The Nightmare Of God

Last Night I Had a Dream. A Dream Which Killed My Spiritual Sentiments . It Was So Much Offensive That Without Any Horrible Images It Was Horrific. It Terrified Me After Waking Up. It Wasn’t a Dream. It’s a Nightmare Of The Awaken. It Shaked My Very Idea Of Being.

So I Saw In The Dream That I am In a Place Closely Resembles To The Heavens Of The Books. It Was Beautiful. It Was an Delight For Eyes. Some Sort Of Festival Was Going On There. ” It’s God’s Parade Today” I Heard. ” Spectators Must Stay Away From God’s Way. ” It Was an Announcement. So I Just Took a Side. The Only Problem Was That I Was The Only One Spectator.

A Few Moments Later Came The First Chariot Pulled By Unicorns. Jesus Was Sitting On That One. Unfortunately He Wasn’t Blond as I Have Seen In The Pictures. There Was a Sea Of people Behind His Chariot. Billions Of Billions People Were There. They all Were Drinking Wine and Singing Prayers. Jesus Was Waiving His Hand.

After That There Was a Chariot Of a Man Whom I Don’t Recognised First. The Announcement Were Made That It Was Mohammad’s Chariot. The Chariot Was Pulled By Beautiful and Strong Arab Horses.He Was Really a Handsome Man With Such Graceful Eyes. Again a See Of Billions Of Billions People Was Following Him. They all Were Singing. Women Were Beating The ‘ Duff ‘. But Nobody Seems To Enjoying It.

Then Comes The Chariot Of The Lord Himself. It Was The Chariot Of Krishna. Unfortunately He Wasn’t Blue at All But He Was Handsome. He Was Playing Flute and Billions of People Were Accompanying Him With ‘ Dholak ‘ Sitar and Other Instruments . Their Music Was Really Beautiful. People Were Dancing Gracefully. It Was Indeed a Beautiful Sight.

Till Now I Was a Little Bit Terrified Because Being an Introvert and Seeing Such Seas Of People Don’t Seems Great But Suddenly a Chariot Came With Buddha On It and again Sea Of Millions Was Following Him. They all Were Gracefully Dressed In Orange and Red. They Were Making Sounds From Different Instruments. They Were Walking Like a Parade. Feet With Feet. Hands With Hands. All Lined In a Disciplined Manner. It Was Amazing.

Then I Saw Chariot Of Sikh Gurus. There Were Million Peoples Behind Them. They Were Singing Gurbani Shabad. They Seems To Enjoying It Too Much.

Then I Saw Chariots Of Moses,Zarathustra and Various Others Saints. Infact I Saw Chariots Of Few Animals also Followed By Thousands Of African Peoples. But All Of This Were Like Rivers Compared To The First Few Which Were Oceans.

But Then Came The Biggest Of All Of Them. The Chariot Of Karl Marx and Lenin. It Was a Horrible Sight To Watch Because Billions Of Billions People Were There and Most Of Them Were Naked. I Wasn’t Expecting It. People Were Having Sex Right There On The Road. Some Were Beheading Others Who Were Taller Then The Average. Blood Was Everywhere. They Were Drinking Blood.

Suddenly Lenin Pushed Marx From The Chariot. A Few Moments Later Stalin Pushed Lenin. The Chariot Is about To Being Away From My Sight But Then Mao Pushed Stalin Away. I Don’t Know After That Because It Was Out Of Sight.

I Was Fed Of All Of This. After That Few Chariots Of Philosophers,Scientists and Saints With Few Hundred Peoples along Them Marched On The Road. Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, Nietzsche, Socrates, Marcus Aurelius, Charvaka,Sages Of The Vedas, Mahatma Gandhi , Mahaveer, Rajneesh Osho and Few Others Were Part Of This Final Batch. There Was No Noise. It Was a Peaceful March.

Finally Every One Passed From The God’s Way. There Was Nobody Around. I Was Also About To Leave But Suddenly An Oldman Out Of Nowhere Came and Started Walking With The Help Of a Stick. He Had a Exceptionally Beautiful and Deep Eyes. He Was Coughing. No Announcement Were Made So Out Of Curiosity I Shouted ” Who are you ” . He Smiled and Replied ” I am God ! ‘

I Was Shocked. There’s Nobody Behind Him. Nobody Was Actually Following God. He Was Alone. I Run Towards Him and Fell On His Feet. He Pick Me Up and Pat On My Back.

I Asked Him ” Why You Have Created All This Mess If Nobody Is Along With You ?

” I Haven’t Created Any Of This. It’s You Guys Who Have Created This . “

” What You Have Dictated Few Books Na ! In Which You Said That Women are Impure, Sex Is Sin, Homosexuality Is Unnatural. You Will Punish People In Hell. You Take Rebirths To Punish The Evil. In One Book You Have Said That Humanity Is Born Of Sin and You Have Sent Your Son To Be Crucified For That Sin. The Sin Was Eating An Apple.

In Other Book You Said That a Man In a Cave Is Your Original Messenger and Not Believing Him Is a Crime. You Completely Disowned Your Own Begotten Son.

In Another Book You Fell In Love With a Woman That You Wage a War Against a Country. You Took Help From The Monkeys and Others To Win That Woman. You Took Help Of an Queer Person To Win a War Of Righteousness. You Flirted With Women. But In Other Book You Said That Women are The Doors Of Hell and Blah Blah. ? Why So Much Ironies In Your Words ?

Why You Have Done This. You Know Millions Of Peoples are Dying Because Of Your Words ” I Was Shouting Literally.

He Smiled and Said ” Calm Down Son ! I Haven’t Dictated any Book and I Don’t Have Any Plan To Do So.

