How To ‘Rest In Peace’ ?

Yeah, You Read It Right. Maybe It Sounds Negative Or Pessimistic to You & You May Have already Heard Of Being Positive Million Times But For all Practical Reasons,Do You Think It’s Possible ?

The Answer Is No & Even If You Try, You Will Look Like a Mentally Sick Person. Because Positive Thinking & Feeling Is a Myth. It’s a Half Hearted Philosophical Concept Which Is Almost Impossible To Implement.
Believe Me Negativity Is Not The Opposite Of Positivity But It’s Creator.In Our Daily Lives We Observe That It’s Easy To Cry Again & Again Because Of The Same Reason But We Can’t Laugh On Same Joke Again & Again. So Think Beyond All Goody Goody Words. so Let’s Talk about Some Really Important Stuff Here.

So ,What are You Doing Here alive?What are You Searching For In This World ? Your Reply Will Be Happiness & Pleasure But I Remind You That There’s Huge Difference Between Pleasure & Happiness. It’s Happiness You are Longing For,Not The Pleasure. It’s Peace You are Looking For,Not Fun.

Life Is The Desert, Which Seems To Be a See Due To Mirage Effect. Nobody Knows Wether It’s Sand Or Water. The Way Into It Is Full Of Hot Burning Sun & Burning Feet. It Has Turns But No Cool Shade. Traveller Which is Walking Is Constantly Walking . There’s Nobody Who Can Tell Him That It’s Unending One Way In This Desert.All Smaller Ways Ended In Bigger Roads.

He Should Know That What He Is Searching Is Not In The World It’s Within Himself. All Answers Lies Within. All Pleasures are Strangers But Peace Is His Own. He Can’t See This Reality Because Is Eyes Are Full of Dreams, Perceptions & Ambitions.He Is Running Constantly Behind Them Despite of Burning Feet & Head But It Never Ends.

There are Millions & Millions of Travellers Who Died In This Vastly Vast Desert.Yet Billions are Running & Billions are Yet To Join. Nobody Knows Where It’s Ending But Everyone Is Running. Nobody Is Enough Experienced To Tell Others That It’s Unending Because Nobody Has Found It’s End Yet.

You & I Both Are Traveling Through This Desert & I am Lacking Behind Because I Know The Reality. I Know That All Of My Dreams Are Nothing But a Mirage So I Stopped Myself.

You Will Be In The State of Constant Running. You Will Run Behind New Toys, Latest Editions of Marvel.You Will Race To Come First In The Class,Get Most Sexy Girlfriend & Earn Billion Dollars. You Will Be Worried about Your Marriage, Your Businesses, Your Jobs, Your Children’s Schooling,Their Careers & Their Marriages & If Things Goes Well Then You Will Be Worried about Your Grandchild’s Marriage. You Will Always In a State of Assumptions & Confusion.

If You are Virgin Then You Will Assume That Sex Will Make You Happy,If You are Poor Then You Will Think That Money Will Make You Happy & So On..

You See It Never Ends. This Game Of Perceptions Will Make You alive & Tired at The Same Time. Your Feet Will Burn & Ultimately Your Will To Live Will Die One day .

You Will Be The Same as The Dog Of Your Street. He Is Chewing The Bone. It’s His Own Blood By Which His Mouth Is Filled. There’s No Flesh In The Bone. But He Is Still Assuming It & Craving For It Like You.

There are Billions around You Who Think Themselves as Special. There are Billions Who Have Everything Which You Have Dreamed of But Still They are Not Happy.

There are Billions Who are Having Sex With Beautiful Women & Handsome Hunks Right Now. Millions of People are Manipulating The Stock Markets & Earning Billions Right Now. So What’s The Difference. If They Will Got The Happiness,They Will Be Satisfied and Will Stop Doing All This. But ‘No’ Nobody Stops. This Eternally Self Fueled Engine Of Desires Never Run Out of Fuel. Eventually You Will Run Out Of Fuel.

On The Other Hand I Will Be Happier Than You. I Will Not Have That Money Or Luxurious Lifestyle. I Will Not Have Beautiful Women & Huge Crowd Applauding Me But Still I Will Be More Happier. I Will Be At least Out Of This Bloody Rat Race.

So How To Take Rest & Be Happy. In Other Words How To Be Like Me. The Way Is Simple, Actually Simpler Then The Word Simple. It’s Just “Give Up“. Give Up Every Dream & Ambition. Give Up Every Identity & Ideology You Have Learned,It’s all Fake. Give Up All The Mental Layers Of Clothes of Perceptions. But Never Give Up Your Physical Belongings.

Just Be Naked In Your Mental Arena. Face Your Self,Naked, Completely Naked. Be The Diogenes & Defeat Alexander The Great Who Was Actually a Fool. You Know The Rest Of The Story.

Drop Your Assumptions & Perceptions about Happiness & You Will Be Happy Instantly. Learning about Chemical Compositions Of Water Doesn’t Fullfil Your Thirst But You actually Have to Drink It. Reading Sensual Books, Watching Porn Will Not Satisfy Your Urges. It Will Enhance Only ,So Eventually You Have To Indulge Yourself In Love Making To Satisfy Yourself.

So Just Give Up All The Brighter Gimmicks & Just Come Close to Darkness. Stop Running Behind Your Mental Corporate Goals. It’s Not The Ambitions all The Time, Sometimes You Need Relief also.

I Welcome You To This Death. This Death Of The Inner Dog. The End Of all Cravings.Just Give Up all Hopes. Just Stop Once. Stop In This Desert. It’s Not Profitable To Run Here. It’s a Mirage. There’s No Water Here. So Stop. Stop Right Now. Take Some Rest. Give Up all Sources of Pleasures. Pleasure Is Not Happiness. Just Take Some Rest. Rest In The Darkness. Rest In Peace.


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  1. Extraordinary post !!!
    Attractive title !!!
    Amazingly fine content !!!
    Thanks for sharing this

    “Nobody Is Enough Experienced To Tell Others That It’s Unending Because Nobody Has Found It’s End Yet.”💯💯💯💯💯💯
    Keep sharing 💙

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