The Idea Of India Is a Bluff

WE, THE PEOPLE OF INDIA, having solemnly resolved to constitute India into a SOVEREIGN SOCIALIST SECULAR DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC and to secure to all its citizens:

JUSTICE, social, economic and political; LIBERTY of thought, expression, belief, faith and worship;

EQUALITY of status and of opportunity…..

The Above Written Lines are an Excerpt from The Preamble Of The Indian Constitution Which Represents Basic Ideals Of The Constitution Makers and Their Idea Of India. However Secular and Socialist are Added Later At The Time Of Emergency. However These Ideals are Incomplete Because They Drew Inspiration From Indian Freedom Struggle While India Has a Five Thousand Years Long Civilization History. But It’s Still a Bluff. It’s a Joke Actually. Let’s See How.

First Of All India Was a Socialist Country, Is a Socialist Country and Will Be a Socialist Country Forever. In The Late Nineties Socialism Does What It Can Do The Best i.e. It  Took India On The Verge Of Bankruptcy. Venezuela and Greece Belongs To The Same League. But Indians are Clever. We Replaced It With another More Compatible Form Of Socialism i.e. Crony Capitalism. Now Few Big Corporations Do Everything For Government. Every Political Party Has Their On King Pings . That’s How They Control The Economy and Create an Illusion Of Freedom.

Don’t Believe Me ? Try To Open a Factory Or a Restaurant Once. You Will Be Punished By The System Systematically. Go A Bit Lower and Try To Start a Tea Stall Or Sell Fruits on Roadside. The Police Will Kick Your Ass Unless you Pay Them a Share But If You’re a Tycoon Then You Can Declare Yourself Defaulter and Hide Billion Bucks Below Your Asses . That’s Harsh But a Fact and Facts Don’t Care About Your Feelings.

India Was Never Secular at All And It Will Never Be. Technically Secularism Means Seperation Of State and Church Or Religious Clergymen. But In India Government Actually Owns all The Big Temples Of The Majority Community.

There’s a Clear Divide In Indian Ideals Of Secularism. This Division Is Deep Rooted In The Society as Well. So If You Talk about The Religious Beliefs Of The Majority Community You Will Be Considered as a Bigot and Dumb But Making Fun Of The Same Is Actually Cool. If You’re Not Minority and You Are Proud Of Your Ideals Then Eventually Your Friend Circle Will Shrink. You Will Be a Subject Of Hatred. You Will Be Trolled On Social Media and What Not. This Is What Society Does While Government Have Already Declared That all The Resources Of The Country Belongs To The Minorty and Majority Has To Beg and This Is Not Religious Discrimination at All.

There’s Actually No Liberty In India. You Have To Be The Part Of The Crowd Otherwise You Will Be Crushed To Death. If You’re Naive Person Or an Introvert Then It’s a Wrong Place To Be Born. Nobody Will Tolerate You. Everybody Will Use You. You Will See Thugs Everywhere Especially In The Big Cities. In Smaller Towns You Will Face Goons, Dacoits and Off Course Politicians. It’s a Normal Thing To See People Dancing With Guns and Naked Women In Marriage Functions In Tier Two and Tier Three Cities. Various Other Violent and Primitive Practices are Actually Desired Behaviour Here.

India Is a Land Of Toxic Masculinity. Peeing In Public, Abusing In Public and Beating Women Is Actually a Good Thing Here. You can Easily Observe People Carefully Observing Their Female Colleague’s Curves at Workplaces. Age Doesn’t Matter. The Older Men are Even a Step Ahead.

Actually India Is Or Especially Northern India Is an Extremely Sexually Repressed Society. Everybody Here Is Looking For a Hole Here Or Something Long. The Status Of a Human Being Is Reduced To Just a Body Part. Oh Man, India Is Religious Country, Okay. Celibacy Here Is a Virtue. Sorry For Laughing.

Nice Joke But Let Me Cite You an Example. A Phone Number Was Written On The Wall Of a Public Toilet For Males. Under That Was Written a Message That I Suck Dick,Call Me. A Man Call and He Bargain a Got a Reasonable Price and Went To The Place. There Was Another Man Who Discharged His Load and Got The Money Which Is Unnatural. So Am I Sounding Like a Homophobic Here ? The Reason Of It Being Unnatural Because None Of Them Was Gay. The Dick Guy Wanted To Have Something Different and Discharged His Load While The Sucker Needs Some Easy Money.

