The Myth of Good Love

First Of All Let’s Think About a Myth. What Is a Myth ? A Myth Is Something Of Which Some People Believe To Be True While Others Don’t. On The Other Hand Facts are always True Wether You Believe Them Or Not.

Now What Is Goodness ? Goodness Is an appropriate Way Of Behaving and Doing Things Which Is acceptable To Most Of The Peoples. That Means Goodness Requires Belief To Be True. Therefore It’s a Myth. It Can’t Exists On Its own. Sun Is Here Wether Humans are Watching It Or Not But God Cannot Be Here If Humans are Not Thinking About It.

Seems Like Oversimplifying. Okay Then Solve This – A Rabbit Ate Newly Born Grass. A Ten Year’s Old African Kid Eats The Rabbit. He Chopped it Into Pieces and Cooked It and ate It. Next Day An African Lion Ate That Kid. He Don’t Cook Him. Next Day A Hunter Kill That Lion and Sell His Flesh So That He Can Feed His Ten Year’s Old Kid Whose Pet Was A Rabbit. Now Tell Me Who’s The Bad Guy Here.

Goodness Is Nothing But The Framework Of Your Mind Made By All Peoples You Know Other Than You. You Judge a Person By Putting His Actions Into This Framework and Conclude That The Person Is Good Or Bad. In Reality There’s a Nothing Like Goodness Exists, It’s Always More Badness Or Lesser Badness. Trust Me Whole Human History Is Like That. It’s Always Bad. Humans Have Done Nothing Ever To Be Classify as a Good Naturally. The Amount Of Goodness Depends On The Version Of History You’re Reading.

All Human History, Economics and Society Revolves around Three Things – Blood,Money and Sex. Seems Over The Top Or Extreme But That’s The Reality. Let Me Tell You How. Let’s Examine Our History and Other Things One By One.

When You Read History, What Is That All About ? About Dates Of Conquering Each Other’s Territories By Kings ? How They Conquer It ? By Drinking Blood Of Their Armies. The Blood Was Wasted, Wether On The Winner’s Side Or The Loser’s Side. Oh Man ! They Were Fighting For Their Countries. It’s Called Patriotism. But There were No Countries Two Hundred Years ago. There Were Kingdoms and The Person Whose Blood Was Pouring Out Was A Hired Professional By a King. Now Tell Me a Single Good Thing About That. Human Life Was Nothing But a Property Of a King. It Was Cheap. Now You Can Celebrate Those Victories As Memorial Days Because You Haven’t Gave a Single Droplet Of Blood. It’s Laughable But It’s True That We Celebrate and Justify These Wars On The Basis Of Morality.

Now Some Love Stories. A King Wages a War On a Neighborhood Territory. To Prevent The War The King Of a Neighborhood Territory Married His Daughter To That King. The War Was Prevented. This King Was already Married. That Girl Was His Hundredth Wife. That’s It. Now Try To Find Some Love In It.

In Reality There’s No Love Existed Ever Between a Man and Woman Throughout Human History. It Don’t Exists Even Now. Yes, It’s Bitter But True. It Was and Is always About Sex, Reproduction and Companionship. Nothing Else. This Love Is a Very New Phenomenon Generated By Market Forces and Romantic Comedies. It’s All About Glorification Of Your Sexual Activities. All Of Love Stories You Remembered are Actually False Memories. All Of them Were Fiction. Romeo and Juliet and Others are Actually Fictions.

We Humans Can’t Live are Life In a Casual Way So We Always Want Something Bigger and Larger Than Life. We Have Invented So Much For Satisfying That Urge. We Invented Morality, Patriotism and Other Norms. Love Is One Of Them. Goodness Is One Of Them.

Today Sex Is Become a Secondary Aspect But It’s Still There. No Woman Will Ever Love a Man Without Anything Just To The Fact That He Loves Her. The Eligibilities are That He Must Be Handsome,Rich Or Atleast Earning Better, Socially Skilled and Not Boring. He Must Be Good In Bed. While For Woman, She Must Be Beautiful, Weak and That’s It. No Matter How Bad It Sounds But It’s a Fact Of Evolution.

The Divorce Cases and Breakups Justify Those Facts. It’s Not Bad Either. No Matter It Seems To You But Facts Don’t Care About Your Beliefs. Evolution Had Done That.

We are Not The Descendants Of The Cavemen Who Painted Those Caves. They Never Had a Chance To Reproduce. We Were Born To Violent Hunters,Who Earn Food and In Return Get Women. Therefore Society Was Polygamous at That Time. Nobody Cares about The Legitimacy. After Agriculture Revolutions The Institutions Of Family and Kinship Started. It Was Good For Securing The Food.

Love Is Not Something Transcendental at All. If It Is So Then It Must Be All Pervasive. It Must Be Common For all Species But It’s Not. If It’s So Great Then If Generated In anyone Then He Or She Should Become a New Person all Together and Will Be In Love With Everyone around Him. You Hate Your Boss, Your Job, Your Government, Your Parents, Your Life and Still In Love With a Single Human Being and That Too Only For Being What He Or She Is. Now That’s What Be Call a Myth. Love In Such a Hateful Heart.

There’s an African Proverb That Until The Lion Got His Own Story tellers, History Will Always Glorify The Hunter.

So If You’re Single Then Don’t Be Sad Because You are Somehow Similiar To The Failed Caveman Who Painted The Wall. In The Long Run You Will Be Appreciated By The Descendents Of The Badass Hunters For Whom Goodness Is a Fantasy and Love Is a Covering Of Lust. From Your Perspective Goodness Is a Fact and Love Is a Transcendental Experience. In Reality Goodness Is a Myth and Love Is an Evolutionary Term For Covering The Real Truths.

55 thoughts on “The Myth of Good Love

  1. I Think Goodness and Evil Both are The Different Sides of the Same Coin. Thank You Very Much For Appreciating πŸ€—πŸ™πŸ™


  2. Myth is surrounding us, wrapping us ,and moreover engulfing us. The problem is we are not ready to know the reality. The hidden thoughts, fears, ideologies, all are leading us to this. But you said very well______'”It Can’t Exists On Its own. Sun Is Here Whether Humans are Watching It Or Not But God Cannot Be Here If Humans are Not Thinking About It.”

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  3. I Think We Humans Love Making Myths. Myths Needs Beliefs To Exist. If Nobody Believes It’s a Fantasy. Thank You Very Much For Appreciating πŸ€—

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  4. The African,his kid and his pet story is not related from love but based on a days,revenge is some love affairs.perhaps a most revolutionary post on Love which is written by you beautifully.

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  5. These days, days where men and women are so confused, the more we educate that love is action and a choice. The more men and women will stop to think about and see love as a fairytale and unicorns.

    Sex is part of our expression as individuals, part of maintaining our specie alive. So what w need the most, is education for subjects and give people the right tools to have healthy lives.

    Have a lovely weekend!

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  6. You are so right, every word. Is there any way we can change and evolve and become good? Be love, show love, share love? Your work is refreshing and true. Thank you. I am sending you love but you might not believe in its existence. smiley face.

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  7. I Don’t Think There’s anyway For Being Good Because Idea Of Goodness Is Our Own Invention. There’s Nothing Exists as Goodness Or Evil In Nature. Everything Is Existing and Is Under No Moral Obligations. Love Is Same. It’s Our Own Invention. Thanks For Agreeing and Liking. That’s The Love I Can Believe. You Liked The Idea. That’s Itself a Part Of Love. Agreeing With Each Other’s Ideas Is also a Form Of Love. Thank You Very Much For Appreciating and Loving πŸ€—πŸ™

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