you have said, but we may be able to make incremental improvements. You did not mention specifically that some victims are male, although it is implied. The Roman Catholic Church has tried to hide their problems of priests abusing children of both sexes for years! Take care, Cheryl

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  4. Honestly, this one is the strongest piece of writing and I could not agree more with your view points. Every time I hear the word β€œ Rape” it shakes me to the core. Since the days of β€œNirbhaya” till now, nothing has changed. Being an Indian girl, it scares me the most at times, really donot know whose next now !!!!

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  5. Fully Agreed. I Think Instead Of Searching a Clear Bright Solutions,We Have To Find Some Light In The Deep Darkness. Vultures Can’t Be Stopped But Normal Humanity Can Evolve Into Angles. Thank You Very Much For Such a Beautiful Appreciation πŸ€—πŸ™πŸ™

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  6. I Think Nothing Can Be Changed Unless We Change Fundamental Ideas Of Our Society. All Laws and Other Measures are Nothing But a Cover on The Hard Hitting Reality Which Is Situated In Our Minds.Thanks For Reading πŸ™πŸ™

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  7. That was the scariest blog . I even vomitted. What an I opener to the tea lady writing this. I hugged myself πŸ₯Ί. Australia is very safeπŸ€— . Then I have been waiting with baited breath for your latest installment. You are the Master of the Pen . You get me each time you rascle.πŸ₯Ί You scared me to deathπŸ₯Ί congratulations always πŸ˜‰ I keenly await you next block πŸ’₯πŸ’₯

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  8. A wonderful and very well articulated article which truly brings out the inevitable angst and frustration in society. A commendable effort and job, Pankanzy.

    But if I may, I beg to differ on your opinion of Feminist Vultures.
    I think it wrong to call ‘feminists’ vultures who destroy the very essence of womanhood, pseudo feminists sure do, but genuine ones- I don’t think so!
    Fake feminism involves suppressing patriarchy, but feminism in its truest sense promotes the very notion of womanhood by uplifting matriarchy to where it ought to be.
    A shout-out to anybody and everybody who needs to hear this,
    “The struggle is real.”

    And believe me no woman can ever be coerced into being a “Male Hunting Witch” by a feminist.
    Also the whole nude and burqa analogy is a pretty off.
    Nudity and Modesty alike empower different women and their is nothing wrong with being explicit about that part of your persona.
    Clothing/nudity is more than preservation and revelation, it is about expression and infact makes men and women more than just a piece of flesh abiding/defying societal norms as they would otherwise be viewed as.

    “A Man and Woman Must Be Treated Differently. A Man Has Aggressive Sexuality Therefore Abusing Or Making Fun Is Not a Big Thing. While a Woman Has Different Sexuality. She Is Passive. If She Wants It,She Will Seduce, Motivates and Attract But She Won’t Force. A Man Is Polygamous By Nature But a Woman Is Not. She Has To Choose Because She Has To Give Birth. Man and Woman Should Be Treated According To Their Innate Nature and Not With an Abstract Superimposed Equality. In The Words Of Shakespeare”

    First and foremost, these two paragraphs rule out homosexuals and focus on sexuality as though heterosexuality is the fundamental order of nature.
    More importantly, men and women alike can be passive or aggressive, force or seduce. Their is no ‘innate’ nature of the two sexes, a human being’s nature is determined by the environment they are raised in.

    “Abusing Or Making Fun Is Not a Big Thing” this speaks volumes about human society’s implicit notion of perpetual and seemingly ‘eternal’ differentiation. Inequality which in great measures is imposed upon most girls and boys ever since they are born.

    “A Man Is Polygamous By Nature But a Woman Is Not. She Has To Choose Because She Has To Give Birth.”
    Reimposes all that feminists have been trying to breakthrough since time immemorial.

    As much as a few parts of your article offended me, it sure was a transparent glance into the human(e) situation.

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  9. Well I Think You are Right It Should Be Pseudo Feminists Because I Myself Support Equal Opportunity For Both Men and Women. I Think Both Men and Women Complete Each Other and Not Compete With Each Other. But Wether We Like It Or Not Modern Day Feminism are Somehow Converting Women Into Photocopies Of Men and Destroying The Uniqueness of Womanhood In The Name Of Equality. As Far as Burqa Is Considered I Belong To a Society Where Burqa Is a Symbol Of Oppression. Here Mostly Hardliner Men Force Even Little Girls To Wore It. If a Girl Refuses She Is Not Treated as A Good Girl. By The Way I am From India and We Have World’s Second Largest Islamic Population. I Think There’s a Very Thin Line Between Vulgarity and Asthetics. A Nude Picture In a Museum Is a Peace of Art While In Public It’s Absurd. Why Women Have To Show Skin. They Have a Mind Also. They Have a Soul also.
    Homosexuality Is another Aspect But The Post Was Focusing On The Women Issues. I Believe That There are Fundamental Differences Between The Two Sexes and They are Natural irrespective of the Upbringing.
    I am Sorry That Some Of The Facts Here Hurted You πŸ™πŸ™. I Think We Have a Different World View.
    Thank You Very Much For Appreciating and Reading So Deeply. It Means a Lot To Me. Thank You Very Much from the deepest Core Of My Heart πŸ™πŸ™πŸ€—πŸ€—