You Can Easily Find Women Standing Alone In Not So Crowded Roads Of The Cities. They’re Not Very Beautiful Or Young But They’re Cheap. Nobody Cares about Looks Or Age When It Comes To Discharge The Load Of Semen.

India Is Not For Thinkers, It’s For Social Media Influencers. The Most Cringe Idea Is also The Most Sold One. No Matter What Great Things You Have Done,You Will Never Come To Limelight If You’re Not a Cricketer, Film Star Or a Politician. It Doesn’t Matter How Great Mathematician You Were, You Will Die a Lunatic’s Death. No Matter What You Have Done For The Society, Nobody Will Never Know You. There’s always a Porn Star Ahead Of Your Hardwork . Again Don’t Believe Me ? Look at The Stats Of The Most Searched Personalities For Few Recent Years – A Porn Star Of Indian Origin Had Topped All The Charts.

The Rise Of Cheap Internet Has Also Helped In Rising Cases Of Adultery. Now Both Women and Men Can Easily Mingle. For Young Guys Age Doesn’t Matter. They Just Need a Hole Because The Society Around Them Is Constantly Bombarding Their Brains With Sexual Images. The Idea Of Sex as a Part Of Love Has Died Long ago. Don’t Believe Me ? Then Look at The Stats Of an App Offering Extra Marital Relationships. It’s One Of The Top Dating Apps On The Playstore .

India Is A Valueless Society. There’s Nothing Like Black and White, It’s always Gray. We Indians Knows That We Will Never Do What We Say. Nobody Does Nothing Without Any Self Interests Behind anything. We Know That Politics Is a Buisness, Journalism Is a Buisness, Religion Is a Buisness and Sex Is a Buisness. Morality Is a Thing Of Past Here. The Vedic Value System Was Already Died After The Arrival Of Mehmood Ghaznavi and Later Vasco Da Gama. So There’s No Guiding Set Of Values Of What’s Right and What’s Wrong.

Justice Is a Joke. People Have Already Lost Faith In The Judicial System. Now The Law Of Jungle Is Prevailing All Over. Criminals are Getting Shot On The Spot and People are Not Only Accepting It But Enjoying It. It’s actually a Good Thing Because If a Criminal Remains Alive Then Soon He Will Be Out On a Bail, Using Loop Holes Of The Law and Will Fight Election and Win Because Of The Caste Calculations and The Same Policemen Who Were Hunting For Him Now Have To Protect Him.

A Case Of a Gang-rape In a Bus In Delhi Which Accidentally Came Into International Limelight Because It Happened In The Capital However More Brutal Rape Crimes are Happening all Over The Country Even Now,But They’re Very Far Away From The Lutyens Zone. It Took Seven Years To Punish Those Criminals and They Even Reached The President For Mercy. So, There’s Nothing Like Justice Exists Here Therefore First Buy a Gun To Protect You and Your Family. Don’t Put Too Much Hopes On The System, It’s already Collapsed. Even In The Time You are Reading It Almost Three Women are Being Raped Somewhere. The Tragedy Is That,They are Being Raped By Someone Known To Them.

Protest For Nirbhaya

Equality Of The Value Of Life Is Not a Fact In India. It’s a Fictional Idea. Life Can Be as Cheap as Twenty Rupees. Anyone Can Potentially Murder You For a Sum of Twenty Rupees . On The Other Hand a Photo Of a Film Star’s Baby Worth More Than Your Entire Life’s Earnings Sometimes. Millions and Millions Of Peoples Die Every Year Because Of Droughts and Floods But It Never Make a Headline While Marriage Of Cricketers Grab The Front Page.

If You Want To Laugh Then Watch a Debate On TV News Channels. The Level Of These Debates Is Actually Identical To The Level Of IQ Level Of The Indian Masses. But These Debates Actually Decides The Fate Of The Country and Affect The Political Narrative.

Do You Think India Is a Democracy ? That’s a Sweet Mirage. India Is Probably The Only Country Which Practice Dynastic Rule In The Name Of Democracy. Generations after Generations of Dynasts Have Ruled India In The Past and are Still Fighting For Power. I Mean It’s Funny But a Fact and Facts Don’t Care About Your Feelings.

The Indian Democracy Is Not For a Thinking Man. For Instance You Can Think What Should Be India’s Foreign Policy But Value Of Your Vote and a Drunkard’s Vote Is Equal. It Doesn’t Matter What Your Ideas are and If a Crowd Of Dunkards and Greedy Peoples Bought By Political Parties By Cheap Whiskey and Little Wealth Voted For The Wrong Ideas,Those Ideas Will Win. That’s How Rapists and Criminals Enter The Parliament.

