The Philosophy Of Rape

No, Don’t Judge Me. I am Not Justifying Or Glorifying anything. It Can’t Be Justified. I Can Justify Immorality But I Can’t Justify Brutality. It’s Not Darkness, It’s Not Brighter Obviously. It’s Bloody Red. Dark Side Of A Being Is Like Blues Or Jazz Or Ghazal,While Brighter Side Is a Happy Song Or Anthem But This Act Belongs To Vomiting Raps It’s Nothing But Just a Shit.

Recently a Very Brutal Incident Of Rape & Murder Happened In India. After That One More & Then One More. It’s an Unending Chain of Events. People Protested Against It Demanding More Tough Laws. But In India Laws are Already Very Strict.

Then Police Shot The Criminals & People Started Celebrating as Those Rapist were Either aliens or Invaders Who Were Destroying Their Civilization. These People Were Normal People. They are Everywhere. They are So Common People That You Won’t Even Recognise Them.They are Just a Part Of The Crowd. They Look Like Everyone Else.
But It’s Not The Phenomena Of One Country at a Particular Time, It’s Everywhere at any Given Time. So, Keeping aside all Those Moral Jingoism Let me Be Honest about Reality.
You Have Heard Various Things About Psychology Of Rape, Sociology Of Rape & Other Such Technical Things But Everything Has a Philosophy Also.
Rape Is a Forced Power Relationship Between Masculinity & Feminity. It’s an Expression Of Aggressiveness By The Means Of Sexuality. Women are Responsible For It also,So are Men. Once Again, Don’t Get Me Wrong.

The Economics & Politics
The Gap Between Rich and Poor Is Widening. The Rich Is Free . They Can Have Company Of Beautiful Women. They Can Love. They Can Feel. On The Other Side The Poorest are Jealous Of This. You Will Find More Conservative People In The Lower & Middle Class Rather Than In Rich People Who are Supposed To Be Right Winger. So When These People Saw A Man & Women Together & Happy,They Immediately Make The Women ‘ Whore ‘ In There Minds.Now They are Morally Free To Do anything With Her. That’s Why Love Is So Powerful. A Cuddling Couple Can Shake The Civilizations & Is a Threat To Religion & Culture. It\’s Laughable But It’s True. Humanity Is Constantly Hiding Both Love & Love Making. It’s a Sin But The Irony Is That We all Are Born Of It.

Confused Sexuality
A Woman Is always In Dilemma. She Wants to Be Desirable & Undesirable at The Same Time. She always Tries To Look Beautiful But She Doesn’t Wanted To Be Stared By Others .There’s a Constant War Going In a Woman’s Subconscious. It Is The War Between Her Feminine Nature & Real World Ideas. She Has To Show Herself & Hide Herself at The Same Time.

Men & Women are Not Equal
Male Sexuality Is Different From Female.A Man Has an Aggressive Sexuality While a Woman Have a Passive One. A Man Can Sexually Explode any time , While a Woman Needs To Be Explored. Man Need a Moment For Having Sex, While Women Need a Reason for That.A Woman Can’t Be Polygamous. Monogamy Is Her Inherited Nature. She Has To Follow. She Has To Receive. She Has To Put Her Head On a Shoulder. Before Some Feminatzi Started Bursting,Let Me Clear That It’s Natural. It’s Common In animals Too. It’s Natural Because Of Evolution.

Freedom Doesn’t Means Independence
What’s Happening Today Is The Violation Of Natural Laws. We Have Simply Forgotten The Reproductive Part of Sexuality & Became Focused On The Pleasure Part. Women are Shouting For Their Rights Of Being Bare. Living Without Clothes Is Not Equality at All. The Breast Is Not For Showing Up To The Adult Men. It\’s For Breastfeeding a Baby. Trust Me, Having Your Own Baby In lap Is Million Times More Pleasuring Than Orgasms Every Night Because Of Evolution.Walking Naked On The Streets Doesn’t Make You Free. Yes It’s True That Patriarchy Comes With Toxic Masculinity But That Doesn’t Means Matriarchy Is a Good Thing. Even Matriarchy Won’t Survive Because Women Don\’t Want to be Mothers anymore. Yes It’s True That Every Woman Has a Right On Her Body But A Women Is Not Only a Body, She’s Mind, She Is Soul & She Has a Heart Too.

Words Can also Rape Also
Abusing On The Streets Or In Your Peer Group Is a Kind Of Verbal Rape. ‘ Mother Fucker ‘,’ Sister Fucker ‘ Does Not Explain Your Frustration But It Explains About Your Values. At The Same Time ‘ Father Fucked Whore ‘ & Other Such Words Doesn’t Give You Equality Or Superiority at All. In Reality Our Species Is Fucked Already. Congratulations You’re Not Virgin,Life Have Fucked You already.

