The Dead End

The Universe Is Big. It Has Ten Thousand Stars For Every Grain Of Sand Here On Earth Which Means It Have Billions If Not Trillions Planets Which Can Host Life. Therefore There Must Be Atleast Millions Of Civilizations Flourishing In The Observable Universe. Atleast Hundreds Of Thousands Civilizations Should Be There In Our Own Galaxy.

But Despite Of Spending Huge Sums Of Money We are Not able To Find a Single One. If We Took Few Hundred Years To Become Super Intelligent Space Exploring Species Then Imagine If We Have Billions of Years. Universe Is already Thirteen Billions Years Old While Conditions For Super Intelligent Life To Emerge as We Know It Were available For at Least Ten Billions Of Years.

So There’s Enough Time and Space Then Where The Hell are All The Aliens Or The Alien Gods Who Can Do Anything Of Which We Can Only Dream Of. Why Can’t We See Them Or They See Us.

The Answer Lies in Fermi Paradox Theory. According to This Theory Life Emerges Everywhere. There Could Be Millions Of Civilizations Out There Before Us But They all Wiped Out Because Of Filters. A Filter Is an Hurdle Which Every Species Has To Cross To Survive. This Filter Can Be anything Like a Hitting Asteroid Or Nuclear War Or AI Destroyers etc.

That’s Going To Be Our Fate also. There Will Be Future Civilizations Searching For Us But Nobody Will Find Us Because We Were No More. We are Heading Towards The Greatest Filter Which Is Self Destruction.

It’s The Anthropocene World and We Have Completely Changed Our Biosphere. Experts Says That We Have a Very Low Chance Of Surviving Next Century. Our Collective Knowledge Is Increasing But We are Becoming Dumb Individually Day By Day. We are Lacking One Of The Most Necessary Skill For Surviving Called Is Life Skill. This Will Finish Us Very Soon.

I Have Seen a Very Recent Video Of Few White Men Destroying The Shop Of a Black Guy. That Guy Was Crying Because His Whole Life’s Earnings Was Destroyed In Front Of His Eyes. That’s a Clear act Of Racism Or Not ? Nope,It’s Not Because White Guys Were Protesting For Black Lives Matters and The Black Guy Was a Capitalist. That’s How Their Vandalism Was Justified. That’s The Level Of Dumbness We Have Reached. The World Is Not Ruled By The Governments any More But It’s Ruined By Social Media.

In India also In The Last Winters People Were Protesting against Providing Refuge To Religiously Persecuted Poor People Of The Neighbouring Countries. All The Pro Poor Activists Join This To Stop Poor People From Getting Help. It Finally end Up In Riots Claiming More Innocent Lives. But Nobody Wants To Say Anything About It. We Are Living In a World That Can’t See Anything Beyond it’s Facebook Timeline.

There are So Much Thoughts Wandering In The Form Of Electromagnetic Signals Towards Us That We Have Lost The ability To Choose What Is Right and What Is Not. We are Constantly Being Bombarded By Breaking News That We Can’t See What Is Behind It.

We Have Also Lost All The Sense Of Morality. The Fear Which Stopped Humans From Killing Each Other In The Past Was The Fear Of God Which Is No More. Humans Were Never Compassionate Species at All . We Have Already Wiped Out Almost Ninety Percent Of Living Species In Few Hundred Years. Infact Millions Of Years ago We Have Hunted Down Other Human Species. We Have History Of Wars Infact Wars are Our Only History. So In Other Words Our History Is The History Of Our Rulers.

The Person Who Fights For Human Rights In The Day Eats The Goat and Chicken In Dinner. So Clearly We are Not The Good Guys and That’s Great Because If We Were Good We Were Dead already. So now Humans are Free To Kill Each Other But They Don’t. They Don’t Even When The Weapons are More Sophisticated and Easily Accessible Now. Still We Don’t Do That Because We are Selfish Beings.

Thanks To Adam Smith and His Capitalistic Ideas,Now Alive Humans are Way More Important Then The Dead People For The Well Being Of Other Human Beings. Before That The Dead and Buried Were Better Because Land Was The Only Source Of Feeding Ourselves and To Get More Of It We Have To Kill Others and Grab It. So We Literally Fought Wars For Lands. We are Still Fighting But Arena Has Changed. Now People Fight With Stocks, Currency, Statistics and Other Tools. They Fight In Three Piece Suits In The Offices Or Blue Coller Shirts In Factories. That’s Better Because It’s Less Violent and Primitive.

But People Outside These Offices are Calling These Guys as Greedy Dogs and Burning Their Offices and Factories By Vandalising Everything. But Nobody Calls It Violent Or Primitive.

