From Buddha To Hitler

Why Are You Still Alive ? why You Were Born In The First Place ? Why This World Came Into Being ? What’s The Point In Living In This World Which Is Metastable On a Point Next To Hell. A Sudden Push and It Will Be Hell. There are Billions Of Living Beings Who Had Already Done Which You Will End Up Doing Your Entire Lifespan i.e. Eating, Earning, Excreting, Reproducing and Dying. Your Whole Existence Is a Trap and There’s No Way To Know About It and Get Rid Of It. That’s Why You Unconsciously Create a Subjective Reality and Start Enjoying Being Trapped In This Web Of Existence. It’s The Same Enjoyment That a Dog Gets In a Bone. There’s Nothing To Chew, Therefore It Eats It’s Own Flesh Of Mouth, It’s Own Saliva and Blood But Thinks That The Pleasure Is Coming Out Of The Bone.

That’s Why When You Become More Intelligent The World Becomes More and More Sad and Boring. When You Got Fully Awaken The World Becomes Futile. That’s Why Low IQ Guys are Always Happier Than a Highly Intelligent Being Because Dogs Can Even Enjoy It’s Own Shit But Humans Don’t. It’s The Point Where All The Humanity Divided Into Two Classes, Sorry Marx But It’s Inevitable. Only Few Of The Billions Of Living Beings are Able To Know That It’s a Trap.

So What’s The Way Out ? If You Think Life Is Futile Then Why are You Living It In The First Place. The Clear Answer Is That You Were Born. That’s It. Not Much Explanations are Needed. Life Is Meaningless Naturally. It’s Absurd. But We Humans are Very Good In The art Of Fooling. We Are Fooling Ourselves From Generations. We Derive Meaningfulness From Everything Which Is Meaningless Inherently. Somebody Is Living For His Family. Somebody Is Living For His Nation. Somebody Is Living For Humanity and Even For God. I Mean Seriously. How Can You Live For a Being Which Had Already Planned Your Death. Moreover He Had already Made It Inevitable. There’s No Escape From It.

Then There are Beings Who are Suffering From The Nostalgia Of The Future. Yes It’s an Incurable Disease Yet Very Common. These People Often Say That Oneday Everyone Will Remember Them After Their Death. Their Name Will Be Eternal. They Will Do Something That Humanity Will Remember Eternally. They Will Do Something For The Betterment Of Humanity . You Know What, It’s A Joke.

Firstly Humanity Itself Is Not Eternal and Considering Today’s Standards It Will Not Be Able To Survive For a Century. It’s True That This Material Existence Is Mortal. It’s Nothing But A Bubble In The Vast Cosmos. So There’s No Way To Exist With It. Then Comes Your Mind, Your Thoughts, Your Values and Everything Else. They Can Survive After Your Death But They Will Not Be Yours Anymore. They Were Never Belonged To You In The First Place. You Acquired Them Through Your Senses From The World Around You. That’s Why Nothing Like Timelessness Or Forever Exists. Because a Value Which Was True Few Hundred Years Ago Is Now a Waste Of Time. That’s Why all The Religions are Facing Hard Times These Days. They Were Good But Few Hundred Years Ago,Now They’re Nothing. People Can’t Use Orkut These Days. But Strangely People Use Thousands of Years Old Religious Values To Cut Each Other’s Throats. As I Said We Can Derive Meaningfulness From anything Which Is Meaningless.

Man You’re an Idiot. Do You Remember Buddha ? See How His Name Is Being Remembered By Millions Of People Till Now. That’s What I Want. I Want To Do Something Like That. I Mean It’s Amazing, They Say. It’s Amazing That Alongside Buddha I Can Remember Hitler Too. They Both are Alive In The Same Brain Of Mine. Then Why Buddha Is Better ? I Mean If Being Remembered Is a Great Thing Then Hitler Is also a Great Man Because Millions Of People Also Remembers Him. It’s Funny And Strange But It’s a Fact. History Or To Be Precise Humanity Don’t Discriminate Between Good Or Bad. It Only Remember The One Who Was Different. Who Have Done Something That Nobody Have Done Before Him.