Size Matters
Men Comes In all Sizes.Yes also All Men Are Not Equal. They Have Different Sizes & I am Not Talking About Penis Here. I’m Talking About Life. Men Based Their Lives On Various Ideas. Some Of Them Can Think Nothing Greater Than Sex. Their Whole Life Revolves Around There Penis. The Biggest Achievement For Them Is Having Sex. Sex Is The Goal Of Their Life. Tasting Different Vaginas Or Same Vagina Every Night & Thinking About Sex Every Moment Is The Deepest Mental Activity For Them. They are Everywhere. I Call Them Six Inch Men Because Their Whole Life Revolves around That Six to Eight Inches Erected Portion Of Their Body.
But also There Are Men Who are Six Feet, Have Head & Some are Even Bigger Than The Universe & Seriously Size Matters. The Bigger The Better. The Bigger The Ideals Of Life,The More Masculine The Person.

Small World
There are Seven Billion & One Worlds are On Earth. One World Is Real While Seven Billions are In The Heads. Women Have Comparatively Smaller World Than Men. Her Husband, Her Kids,Her Parents,Her Neighbors & That’s It. Nothing Else Matters. She Doesn’t Have Ambitions To Climb The Social Ladder. Women Have a Smaller Ego Centred around Things Close To Them. That’s Why You Often See Women Talking About Clothes, Neighborhood affairs & Film Actors etc. They Don’t Care About Your Idiotic Nationalism Or Capitalism Or Communism & Socialism . That’s Why All The Wars were Fought By Men In The History. That’s Why We See Very Few Women Scientists. Women Actually Create Civilizations. All The Family Systems,Homes & Boundaries are Created By & Because of Women Otherwise Men Will Be Wandering as Hunters and Gatherers Even Now . It’s a Good Thing But It’s Make Feminity Weak .

Lust Lies In The Eyes
When a Man See a Woman,She Seems Beautiful,Hot ,Sexy Or Cute But When a Rapist Sees Woman,He Never See a Woman. He Only Sees a Pair of Breast, Two Big Asses & a Deep Glorious Hole. Nothing Else. No Age,Race, Religion,Cast Or Nationality Matters.So,If a Young Woman Walking On The Streets Or In Offices or Anywhere With Six inches Men Around Her Then She Is No Longer a Woman. She Is ‘ A Fucking Product ‘,’A Slut ‘,’ A Whore ‘ & Many More Titles. Nobody Will Look at Her Face. It Doesn’t Matter That How Much Make Up She Have Put Up On Her Face For Looking Graceful & Beautiful Because All The Guys Out There Will Look Only On Two Things. Yes You Guessed It Right,’ It’s Her Butts & Breasts. When She Walks, The Movement Of Her Butts Will Outshine Her Cute Smile. Nobody Wants Women But Everyone Wants Your Glorious Hole.
As I Said Earlier Rape Is a Relationship Of Power, While Sex Is a Naturally Love Relationships.

Rape Is Not Masculine
Some Mediocre Thinker Have Said Somewhere That Raping Feels More Manly. These are Nothing But Sexually Repressed Psychopaths. Sex Is an Act Of Love,How Can You Enjoy It When The Other Person Is Crying. But as I said Nothing Else matters apart Then from a Glorious Hole,So It Can Be Enjoyable For Such People. But It Never Feels Manly. What Feels More Manly When You See Satisfaction On a Woman’s Face When She’s Having Orgasm. Her Moaning In Pleasure Make You Manly. When You Give Her Pleasure & She Became Mad For You. That’s a Manly Thing.

You are More Then Body
A Man Can’t Be Raped Because He Is Sexually Aggressive. But a Man Can Be Gang Raped. No Man In Whatsoever Circumstances Wanted To Be Naked in Front Of Unknown Women. No Man Wants To Be Visualize as a Flesh and blood Organism. Men are Closely Attached To Their Thoughts, Rather Than There Bodies. If You Reduce a Man To body,It’s Equal To Rape, Even If Doesn’t Involve any Violence. It’s also a Reason Why Majority Of Rapes are Done By Woman’s Known Relatives Like Fathers,Sons, Brothers & Lovers.

Sex Is Not a Big Thing But Porn Is
Majority Of The Rapes Happens On Women But That’s Not a Complete Truth. Rape Can Happen Even To Men, Children,Bitch,Dog,Goat & Mares. It’s Not an Act Done Because Of Merely Sexual Impulses. It’s an Act Of Showing Up Power To The Other Being. It’s Cruelty.The Pornography Is a Big Reason For Such Atrocities. Now You Have To Be Good In Bed also. The Unfulfilled Unrealistic Expectations Can Frustrate You & Lead To Such Shameful Things. The Act Itself Is Nothing But a Six Minute Pleasure Game But We Have Based Our Entire Life On That. Both Political Right & Left Support Porn. For Right It’s a Matter Of Individual Choice While For The Left It’s The Expression Of Free Sexuality. But I Have Both Right & Left Side & a Heart In The Chest Which Is On The Left But always Right.