There Was a Movie Dialogue I Heard That Rebels Live In Forests,Real Dacoits Live In Parliament. Last Night You Shouted The Slogans Against The Country and The Very Next Morning You Can Fight Parliamentary Elections In The Same Country. That’s Insane But Had Happened Very Recently.

Democracy Is The Most Celebrated Idea Because It Creates The Illusion That It Empowers The Needy People. It Distribute Power To Each and Everyone But In Reality It’s Nothing But a Mob Rule. So If The Mob Wants Goons To Rule Then Nobody Can Do anything. Democracy Is The Biggest Bluff Of All.

Mirage Democracy

So, There’s an Mirage Democracy,No Equality Of Status and Opportunities, There’s No Liberty Of Thoughts, Beliefs and Their Expression. There’s No Secularism But an Illusion Has Been Created Of It. The Only Thing Which Remains True To The Ideals Of The Preamble Is The Socialist Way Of Controlling. This Attitude Of Being Controlled By Somebody Else Has Gone To The Deepest Level Of Indian Collective Consciousness That If There’s a Fire In The House of an Indian Man, He Will First Make It Responsibility and Failure Of Administration and Then Try To Stop It.

We Indians Believe In Quantity Rather Than Quality. That’s Why We Are More Than One Billions Actually. India Is Great But Indians are Not.

India Has a Unique History Problem. It’s Mythology Is Actually It’s History. It Was So Glorious That The Invaders and Imperialists Couldn’t Digest It,So They Called It Myth and Create Their Own Fantasies From Scratches. For Instance King Rama Is a Myth While Ashoka and Akabar Were Great and Martand Verma Was Deleted Deliberately From The History although He Was The Man Who Literally Change The Course Of History. It Was He Who Won The Battle Of Kolachal Because Of Which I am Writing This In English Instead Of Dutch. The Ahoms Of Assam Were also Erased. Unfortunately Even after The Imperialists Left Their Mindset Sticks In The Minds Of Our Rulers. Now We are a Mental and Cultural Colony Of The Imperialists, Which Is In a Way a Question Mark On Sovereignty as We are Mentally Enslaved.

There’s Too Much To Write About The Bad Things Of The Country But There’s a Good Thing That Atleast Few Peoples Can See These Scars On The Face Of Holy Motherland.

I Know I Am Gonna Recieve Too Much Hate For This. Few NRIs and Aristocrats Who Work In Air Conditioned Offices,Live In Air-conditioned Homes and Traveled In Air Conditioned Cars Will Try To Teach Me Patriotism. But I am a Man Of The Roadside. I Know What Is The Reality But Still I Believe That Reality Is Subjective. Maybe You Haven’t Seen Anything Yet Which I Face Everyday. That’s Why Your Perception Will Be Different and Your Reality Will Be Entirely Different From Mine. But Truth Is always Objective. An Owl Is Not able To See The Day,That Doesn’t Means That Day Doesn’t Exists.

Pick a Face From The Crowd,I am That One. I am Your Milkman,Your Air-conditioning Mechanic,Your Car Mechanic Or Your Watchman. I am everyone Of Them. I Am The Indian For Whom Patriotism Is Not a Choice Because That’s all I Have It. I Don’t Have Enough Money Or Beautiful Girlfriend or a Big House With Close Windows. I Don’t Have Any Option To Leave The Country And Settle Down Somewhere Else. This Country Is all That I Have and I Have To Speak about Its Scars and Wounds So That They Can Be Healed.

I am Not That Pigeon Who Closes His Eyes When Cat Comes Near To Him as If The He Can’t See The Cat,Cat Will also Not Be Able To See Him. Cat Will Have Him In Breakfast. I Won’t Be Somebody’s Breakfast So Easily Niether My Nation.

So, You Have Bollywood Divas and Hunks Waiting For You. open The TV or Download New Web Series Or Install PUBG and Let Me Enjoy My Pains.