The Buddha You Think About

It’s Not The Same Buddha Who Was There Under The Bodhi Tree That Night. It’s The Buddha Which Is Told To You By Others. Millions Of Buddhas are Combined Within This Name. Everyone Has His Own Buddha. So Buddha Ceases To Exist At The Time Of Nirvana. It’s Your Version Of The Buddha Which Exists In Your Mind. It Doesn’t Matter This Kind Of Buddha Exists For Billions Of Years Because It’s Not The Buddha anymore. Same Is True For Hitler Or Einstein Or Mahatma Gandhi Or Anyone You Can Remember Today.

Also Likewise The Art Of Fooling We Have also Developed The Art Of Forgetting. We Always Remember What We Want To and Forget Which We Don’t Want. We Don’t Remember The Flaws Of Great Beings and Goodness Of The Evil Beings. No One Today Remeber That Buddha Was Anti Women. Yes, It’s a Fact. Buddha Never Wanted Women To Joined The Monkhood. He Thought That Women are impure and They Will Destroy His All Monk Values. It Was His Disciple Ananda Who Convinced Him To Incorporate Women In His Dhamma – The Order.

The Real Buddha

Nobody Remembers That Hitler Was One Of The Most Patriotic Leader Ever Existed. He Taught His Loser Nation How To Stand up And Fight Again. It Was Friend Nations Who Deserted Germany In Which The Cactus Named Hitler Eventually Grow In The Backdrop Of World War I . Yes It’s True That This Can’t Justify Killings Of Millions Of Innocent People But This Can Justify That Nothing Is Purely Evil Or Good. It Can Justify That Our Memory Is Nothing But a Perception Of Things. All Of Our History Is Just a Perspective.

Hidden Flaws Of Great Beings Like Mahatma Gandhi’s Sex Life and Political Blunders,Karl Marx’s Adultery, Michael Jackson’s Obsession Of Being White and Violence Done By Mohammad Are Never Being Remembered. Mohammad Fought Wars His Entire Life To Spread The Religion Of Peace. It’s Bitter Irony But It’s a Fact…and I am Sorry For That.

A Man Without Flaws Ceases To Be A Man and It’s True For Women also Incase You’re Obsessed With Feminism. Sorry For Laughing. So Everything You Remembered About These Great Or Evil Peoples are Nothing But The Abstract Ideas About What They Should Be. So Their Real Values,Ideas, Principles and Thoughts Which Was a Part Of Their Existence Is Gone along Them. They’re Dead. Nobody Had Survived. No Buddha,No Hitler Or Any other Had Survived. There’s No Way To Survive After Death.

This Idea Of Being Remembered Comes From Mankind’s Eternal Wish To Be Immortal. We Never Want To Die. This Is The Root Cause Of All The Religions and Probably God. We Want a Meaningful Life Because We Don’t Want To Die Just Like That. But It’s A Futile Exercise Because The Universe Itself Is Mortal. It Was Born and It Will Die,So Did We. Who Will Cry When You Die Is a Flawed Idea. It Is Equally Flawed Idea as The Idea Of Being Good.

Man Now You’re Crossing Your Limits. How Can The Idea Of Being Good Can Be Flawed ? Well It’s Flawed Because It’s Abstract and Have No Meaning. There are Seven Billion Human Being In The World. Ask Everyone and Not a Single One Will Tell You That He Or She Is Bad. Even If He Has Done Something Bad Then They Will Tell You Why They Did It.They Were Forced To Do It Either Externally Or Due To Internal Factors. Yet There’s Evil Everywhere In The World.Bad Things are Happening Every Moment. So If Everyone’s Good Then Why Bad Things are Happening ? Is Everyone Wrong Even About Themselves ? Then Who’s Right ? Or The Idea Of Being Good Itself Is Wrong ?

So,Here You’re. Trapped In a Rocky Planet. Suffering With Existential Crisis. Trapped In The Wheel Of Life Which Ultimately Don’t Have Any Role In The Huge Melodrama Of The Cosmos. You Want To Play an Important Role,You Want To Be The Universe Itself. You Don’t Want To Die. Therefore You Give a Label and Meaning To Everything, Just To Make It Comprehensive. You Are Fooling The Cosmos With Maths But Universe Is Not Under any Obligation To Follow Your Mathematics. You Will Die The Very Moment When You’re Physically Dead, Your Soul Will Not Carry The Burden Of Your Name and Thoughts With It. Your Name Will We Wiped Out From The Memories Of Your Loved Ones. In The Long Run Your Name Will Ceases To Be You.

