When I Met Her I Was Just Seventeen!

I Saw Her First Time at Funeral of Her Husband. I Was Just Seventeen Then & She Was The Most Adorable Woman In Our Locality.Unfortunately Her Husband Was An Army Officer & Later A Martyr. At That Time She Was In Her Early Thirties.Her Eyes Were Gloomy & Lips were Like Flowers.

But The Most Adorable Things Were Her Breast & Butts. Yeah For Me As A Teenager Those are Only Things Which Matters . I Was Only In Search Of a Glorious Hole. For Me at That Time Nothing Matters.No Age, Religion ,Nationality & Cast Barriers Were Existing For Me at That Time.The Only Borderline Was Clitoris. I Was A North Indian Guy & It Is One of The Most Sexually Repressed Society In The World Till Now. For Me At That Time Don’t Even Looks Matters. The Only Thing I Need A Welcoming Woman,So That I Can Tell Stories Of My Masculinity To My Friends. She Was The Perfect Choice Because She Was Characterless.

Yes, That’s What My Mom & All The Elderly Women In Our Locality Says. Because She Was Modern.She Wore Sexy Outfits. Even after Becoming a Widow She Continues Her Lifestyle. She Was Full Of Life .She Was an Independent ,Modern & Sweet Talking Woman.Being Modern Woman In Indian Society Is Equally Painful Like Being Born as an Upper Cast Brahmin. Everybody Will Blame You To Be What You are. It’s Same Envy Like Which Was For Jews In The Nazi Rule.

I Started Loving Her although She Was Almost Twice My Age But as I Said No Barriers & Love & Lust Had Same Meaning For Me At That Time. So as a Perfect Hunter I First Put The Trap. I Started To Casually Traveling Around Her Home To Get Noticed. After a Few Days When I Was Passing Through Her Home She Calls Me By My Name & Asked Me To Fetch Some Bread From The Local Mom & Pop Shop. After That I Often Visit Her Home To Help In Her Household Work However My Mom Didn’t Like That.

So All Of My Planning Were Fruitful. She Had Great Trust On Me. She Started To Call On My Home Landline Number as There are No Smartphones at That Time. She Started Taking Care of Me.Sometimes She Even Cooked for Me. After Few Months I Was Spending Half Of The Day At Her Home Helping Her In Household Chores.

So After Sometime,On a Normal Evening I Just Got Horny So I Kicked My Bike,Went To Her Home, Smashed The Door & Called Her By Name.She Was Coming Down From The Stairs .”I Love You “,I Shouted. ” I Love You Too Poor Baby”,She Replied Laughingly. For Me It Was A Welcome Signal. However Things Don’t Progressed That Day.

One Day I Was Quarrelling With Neighbor Guys & As Expected They Were Beating Me. Suddenly From Nowhere She Came & Rescued Me . I Was Fallen On The Ground. My Head Was In Her Lap & She Was Shouting on The Kids” How Dare You To Touch My Son,I Will Call The Police.He Is My Son”. What Was That. I Was So Close To Her Glorious Hole & Then? I Was Ashamed Of Myself. Suddenly a Sense Of Guilt arise in Me.

After That I Stopped Going To Her Home. I Wasn’t able To Look In Her Eyes. After Few Days I Leave The City For Education Purposes.
One day I Received a Telegram Of My Father To Come Back Urgently. When I Came Back Nobody Was There at My Home. Someone Told Me That Everyone Was at The Home of That Widow. She Was Dead .She Have Done Sucide . She Hanged Herself.A Letter In Which She Wrote ” I Am Fed Of My Life So I am Ending It. All The Money & Wealth I Have Will Be Taken Care By My Only Child” & My Name Was Written On That,Was Lying On The Table.

I Was Crying & Crying . Nothing Else. Nobody Tried To Stop Me Because I Had Lost My Mother. For The Lady Whom I Lust For Was Gone Forever. I Was Ashamed . I Was Guilty.She Was Pure & Alive.

She Was A Philosophy In Herself.She Was Pure Love & I Was Muddled Headed Being. I Will Never Be able To Understand Her. Because Nobody Can Ever Understand What Love Is. You Can Fall In Love But You Can’t Explain How It Feels. She Was Mother For Sure But I Wasn’t Her Son.

Life Is Not Always But You Think ,It Has More Deeper & Darken Meanings. The Way You Think Things are Is Actually Your Perceptions. It Doesn’t Means That Things are Actually Same As You Think About Them.Nothing In This Existence Is In Your Hand, Neither Your Birth,Nor Your Death,Not Even Life Events.Absolutely Nothing.

She Was Love & I Am Lust.She Was Joyful Soul & I am A Six Inches Piece Of Flesh. She Is Eternally Alive & I am Already Dead.She Was The Brighter Shade Of Existence & I Am The Darkest Being.

55 thoughts on “When I Met Her I Was Just Seventeen!

  1. Thank You Very Much For Such a Lovely Appreciation. Yeah It’s Dark But For Me Darkness Is Deepness. It’s One Of The Darkest Relationships Young People Have In The Very Beginning of The Life Which Gives the Direction To Their Lives

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  2. Wonderful way you have put it.Teenagers think nothing but sex,and age of the opposite gender doesn’t matter.Great relief that it’s a fiction,but things can be real in real life.Life sucks most of the times.!
    “The tragedy of life is what dies inside a man while he lives”.
    Albert Schwietzer

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  3. Yeah, Sometimes I Think That Life Itself Is a Fictional Story Which We Experience as Reality Because We Ourselves are Fictional Characters & Somebody Is Reading Our Stories In a Book Written Beyond Space & Time.
    Thanks For Such a Lovely Appreciation….!!!!!!πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—

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  4. Thank You Very Much For Your Appreciation. I’m Really Glad That You Find it Realistic, However I Don’t Wish It To Be True In anyway Because In a Way It Represents The Darkest Corner of Human Desires

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  5. I’m glad this is fiction! Our imaginations, thoughts and feelings can go so deep, bottomless really, but keep going till you run into the light! There is light that will bring sense to all of it.

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  6. It’s so raw and on the face. Beautifully penned, great story teller you are! You raised many imp issues through the story,the plight of young widows in our society, the repressed sexuality ( which is the cause of rapes and sexual assault) and unrequited love! Beautiful work!

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