Why I Would Send My Son To Die For Your Sins Because Technically You all are My Sons and Daughters Because I Have Created You. I Eat Apple Myself. Why Anyone Would Be Punish For Eating Apples. If Women Were Impure Then Why I Empowered Them With The Capacity Of Creating Life. I Never Sent a Messenger To You . I Don’t Use iMessage To Kill People. People With Blue Bubble Should Be Killed and Not The Green Ones.

I Never Went To Hastinapur To Solve a Property Dispute. I Have Trillions Of Universes. There’s No Shortage Of Land To Me Son. “

” Then Why You Have Created This ?” I Whispered

” I Created Matter and Consciousness with Few Laws To Bind Them. Everything Else Just Happened. You People are More Curious Than Curiosity Itself. You always Look For Answers and When You Can’t Find Them,You Make Them. It’s Your World. Your gods,Your Messengers, Your Preachers,Your Saints,Your Philosophers Your Stories, Your Fantasies ,Your Moralities and Ideals . I am Not Involved In It. I Have Nothing To With It. All Of Your Books are Man Made With a Tiny Bit Of Truth. But You Guys Have Different Versions Of Truth .

Everything Is Divine Because It’s Created By Me. Then Where’s The Point In Something Being Unnatural Or Evil. If Something Is Evil and Exist Then There Should Be Another God Other Than Me and Who Is Equally Powerful So That I Have To Fight Him. How Can I Create a Thing Which More Powerful Than Me Therefore There’s Nothing Except Me . There’s No One Which Is Not Me. I am Time. I am Space. I am Everything.

Evil For You Is That Which Is Not Liked By You. For Me Nothing Is Forbidden. Nothing Is Unlawful. Everything That Exist Is a Play Of Matter and Consciousness. Everything Is Natural and Under The Law. Anything Which Is unlawful Can’t Exist at All.”

He Was Coughing. Suddenly a Bullet Fired From Nowhere. ” In The Name Of Allah “, ” For The Holy Spirit, Father and Son “, ” Glory To Lord Rama”, ” For The Dhamma” ,” Glory To The Khalsa ” ” Long Live Revolution “. This Noise Emerged From Nowhere

It Hitted The God Himself. He Fainted. He Fell Down In My Arms. He Became Unconscious. He Died. God Died In My Arms.

Suddenly My Eyes Got Opened. I Was Shivering With Fear. I Was Sweating. It Was 4:00 Am. I Was Paralysed For a Few Moments. My Mind Wasn’t Working. It Was Blank. Everything Was Becoming Blurry.

Later In The Day When I Started To Think About It. It Became a Nightmare. It Challenged My Idea Of Being. It Hurts Me In The Deepest Core Of My Heart. The Bullet Actually Killed My Soul,My Essence. I Was No More What I Used To Be.

But I Still Don’t Have Any Idea. My Life’s Becoming Bleak Day By Day. All The Meaning Of Life Is Washing Away. Then I Realise That It Wasn’t My Nightmare. It Was God’s Nightmare. This Whole Existence Is Nothing But an Illusion,an Imagination,a Dream Of The God Or The Truth Himself. But It’s Now Turned Into a Nightmare and It’s Dark. Unfortunately Eternally Dark.

86 thoughts on “The Nightmare Of God

  1. Your writing skills are amazing.
    No-one can leave the article in between. It’s captivating 🀍🀍

    Liked by 8 people

  2. Such an amazing post…. You have information about everything…. Your thoughts are good…. I wish everyone thinks like this…. Then this world would be a lot more better place to live….πŸ™‚πŸ™‚πŸ™‚

    Liked by 4 people

  3. I Think We have To Come Out From Our Comfort Zones and Accept The Universal Realities Of Human Nature. Thank You Very Much For Reading πŸ€—πŸ™

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  4. Amazing!!
    I have a request to make…do check out my blog under the name of The Lightening Bug when you have time.πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—

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  5. “You People are More Curious Than Curiosity Itself. ” How very true! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
    “Nothing Is Unlawful.” Well, I don’t agree with this. πŸ˜…
    We all have our own theories about God, our own imaginations, our own dreams, even our own nightmares! πŸ˜‚
    We create His image in our minds and try to dig deeper into it, to decipher, explore and discover more!
    The idea of chariots was superb!! Did you really saw that while dreaming or created it?😊

    Liked by 4 people

  6. Well,I Don’t Remember My Dreams Most Of The time SoπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Everyone Has His Own God and God Has No One. There’s Nothing Bad In The Eye Of Existence Because Everything Is a Part Of It.
    Thank You Very Much For Such an Encouraging Appreciation πŸ™πŸ€—

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  7. So nicely put. The scariest part is that human beings with all their brains and wisdom, feel that they are the chosen ones and are hence the rulers of this world

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  8. Beautifully and poetically written. Thanks for visitying me on my blog and following. I am hapilly following you and look forward to reading more of your posts. Have a great day.

    Liked by 3 people

  9. Your write-ups are unique and I am just curious to know whether it’s really a dream or not. I have also seen something different in a dream that gave me goosebumps. Now, I am inspired through your writing .

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  10. Well, I Normally Don’t Remember My Dreams. Some Things Can’t Be Dreamed. Maybe Subconsciously We Have Similarities That’s Why Your Dreams and My Imagination Matched Somewhere. Thanks for Appreciating πŸ™. It Means a Lot πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ™

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  11. Pankanzy, Brilliant piece of writing! You describe a spectacle in such detail, it is like being there. Your God character reminds me of the wizard in the Wizard of OZ, a little man behind the curtain whose voice is greatly amplified. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this! Have a great weekend! Cheryl

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