Now, What’s The Solution. Really This Time SharmaJi Doesn’t Have any Solution at All. The Only Thing You Can Do Is Raising Your Children Better,So That Next Our Next Generation Can Get Rid Of These Inhumane Things.
I Have Used Various Foul Words & Hard Hitting Language Here But I am Not ashamed of It Because I am Talking about Rape & Not about Romantic Epics Like Ramayana . It’s Needed. Maybe Ideas Not Seems Coherent,Maybe All The Topics are Not Covered But The Pain Of a Normal Person Is Expressed Here. A Man Who Don’t Rape,Has a Lot To Worry. Maybe It Doesn’t Sound Emotional Or Deep But It’s Still a Part Of My Thought Process. Guys We Have To Rethink about Our Species,What We Have Done To Ourselves. We are Now Brutal Than Animals. We are Not Going To Darkness,We aren’t Bright Either,We are Just Bloody Red. Maybe There’s Eternal Darkness & Peace But We are Not Going To Get There any time Soon. The Cries Of Our Daughter & Their Curse Will Prevent Us From Getting any Kind Of Peace.

35 thoughts on “The Philosophy Of Rape

  1. It is strange how often societies overlook that rape is common in the natural world. The reason it is such a controversial subject within humanity is that serial rapists do not do it for sexual pleasure, but as a bullying, domineering tactic. And as a woman whose mother was raped, a very meek woman who did not dress provocatively, wear makeup, or do her hair in sexy styles, the man who backed her into a corner was not justified by any kind of balance or masculinity, he allowed himself to become a monster because he had no self control, no morals, and no care for his future.

    There are situations where men and women can better avoid these kinds of acts, and there are some where no amount of action or protections will stop a violent person from donning the spirit of a monster 😦

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  2. Yes, Rape Has Not Related Too Sexual Urges,it’s Clearly a Dominating act. A Monster Is a Monster. He can Rape a Six Month Old Child Or a Sixty Years Old Woman. Dress, Haircut & Other Things Doesn’t Matter Because He Don’t Look at Woman, He Just Look at Few Specific Body Parts.
    Thank You Very Much For Reading πŸ€—

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  3. Well penned. It is tough to pull on this sensitive subject with such expressibve thoughts. The selection of images is also commendable, especially the sketch that depicts man’s mind filled with woman’s image.

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  4. In my opinion (considering current situation), the greatest thing a man can do for a woman is to make her feel safe! It’s not even love, not even good company or anything…it is the feeling of being safe is what looks more important now.

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  5. You said it to the core. The reasons for sexual assault. Its not only Philosophy but the psychology of rape too. The strong reason among all this is rich and poor disparity. It is much evident from the poorest life background of Nirbhaya case victims. You said it well. Extremely beautiful and close observation of human mind. FineπŸ€©πŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ‘πŸ‘

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  6. Ohhh god…. this is so true as i use to think… this is just as i think… i used to put my thoughts before few people but they declared me an orthodox…… instead all these I’m with my thinking…. and after reading your this article I’m impressed alot that still there are some one who knows what is right and what is wrong…. you told nicely and clearly that what a man is and what a woman is… and what a man should do n shouldn’t and what is the freedom for a woman and what she shouldn’t do….. that’s awesome….. man and woman both should understand… these things…. but some where women are not able to comprehend that walking on street in shorts dresses is not your freedom….. every time when this topic of freedom arises the first thing women use to demand is freedom of wearing anything they want… and you cleared this point here very nicely…. hats of to youπŸ‘πŸ™‚…. great work….

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  7. Yeah, For Me Freedom Is Different Than Wearing Short Cloths Or Drinking In Public. Freedom Is Different & With Freedom There’s Responsibilities Attached. Thank You Very Much For Appreciating Such Idea, However Not Many People Support This Idea as It’s Very Outdated or Old School Kind Of.
    Thank You Very Much πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ™πŸ€—πŸ™πŸ™


  8. Yup that’s what i told you that some people called me an orthodox but i knw I’m right at my place…. so I’m happy… n yeah ur words are appreciable πŸ™‚πŸ™‚πŸ‘πŸŒ±

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  9. Let People Called You Anything Because They Can’t Look Beyond The Paradigm Defined By Media & Other Social Structures. They Don’t Have Any Solutions for The Problem. Thank You Very Much πŸ€—πŸ™

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