भारत माता की जय ( Glory To The Motherland )

50 thoughts on “The Idea Of India Is a Bluff

  1. Yes,But It’s Not Only about the People In Power But Our Society Is Collapsing Internally. All Of Our Values and Ethics Have Become Irrelevant. Thanks for Reading 🙏

    Liked by 3 people

  2. That you for sharing your experience in India. I am Australian without knowledge of India. You explain a topic unknown to us. The Master writes academic truth. Congratulations 🎉

    Liked by 6 people

  3. Thank You Very Much For Such a Lovely Appreciation. Despite Of All These Dark Things India Has Something Magnetic Which Pulls Everyone Towards Her. Thanks for Supporting. It’s an Honor To Be Appreciated By You 🙏🙏🙏

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Well That’s True In Books,In Real World There are Different Shades Of Reality. Two People Sharing a Bus or Working Together In an Office Or Walking On The Same Road Doesn’t Necessarily Have Emotional Bonding. India Is Largest Dynastic Democratic Country In Which We Can Democratically Elect The Dynasts, Aristocrats and Dumb Guys.

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  5. Having liberal thoughts is a crime. It’s a systematic abuse which has been practiced to deem a female’s existence if it will set an example and benefit the abusers. Parents who take great pride in stating that their child had smartly lied speaks a lot about morals and values. When everything can be bought with money then morals and values are mere words as well as kindness and humanity. The opportunist are the ones gaining from all the blame games they play with the citizens.
    You have brilliantly written. It was truly a great read. Kudos to you.

    Liked by 5 people

  6. Agreed,I Think The Emphasis on Material Success Has Somewhere Hurted Our Social Fabric. Greed, Lust and Vested Interests are Now Accepted as Virtue In Our Society Especially In The Cosmopolitan Areas. Our Value System Is Falling apart.
    Thank You Very Much For Appreciating 🙏🤗

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Honestly,Initially I was reluctant to read by seeing the size of the blog. But few words caught my eyes and I started to read from bottom to top. Trust me, I could not agree more !!! You have actually made me think lot of things from different prospective. I can relate many issues. Only one thought came to my mind at last, how to stop??? How to begin equality and how to resolve all such issues??? But anyways, great n thought provoking post 👍👍👍

    Liked by 4 people

  8. Unfortunately These are Harsh Realities Of Our Nation. There are So Many Problems are Out There That Even a Book Is Not Enough For It. To Be Honest There’s No Solution. I Don’t Sell False Hopes Like Politicians. Currently There’s No Way Out Unless Something So Big Happens Which Change Our Psyche at The Individual Level.
    Thanks for Reading 🙏😊 Glad That You Like It 🙏🤗

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  9. Thank You Very Much Sir For Appreciating 🙏 I Think It’s The Harsh Realities Of Our Country Which A Common Individual Faces In Everyday Life. Our Collective Consciousness Is Filled With This Kind Of Toxicity.
    Thank You Very Much 🤗🤗🙏

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  10. Thank You Very Much For Such a Lovely Appreciation 🤗🤗🙏. It’s an Honour But I Think I Can’t Write Something About Myself 😭 Because There’s Nothing To Talk About 😂 Hope You Forgive me. I Love Your Support ❤️🙏🙏.

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  11. Pankanzy, thanks for your informative essay, This is not a problem of any one country. Evils such as increasing income inequality, government corruption, the rise of Naziism, and the abandonment of constitutional principals and national ideals are very widespread in the world. It is very distressing to see this state of affairs. Eventually, the pendulum may swing back. Things we may see: more protests, populist movements, the rise of labor unions…I am not a prophet…just old enough to remember. Your generation is being handed a mess to clean up! I am sorry for that. All the best. Cheryl

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  12. Yes,I Think The Whole World Is Facing a New Kind Of Psudeo Logical Scenario. The Values Which Bound Humanity are Now Gone Forever. We are Seeing a World Of Senseless Instant Gratification Hungry World With All It’s History Erased.
    Thank You Very Much For Such an Deep Analysis and Reading Between The Lines 🤗🙏🤗

    Liked by 2 people

  13. …But the reality in India isn’t that different from other parts of the world, and it is a clear example of what should change for good because human beings deserve to experience real freedom, security, and the ability to evolve in their countries. I think, and this is my opinion, Portugal had the duty to assist India after independence. The same duty belongs to England, for example.

    So, articles like yours are necessary to call the world’s attention. I was aware of this situation.

    Have a good weekend! 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  14. Yes There are Too Many Imperial Scratches On India But India Has The ability to Stand for Itself. There’s a Fusion of Imperial Culture and Indigenous Culture Which Is Creating a Lot Of Social Problems. But These Can Be Solved. Thank You Very Much For Reading 🤗

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