There’s No Emotional Support For Human Beings Because Family System Is Collapsed. Alone Man In His Big Flat In a Metropolitan City Has Literally Nobody To Talk. We Have Replaced This Urge Of Being Affectionate and Looking For Companionship With Sex. There’s a Huge Porn Library Available On The Internet. Ninety Percent Of The Internet Traffic Can Be Found On The Porn Websites. Alone Man With No Parents and Family Or Love Can Masturbate and Get Instant Release Of Depomine Which Makes Him Feel Good.

Instant Gratification Is The Supreme Reality. Who Cares about Working Hard To Achieve Something. Everyone Needs Freedom Not The Actual Freedom But The Lawlessness. Everybody Wants To Sit On Home Sofa and Have Fun. What Is The Highest Physical Happiness ? It’s Sex. So You Can Have Sex With anyone Including Your Blood Relatives. That’s Freedom, That’s Their Choice But That’s Inhumane.

Who Need Relationships When You Can Get The Same Thing By A Prostitute Or Porn. Who Needs Love. You Don’t Need a Partner Or Childern In Old-age But You Need Savings. That’s All You Need. That’s The Ultimate Goal. The Goal Is Not To Live But To Survive. Life Is Meaningless. This Philosophy Of Existentialism Has Taken Over The World.

Now A Civilization Which Believes That It’s Existence Is Meaningless Can Easily Destroy Itself Without Any Regrets. That’s Why All The Old Institutions Like Family, Marriage,Love, Buisness, Enterpreneurship, Nationalism, Culture, Philosophy, Religion, Person Wealth and Health etc. Are Collapsing

Why Working So Hard When You Have to Die. There’s No God Who’s Caring about You. Nobody Loves Because Love Is Nothing But a Release Of Harmones. We Just Need Good Food and Clothes and Sex From Our One Night Partners. Who Will Be Giving Birth To The Childern Because Parenting Is Really Demanding. Also Reproducing Which Is Natural According To Even Science Is Anti Women. As I Said We are Dumb These Days.

What Would Be The Result Of all Of This Dumb Shit. The First and The Simple Which We are Seeing Is The Less and Less Inventions. You Must Have Noticed That All The Inventions Of Humanity Were Happens In The Sixteen Hundreds To The Eighteen Hundreds. After That We Have Just Added To It. I Mean, Galileo, Newton, Einstein, Adam Smith and All Great Thinkers Have Already Gone. Nobody Has The Time To Think Now, Because They Have To Post Photos Of Their Food In Social Media.

The Last Big Thing We Invented Was The Internet Whose Principal Was Already Discovered By Nineteenth Century Minds. So We Have Lost The Creativity and The Ability To Excellence already. So There Will Be No Great Men and Women anymore. There Will Be a Time When We Won’t Be able To add Or Innovate To The Existing Body Of Knowledge and That’s Will Be a Real Doomsday

The Another Big Loss Is Aging Population. Because Of The So Called Modern Ideas Very Few Children Will Be Born and People Will Age. So In The Next Century Workforce Will Be Almost Half and Our Species Will Die a Slow Death But It Will Take Hundreds Of Years and We Don’t Have That Much Time. We Have Some Immediate Concerns Rather Than The Symbolism Of Using ‘ She ‘ Whenever Refering a Person Or Human Species.

We Will Lose All The Diversity Of The World Very Soon. All Cultural Practices are Going Extinct Day By Day. People are Forgetting Their Roots For Adapting In a Modern World Which Seems To Be Rational and What Is Rationality ? It Is a Process Of Analysing The Best Option For The Self . Soon There Will Be a Homogeneous Pop Culture Which Will Lack Personalization and Depth. This Will Turn Human Beings Into Just Sexual Beings, Nothing Else.

There Will Be a Whole Generation Suffering From Severe Depression and Other Mental Illnesses. Sucides Will Be a Major Cause Of Eliminating Humanity.

It Will Impact Our Society as In Future There Will Be No Real Society. There Will Be Just a Virtual World. Virtual Reality Doesn’t Need Morality. So There Will Be No Ethical Guidelines. God Is already Dead as Nietzsche Said. Now after The Death Of Very Few Thinking Beings Left In The World We Will Become Machines.

If We Successfully Created a Super Intelligent AI Then Very Soon We Will Be Buried With All Our Great Brains. See,We Humans Have All The Moral Compasses, Religious Guidelines and Simple Human Ethics atleast In The Past and Still What We Have Done This Planet and Our Own Species Is Unforgivable. We Have Done This To Survive. For Instance We Have Killed almost All The Tigers Because They Threatened Us and Know We are Running Campaigns ‘ Save The Tigers ‘ . Save From Whom ? From Us. That’s Laughable But a Fact. Then How Can You Think any AI Without Any Moral Principles Will Not Wipe Out You ? Karma Will Strike Back.