So,Next Time When You Try To Fool Yourself That You Will Change The World and Whole Humanity Will Remember You Then Try To Remember The Man Who Discover Fire Or Invented The Wheel. Those Were Men Who Really Changed The World Yet Nobody Remembers Them.

Please Remember That Buddha Has Said That There’s No Need Of God and People Make Him God. Reality Is Dark and If You Don’t Like It Then You are Free To Create Your Own Subjective Reality. Elon Musk Is Right, There’s a Seven Billion Percent Chance That We are Living In Simulation. Sorry For Laughing….

38 thoughts on “From Buddha To Hitler

  1. “That’s Why When You Become More Intelligent The World Becomes More and More Sad and Boring.” This is the exact fact. I too interpret that in this way. The exemplification of Buddha and Hitler in this context is apt. Both are remembered by people because they were sure about their aim of life, their intention and the way of harmony in their existence. Though Hitler was named a tyrant dictator, there are write-ups saying the sane part of Hitler’s deeds and the impact of his plan on humanity. Both of them found the essence of their identity as superior and remained unchanged without listening to others. Good ending. Human beings are the root cause of creating and recreating identity for a person. They make the legends, gave immortality and power. Well said πŸ€©πŸ‘πŸ’―

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  2. Yes,I Think Nature Doesn’t Discriminate Between Good and Bad. It Only Remembers The winners. Both Hitler And Buddha Had a Place In History Of Mankind. Thank You Very Much For Such a Deep Analysis πŸ™πŸ€—πŸ€—

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  3. Interesting thoughts as always, Pankanzy. I disagree with your fatalism but you certainly know how to get the brain functioning full throttle. Of course, we only exist on this planet for a finite number of years, but we should make the most of those years. I agree we humans are fallible creatures. There is a constant war between the urges of the body and the perceptions of the mind in people who want to do good. I hold simplistic views of good and evil. Good is enhancing the quality of life, Evil is destroying the quality of life. Nice post.

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  4. Well, I Think Reality Is A Little Bit Pessimistic. We Have Limited Days With Very Limited Control Over Circumstances. We Can’t Make Most Of Life Because We Can’t Have Everything We Want. Contentment Is The Only Way. Also All The Goods and Bads Make No Sense For The Nature. Nature Or Existence Don’t Discriminate Between Good and Bad. Anything Which Destroy Is Always Not Bad For Instance The Asteroid That Wiped Out Dinosaurs. It’s Vague But Fact. There are Many Things Which are Enhancing Our Life Experience and at The Same Time They’re Destroying Us. I Think Good and Evil Both are The Different Sides of the Same Coin. Thank You Very Much For Such a Deep Analysis and Encouraging Appreciation πŸ€—πŸ™.

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  5. Followed your blog for such future posts. BTW I have started blogging recently. And I would be glad if you can visit my blog and give your genuine feedback on my content too. If you like my posts then please consider following.

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  6. Every para is different from one another but carries a paramount of a varicious facts ..Amazing post. Never get bored of reading your post. Waiting for your new post✨😎😎😎

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  7. I don’t think Buddha intended this interpretation of the meaning of life: Buddha exemplified quietude, contemplation and an examination of the soul. I seriously worry about you – the way you begin every word in upper case and your constant diatribe against those things which are. It is a peculiar kind of hubris that holds itself above those who would love you, and save you if they could. Not everyone is gifted with great intellect, and misused, intellect is a force for evil. That is the true bequest of Hitler to his minions of a hundred years, of Stalin, of Genghis Khan, of Pinochet…

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  8. I Think Nobody Knows What Buddha Wants To Tell About The Meaning Of Life Other Then Buddha Himself and That’s The Whole Point Because Your Buddha Is Different From Mine and They Both are Versions Of Buddha, Not actual Buddha. Actuall Buddha Had Died. That’s What I Am Trying To Say That Nothing Remains Here Permanently.
    Thanks For Such Love and Caring πŸ™πŸ™

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  9. Sorry If It Hurts You But It Was Niether About Buddha Nor about Hitler. It’s about The Stupidity Of The Idea Of being Remembered. Thank You Very Much For Reading and Analysing πŸ™πŸ€—

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  10. Thank You Very Much For Appreciating πŸ™. Thank You Very Much from the deepest Core Of My Heart πŸ™β€οΈ. You can Reblog Any Of Those. It Will Be an Honour πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ€—


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