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  10. I Think Reality Here Is a Little bit Scary But We Still Have Hope That Things Will Be Better Someday. Thank You Very Much For Such a Lovely Support πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ™


  11. I happen to be from India too, and yes, clearly, we have very different perceptions when it comes to defining radicalism.
    As much as I welcome everyone’s opinion, it is a woman’s choice- whether she wants to be covered from head to toe or roam around naked and show skin, nobody absolutely nobody has the right to call it absurd or immoral.
    Moreover, it is absolutely normal and natural, it is those ill elements of society, the ‘vultures’ as you called them that sexualize breasts, hips, torso, shoulders and the whole female body, which is precisely why modern feminism is relevent and the need of the hour, it does not destroy womanhood it upholds the very notion, lest we be reduced to mere objects.
    I am aware of the fact that burqa is in a way a sign of oppression for those who are confined to shackles, but it liberates those who freely choose that ‘modesty’. There is no vulgarity nor any aesthetic in showing or exposing skin and flesh, but a basic display of humanity as it exists in all myriad forms.
    Believe me when I say, “Women don’t wanna be photocopies of men, we are better than that. We just want the basic rights denied to us on the most arbitrary bases.”
    *Men and women are generic terms, in your context, for stereotypes which are constantly imposed on us, therefore while using these terms the very basis of our difference of opinion erodes.*
    And there are no ‘fundamental’ differences for infants, they don’t know who is to be sensitive, who is to be aggressive, who is to wear blue and who is to play with dolls, it is our upbringing that leads us to think otherwise. (The best example being 14 year old Shiloh Jolie Pitt)
    The purpose of humanity is to love, and it can be in any form- adore, love, admire or infatuate.

    Thank you, my friend, for this insightful an article and I am glad you stand by most things which are essential to fight the many masked evils of society.
    Jai Hind!

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  12. May be We Differ On Some Points But We are For The Same Objective i.e Protecting Our Women From These Vultures. As In India We Say That Truth Is But The Wise Says In Many Ways,So We Should Get Together and Fight The Deep Rooted Illness Of Our Society. Thank You Very Much For Such a Motivational Support πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ™ Jai Hind!

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  13. We as Indians are not committed to give women a safe place. A woman is considered a property in certain urban as well rural areas even in affluent and wealthy societies. I marvel the fact that the outrage about this incident is like four days of hue and cry and everything will be back to normal which a routine to daily lives. Nothing affected the billion families, their lives. It’s another case that’s all. An adult man or woman who is independent should not only cast its vote only in elections to show its an ADULT, but be observing and do something about what can help out in making not only his or her daughter, sister, mother safe but some stranger’s daughter, sister, mother safe.

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  14. The Biggest Problem Is Not The Criminals Or The Mindset Of The Society But It’s The Weakness Of The Society. The Society Which Transfer All of It’s Responsibility To The Government Is Practically a Dead Society. What These Lawmakers Can Do ? They Can Make Strict Laws,But The Laws are Already Strict Which Is Resulting In The Murder Of The Rape Victim. From Where These Vultures Come ? They are Within Us. They are In Our Offices,Our Homes and No Police Force Can Protect a Nine Ten Year Old Girl From Her Own Father. It’s Time That as a Society We Should accept Our Failures. Thanks For Such a Deep Analysis πŸ™πŸ€—

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  15. Accepting failure as a society as well doing something so that such incidents do not happen again and again should be the goal. Not just read and move on.
    Looking forward to your next impressive and nail biting blog as your blog touches every point of observation. Thanks for sharing. πŸ‘ŒπŸ€˜

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  16. Pankanzy, you described this despicable, grotesque, unforgivable murder with such graphics, it sickens me and I am crushed. I too heard from my dear Indian friend about this atrocity a few nights ago and he couldn’t sleep. You spoke well of the vultures and the way things are and that they will always be there. How do we mae a change, what can be done? As black as it is how do we continue to hold the torch which we much do? Your writing is important to bring awareness and attention but feels hopeless which ellicits such anger and pain. β€οΈπŸ™ Cindy

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  17. It’s Dark and Horrible. It’s Not only India Specific and I Think Vultures are Everywhere. They Exists Everywhere Irrespective Of Time. We Can Only Hope For The Best and Save Ourselves First.
    Thank You Very Much For Reading πŸ™πŸ€—

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  18. It’s so true and they sure are sadly! You’re right, put on our own masks first and do our best to speak out and stand up. You are most welcome and thanks for the great post, β€οΈπŸ™

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  19. I always appreciate the way you write about important issues.
    I would like to tell that Vultures are known for cleaning the jungle. vultures are useful for the forest as they eat up the leftovers of other animals. These scavengers keep the jungle clean.
    But the vultures you are talking about are doing just the reverse.
    We all know that these things are happening because of filthy and corrupt politics.

