The Anti Hero

How Many Of You Have Heard The International Hit Song of Ed Sheeran ‘ Shape Of You’ . Its The Most Truthful Song of Humanity .It Marks The End Of an Older Phase of Human History & Beginning of a New Kind Of Human Civilization. I Mean Like Really. How a Song Can Be Judged For analysis of Human Civilization ? That’s How.

It’s The First Time That The Idea Which Is Not Heroic at all Gained So Much acceptance.There Is No Such Big Thing Like Love Of The Soul or Behavior Or anything Which is Larger Then Life Here. It’s Simply To Be In Love With Body Which Was a Sin Few Decades Ago. It’s The Acceptance of Truth. The Era of Larger Then Life Heroes Is Gone. No More Big Idealistic Morals. No More Fear Of Supernatural Existences. Just Body ,No Mind,No Values & No Soul Off Course. I Call It as ‘ The Porn Era‘ , Because Porn Is The Greatest Consumed Thing In This Era & Greatest Source Of Pleasure Like Blood Was In The Previous Eras .

Some Major Characteristics of This Era are :-

  • No Value of Human Emotions.
  • No Value of Silence & Intellect.
  • Line Between Aesthetics & Obscenity Is Gone
  • Line Between Individuality & Society Is Erased
  • The Only Progress Shown Is In the Field Technology.
  • Animal Self Of Peoples are Connected Through Social Media But No Connection To The Real Self Being.
  • People are Almost Dumb,They Can Be Easily Manipulated.
  • People are Always in Hurry & They Only See Short Term Benefits Rather Then Long Term Losses.
  • If a Person Is Good For Financial Reasons Then He Or She Is Good For Everything .
  • No Value Of Interpersonal Relationships.
  • The Environment Is Noisy While People are Alone .

So , If You are The Person Who Have The Heroic Larger Then Life Ideals,Values & Self Control Then You Can’t Survive This Phase Which Could Be The Last Phase Of Human History.While If You are Villainious & Want To Destroy The Whole World Then You Are Too Late Because You are Still Thinking & World already Had Nuclear Arsenal For That.So Don’t Worry World Will Destroy Itself In The Near Future.

So No Matter What Kind Of A Person You are This Era Is Not Easy . So Here it is A Quick Philosophy & Its Practical Deduction Which Help You In Surviving Gracefully. It’s Quick Because as I Mentioned People are Always In Hurry In This Era.

So If You Can’t renounce The Old Good Way Of Thinking In Black & White Then you are In Trouble. There Is No Black & No White Infact Gray Is The Colour Of The Season & We already Have Fifty Shades of Gray. We Don’t Have Heroes But we Don’t Have Villains Also. The Only Character of The Legend of This Existence Which Is Surviving Is ‘The Anti Hero‘.

So It’s The Philosophy of Anti Hero For Survival. The Anti Hero Is The Protagonist of The Story Who Doesn’t Have anything Heroic In Him Like Millions Infact Billions of Us But What Makes Him Different Is That He Does Heroic Things. So If You Want To Be The Anti Hero & Survive in This Porn Era With all Of Your Ideals, Here’s The Philosophical Manual For That.

So The First Thing Is Just Be Selfish , Do It For Yourself Not For Anybody Else Because In This Era of Physical Metaphysics Only Thing Which Matter Is Pleasure. Nobody Will Ever Remember You Even You Give Your Entire Life For Them Even If You Are Not alive At The Time When Your Grandchildren Will Born Then Your Grandchildren Will Not Be Able To know Who Were Their Grandparents & They Will Look on Google For Knowing Their “Heritage” . So Everything You Experience When You are Alive Will End When You Die. So Don’t Go With The Heroic Idea Of Changing The World Forever or Make Your Name Eternal. It’s Not Going To Work Now.

Let Me Cite You an Example , Try To Answer This What Was The Name Of Your Great Grandpa Or Who Was The Man Who Invented Android. Please Don’t Google Them.

Next Thing Is That An Anti Hero Doesn’t Discriminate In The Means Of Achieving Goals. The Way Is Not Important Than Destination. When You Achieved Something Nobody Is Gonna Ask You , How You Did That.So If You Want To Do Good Things By Being Bad Then Go For It. For Instance If You are Fighting For Your Country In War Zone Then Killing Other Enemies Is Not a Sin & Believe It Or Not Life Is The Biggest War Zone.

There Is Nothing Like Absolute Here. If A Thing Existing Here Then It Must Have an Different Meaning For Different People & Their Times . It’s all Relative. A Nude Model In The Painting Class Is Beautiful While The Same Nude Woman In The Street Is Vulgar. A Thing That Is Good For You Maybe Hazardous To Others. So You Have To Choose Between More Evil or Lesser Evil Or Positively In Greater Good or Smaller Good.

Always Keep Calm ,Crack Jokes & Have Fun. Please Don’t Take Life So Much Seriously Because It Doesn’t Take Seriously You Also. Just Chill Dude. Just Be Yourself. If You Only Want Sex In Relationship Then Its Okay , At least Accept That. If You Are Hardworking But Only For Yourself & Your Family Then It’s Not Bad at all. If you are Not A Politician Then Don’t Care For Society at All , Infact Even Politicians Don’t Care For That. If You Believe In God Then Please Don’t Fight For It Because You are Too Small & God Don’t Even Bother about You.