We Have Nuclear Weapons Pointed Out at Each Other. It Will Take Only a Few Minutes To a Mentally Retarded Dictator To Wipe Out Our Civilization By Pressing Few Buttons To Start The Automatic Mechanisms. In Short There Will Be a Killing Spree Machine Switched On and Nobody Will Be Left To Switch Off It.

Just add Asteroid Hitting, Global Warming, Climate Change, Exponentially Increasing Automation Which Will Increase Sucides as People Will Become Jobless,Rise Of a Communist Regime,Few More Pandemics,Lose Of The Ethical Standards, Excessive Materialism and Extremely Sexual Society To The above. Now You Have Too Much Big Filters and I am Damn Sure That Humanity Will Not Be able To Cross Them All. Even If a Single One Of Them Reached Us With It’s Full Potentiality Then All Your Facebook Accounts Will Have No Value Because Nobody Will Like Your Photos Because There Will Be Nobody at All.

I Know That’s a Dooms Day Scenario But Trust Me In Most Of The Cases There are Chances That Humanity Will Be Wipe Out Slowly. It Won’t Be an Apocalyptic Event Like You Have Seen In Movies.

It Will Be A Slow Poisonous Death. Some Countries Like The Western Ones Will Vanished First And Then The Others Will Join Them. Doomsday Will Definitely Not Come Because Of God’s Will But It Will Come Because Of Human Beings.

We Have Reached To The Peak Of Our Life. We Can’t Go Back From Here. Humanity Has Reached The Dead End. Soon after A Few Thousands Years On a Distant Planet a Kid Will ask His Father ‘ are We Alone ‘ ? That’s The Fate Of Every Civilization. But We Can Prevent It By Changing Ourselves.

If It’s Fate Then How It Can Be Prevented ? It’s a Fate Because Things Works In This Way. We Just Have To Tweaked Few Things Here and There and That Kid Would Be Your Grandson and He Will ask His Father ‘ are We Alone, Where Is Grandpa ‘ ? His Father Will Reply That Your Grandpa Is On Earth – The Capital Of This Galactic Empire.

However Extinction Is More Likely. So Now as You Have Reached The Dead End. So Do Whatever You Want. Nothing Can Save You. Let All The Social Institutions Die For Saving The Social Media. Have Sex With anyone and everyone Including Animals. Just Enjoy. Live Your Last Moments To The Fullest. Darkness Is Prevailing and Soon It Will Conquer Everything.

74 thoughts on “The Dead End

  1. This was such a detailed and thoughtful post. You have correctly expressed that we are so engrossed and attracted with the temporary stuffs in life that we totally ignore the future. There is no need for any natural calamity or apocalypse, we are anyways destroying ourselves slowly.

    Very well written.

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  2. Thank you for your insights and your caring enough to share it. I appreciate it very much. Sending you lots of love ❀️

    Liked by 8 people

  3. Thanks for Your Lovely Support πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ€— We are Living The Most Difficult Yet Exciting Times Of Humanity. We are Now Reaching at The End Of The Road Of Destiny.
    Thank You Very Much πŸ€—

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  4. Well, It’s all About The End,So as The End Is Near, EveryOne Is Free To Fulfill Their Last Wishes. Thank You Very Much For Reading Such Deeply and Appreciating πŸ™πŸ€—

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  5. Very thoughtful post. . Every word tells so much truth of current world. The acts that’s being performed will clearly lead to destruction of humans soon. Social Media will be the highlighted one to take us to our end..

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  6. I Think Social Media Is Slowly Killing Our ability to Excellence. It’s Converting Us To a Mediocre Ranting Species. Thank You Very Much For Such a Lovely Appreciation πŸ€—πŸ™β€οΈπŸ™

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  7. I don’t think we will ever know and I think that’s why the universe is so large and designed the way it is. I don’t think we’re meant to find out but space travel would be cool.

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  8. Pankanzy, I feel like I have just been reading an updated version of Dickens’s “A Christmas Carol.” Ebenezer Scrooge asks the Ghost of Christmas Future whether the dire events he has been shown are things that will be or things that can be changed if we change our behavior. it doesn’t sound like you hold out much hope. I doubt if I will be around to see how it plays out, and many things look pretty grim right now, but I have hope for future generations. Many young people are very idealistic and want to make positive changes! All the best! Cheryl

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  9. I Think The Scientific Progress Has Predicted This Situation. Nihilism Is The Rational Way Of Looking at Life. Thanks for Such a Lovely Appreciation πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ™

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  10. Yeah.i think-if all countries may not know this true fact then all civilization will vanished in one century because of their fault not of other is so much serious matter.humans should think on this issue.

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