The Pigeon Who Swallowed A Chewing Gum

He Was Very New & Cute. He Had Already Learnt To Fly Yesterday. It Was His First Flight. But Still His Feathers are Not Fully Developed Yet. His Mother Knows That. That’s Why She Was Gone To Fetch Food for him. He Was alone Jumping Here & There In The Nest. His Nest Was In an Old Building Right Behind a Muddy Pond.

He Was Very Fun Loving & Energetic. He Is Too Cute to Hate. Suddenly He Put a ‘ Not Liquid ‘ But Not Hard also Kind Of Stuff In His Beak. He Swallowed It. It Was a Chewing Gum.

He Started Feeling Ache In His Stomach. He Was Wandering Here and There. His Mother Was Not There. The Idea Of Drinking Water & Fear Of Flying Without Mother Both Are Colliding Constantly In His Little Brain. Finally He Surrendered To The Passion. He Flew.

He Was Flying Over a Sewer. It Was Huge,Very Huge Body Of Water.”Water,Water Everywhere But Not a Single Drop To Drink”,Someone Said Rightly. It Was Too Smelly For The Little One.

Just Next To The Sewer He Saw a Human Being Poor Off Course Who Was Selling Fruits. He Could Drink Fruit Juice There. But Suddenly a Man In Ugly Uniform Came & Started Troubling The Fruit Seller.”How Can You Sell Here,Is Road Belongs To Your Father”. Sir,I Do This For Living Sir ,The Fruit Seller Replied. “How Can You Make Money When The Whole World Is Hungry”. “But Sir My Children are Also Hungry, Please Allow Me Sir” The Fruit Seller Begged. ” You’re Making Profits & It’s a Sin In The Eyes Of Law “. But Sir My Children… Nobody Heard That. The Man Of Law Throw His Fruits & Started Beating Him With His Stick Of Rules. The Seller Was Crying & Water Was Flowing From His Pale Eyes To His Skinny Cheeks & Little Pigeon Can’t Drink That So He Flew away.

On The Top a Huge Building He Saw a Huge Board. An Image Of Young Female Human Was Printed There. He Can’t Recognize any Thing Except For Two Round Flesh Pieces On The Chest Of The Image’s Body. A Calf Was His Friend & His Mother Also Have Those Infact She Had Four Of Them.He Loved To Wandered On The Back Of The Calf Before Learning To Fly But Now He Is Not There.

The Calf & His Mother Was Took Away From There Place & Slaughtered. He Tried To Drink Milk Like His Calf Friend Did But He Can’t. After All It Wasn’t Real,It Was an Image & It Wasn’t His Mother Or His Friend’s Mother. It Was Just an Object. An Advertisement Objectifying & Hole & Flesh Balls For The Pleasure Of a Ten Minutes Process . He Flew Away.

He Saw a Huge Building In Which a Statue Was Placed at The Center. The Statue Was also Of a Female Human. People Were Chanting Her Name. They Were Singing & Dancing. Fresh Water Was There Outside In Clay Pots. He Could Drink That. However He Was Feeling Sorry For The Lady Who’s Image Was On The Board & Statue Is Here In The Building. ” How The Same Body Can Be A Flesh & Caring Mother at The Same Time “. He Went Inside To Say Sorry To The Lady For Putting His Beak On Her Chest On The Board But Suddenly Something Hit Him. He Flew again.

He Was Going Back To His Nest At The Old Building. His Ache Wasn’t Paining Anymore. But Suddenly He Heard Two Male Humans Were Shouting. One Of Them Was Wearing a Cap. ” How Primitive You Guys are ? You Worship Stones,Rivers & Even Animals. You See Messenger Has Told Us That It’s A Sin. Join Us & I Will Take You To Heavens ” Said The Man In Cap. ” The River Give Me Water,The Animal Give Milk & Statue Feels Like My Mother,Who are You To Tell Me” Replied The Other Man. Mob Was Gathering around Them. Suddenly From Nowhere The Man In The Uniform Came & Took Both Of Them With Him To an Old Official Building.”You Both are Equal In The Eyes Of Law” & He Started Beating The Other Man. ” You Should Respect Him, Don’t You Know That They are Very Less In Numbers” . Blood Was Pouring Out Of The Other’s Head. But The Cute Little Pigeon Can’t Drink That. So He Flew.

Mother Will Surely Scold Him. He Was Pondering. He Loved His Mother Very Much. Suddenly He Saw The Fruit Seller Calling Him.

” Ah- Ah Ah- Ah Come Here My Cuttipie” Said The Seller With a Fruit In His Hand. He Went Straight To The Seller’s Hand & Put His Beak In The Fruit. Suddenly He Was Fainting,His Eyes Were Closing. His Neck Was Paining. He Can’t Breath. He Was Unconscious Now. He Wasn’t Anywhere. He Never Flew Again.The Cute Pigeon,Who Was On His Second Flight,That Small Little Bird Was Cooked Now. The Last Images In His Small Brain Were,Of The Calf,His Mother,The Lady On The Board,The Statue In The Huge Building & Off Course Of His Own Mother. His Mother Was Waiting & Still Waiting & Will Be Waiting Till Her Death. He Will Never Come. Her Cute Baby Will Never Come.

The Children Of The Poor Fruit Seller Ate The Cute Pigeon Along With The Chewing Gum. They Were Hungry For Three Days. They Were Also Cute Like The Baby Pigeon & Had already Seen Those Things Which The Cuttipie Had Witnessed Now. The Old Building & Pond Are Now Empty. It’s Dark Forever.

36 thoughts on “The Pigeon Who Swallowed A Chewing Gum

  1. Intriguing and thought provoking… Sometimes it’s difficult to decide whether a person is right or wrong, just like the fruit seller.. It’s heart wrenching.😔

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  2. Thank You Very Much For Appreciating. Yes Sometimes It’s Really Hard To Decide What’s Wrong & What Is Right. Everyone Has Needs & Govern By Those. The Fruit Seller Was Doing It For His Children, The Police Man Was Doing For The Law & Cute Pigeon Was Already Innocent. It’s Actually Nobody’s Fault. Thanks Again 🤗🤗🤗

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