Like I Always Said We are On One Of Seven Billion Human Beings On a Small Planet Which Is One Of The Eight Planets Revolving around A Small Star Who Is at The Ending Edge Of a Star Group Called Galaxy Which Is One Of The Five Hundred Millions Which are Themselves is A Fraction Of Global Cluster. This Cluster Is Next to Nothing In The Supercluster Which is Exactly Nothing In The Observable Universe and Universe Can Be Billion Times Larger Than We Can Observe Infact There Can Billions of Universes According To Quantum Mechanics.

So Don’t Feel Depressed . Just Enjoy Your Very Existence. Don’t Be a Hero Because You Can’t Bear The Moral Weight of The Entire Existence. Don’t Judge Things as Right Or Wrong Because That’s The Way Things are. They Are Neither Wrong or Right , It’s All About Your Perception.

If You Want To Give Meaning To Your Life Then Divide Life Itself In Different Aspects & Set Goals For Each Of Them Because Life Is Multi Dimensional. A Good Lawyer May Not Be Necessarily a Good Husband . A Good Looking Girl May Not Be an Instagram Star. So Try To Enjoy Every Aspect of Life. Don’t Try To Be a Good Person at All. Try To Be a Person Who Does Good For All.

Finally It’s Your Life. Choose Your Character Wisely In This Saga Of Existence Till The Universe Doesn’t Reach It’s Ultimate Darkness.

40 thoughts on “The Anti Hero

  1. I think we need to have a balance in life, yes self-love and knowing who you are as an individual is important, but it’s important because of all the things we do have a direct impact on the world around us. Being self-aware helps us be empathetic, kind, and compassionate individuals who want to make an impact and difference in the world. The sad is true with any else in the morning including technology because again everything we put out there effects others as could be positive or negative, the choice is up to you.

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  2. Thank you Very Much For Indepth Analysis & Encouraging Appreciation However I Don’t Feel That an Individual Can Make Impact On Whole World & If He Does It, It’s Impermanent .

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  3. You’re very welcome. I guess on this one, I’ll have to agree to disagree. I know it’s litterally the whole world, but I believe we can inspire each other to make a difference, granted I know that not all will choose to add a positive contribution towards the world, but I know I’ve had others come to me and tell me that certain things I’ve said or done made a difference to them in their life or day in some way or anther and I believe that the more that are willing to put that sort of positivity into the world, every little bit makes a difference.

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  4. You made many interesting points in your writing – my favourite in your bullet-point–list is “The Environment Is Noisy While People Are Alone” although it is sad that this is so. Overall your post seemed like reading poetry. It’s very deep in many places but there are moments of light and irony. I enjoyed a chuckle at the space-man with his feet up even though there is a serious interpretation to obtain from that moment also. I’ll hope to read more here another day soon, thanks for writing.

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  5. Good morning dear,

    I have nominated you for the โ€œLovely Solidarity Blogger Awardโ€, Please accept it and nominated others for this beautiful award. Bring dynamics stage of developmental process to all.


    Thank you so much for sharing your time for doing it.

    Pardon me for causing inconvenience .

    Best regards

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  6. O ๐Ÿ˜ฎ what an absorbing article.
    I totally agree with you we are living in the era of the anti hero. I have started to admire him since late in movies and in real life.
    Porn era also , yes ! I salute your observation .
    Dude just chill! I have adopted this motto and way of life.
    I am at peace with the porn world ๐ŸŒŽ

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  7. Thought provoking read.True we have to live our lives in our own style,but unfortunately we are not allowed so by the so called society.
    I just donโ€™t care ….stuff mostly not helping.Nobody cares anybody is true but somewhere we survive because of the interdependence.
    Even if one wants to be good or bad,the society is not allowing to be so.
    Crazy world indeed! And let us accept we are helpless.

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  8. I am a new reader to your blog and this is the first blog I am reading and seriously, I just loved it, all of it…can’t tell you how happy I felt reading it…it was so connecting!
    Just a question, why does every word is capitalized? Like is it your unique way of writing something?

    Actually doesn’t matter because at the end of it, I felt so satisfied reading it…๐Ÿ˜‡๐Ÿ˜‡๐Ÿ˜‡

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  9. Actually Capitalization Of Everything Makes It Beautiful, Important & Eye Catching. It’s Nothing Like Writing Style Or Something But It Enhance Visual Effect Of Words, That’s What I Think….!!!!
    Thank You Very Much For Giving Your Precious Time & Sharing Your Views…!!!

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  10. A) I believe every individual makes a difference
    B) I have little confidence in the millenial generation as a while as true survivalists
    C) earth will survive however it can
    D) The final nail in the coffin for life continuing peaceably lies in the cutting of ties with our past as a society. Because one generation chooses to idolize and perpetuate ideas and ideoligies of the past, another sees the only resolution to be erasure of this past. But if one is to not repeat past errors, they must remember all of the past, both good and bad. One cannot learn from what they refuse to look at and are therefore destined to go down a similar, if not the same, path.
    E) Our existence is but a small cog in the mechanism of eternity.
    Love and Light to you, my friend. Donโ€™t stop trying…

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  11. This Post just hold my hand tight, I guess sometimes only reality makes you step forward than anything else… thanks for sharing dear…Have a good day.

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  12. At least you are not didactic and hypocrite, we are in a world where only anti-heroes can survive in oppose to lofty Greek heroes. Great perspective Pankaj!

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