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  20. The Bird Vultures are Quite Harmless Species While The Human Vultures are Excessively Dangerous. They Not Only Eat The Corpse Even Some Of Them Make These Corpses. Human Species Is Doing Good But Humanity Is In Great Danger.
    Thank You Very Much For Appreciating πŸ™πŸ€—

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  21. Dear Pankanzy!! Actually we have to say the vulture for any bad and cruel person.but it is not good.the vulture is a bird who is able to see far distance.i am so sad that many species of vulture are despearing or finishing by human’s efforts for industriliztion which is reason for pollution.because of this pollution many types of birds are dead and dying.

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  22. It’s Not Really about The Vultures. It’s about The Humans Who Feed Themselves With Corpses. The Politicians, Mediapersons,The Police,The Law System, The General Public and Many More. Vultures are Used as Metaphor Here.
    Thanks for Reading πŸ™πŸ€—


  23. Yeah.i know-whatever you are wanting to say.human vultures are most dangerous for humanity,unity and peace but why we say them vultures.the bird named vulture never harms anybody.

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  24. Yes The Bird Vultures are Quite Harmless Species but both Vultures eat corpse. That’s an analogy between them I Think. Thank You Very Much πŸ™πŸ€—


  25. You have described, defined and classified the vultures so well, it couldn’t be any better. πŸ‘Our place is really becoming a hell to live in but we do have to live anyway and face as the vultures are on the loose. Nobody is spared, females, males, babies, elderly oh my God my heart aches and is so scared at the same time. May God protect us all is all I can pray.

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  26. Lack of Moral Values Have Impacted Us Deeply. The Rise Of Materialism and Instant Gratification Had Made These Vultures. Now These Vultures Have Grown Up. Very Soon They Will Outnumber Humans. We Can Only Hope For The better.
    Thanks for Reading πŸ™πŸ™


  27. I agree with you dear Pankaj. Vultures are everywhere and up to an extend only we can take care of ourselves and our dear ones. Though I personally hope and wish for peaceful India, safe India for all, it is a dream. But I feel like everyone can do something from their part. Changes can happen when we unite and new ideas and corrections happen when we patiently hear or read another opinion. I personally don’t wish to hurt any living being, but seeing more and more cases happening around, I felt giving an unforgettable punishment like castration could stop these criminals from harming another child or women. Like women and little girls, boys too are facing sexual violence. Yesterday in our state (the so called 100% literacy state), a boy had been sexually assaulted. Few months back, a boy had been gangraped in that same district of Kerala. So, it is not about gender, it is uncontrollable lust and something else too. Changes have to happen from our own homes where we learn to respect and value each other and seeing us, our children too learn the same. Actions have more power than words when it comes to children. Still, I really don’t know how many homes will do it πŸ™‚

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  28. Vultures Don’t Care About Gender. They Just Need Corpse To Feed Themselves. I Think Punishment Is Not a Long Term Solutions. Laws are More Strict Now But It Only Results In More Brutality. I Think We Have To Wipe Out Our Value System Completely and Create a New Value System Which Focuses More On Spiritual Ideas Rather Than Instant Gratification. Thanks for Reading and Such a Deep Analysis πŸ™πŸ€—

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  29. The Change Is Needed Within Society, Within Individual. A Slow But Deep Rooted Change Is Needed. We Don’t Need More Revolutions But We Need Evolution.πŸ™πŸ™

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  30. That was a great post…! This was the best way indeed these so called vultures could be put before everyone out there.
    Currently seeing the conditions out there, this is so much needed. But as always, people hardly care, they are much possessive about themselves and their possessions rather than even giving a glimpse of what all is happening out there. Changes are mandatory. But, as we know, this is India, and we also know the very reason it is still developing…!!!!
    You did a great work by bringing this outπŸ˜πŸ‘Š

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  31. Thought-provoking article, but does someone cares, I guess no one. We just pour out our anger and depression through writings and speeches. I guess if criminals will be hanged publically within a week of the crime, there will be some fear. But this kind of judgment will be only our fantasy.

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  32. Agreed, they are not there when kids need them. So either a complete downfall of society will take a complete turnover automatically and we we have to wait till then or strict enforcement of law and order for the present scenario.

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