Relativity Of Life

Do You Sometimes Think That Life is Just Miserable,And why the Whole System of the world is Like This and things are Not going in Your Favour.Infact it Is such Bullying Systems of Life that When You Comes Close to the Goal ,Ways to Achieve it Are Changed.You Have Studied a Lesson from textbook and It was out of the Syllabus for Exams ,The Girl Who Was Your Crush Is Shifting to a New House,Million miles Away From Your Neighborhood,The Qualification You have Is not Applicable To Your Desired Profession,Or Milk Is Just Boiled Because Your Phone Rings,You were consistantly Observing It and At Last Moment Phone Rang and Shit Happened,Why Life Suck ? I Mean Suck yea Only Suck and Not The Other Rhyming Word.

I have an Answer,Yea I Am Just Next To einstein, Because He Also Give us theory of Relativity and Don’t Tell that What the Suck We Have to Do With It,Or Deal With It,I am also Going To tell The Reason But After Reading This Your Life Will Still Suck,Even Mine Is Sucking,And I Mean Sucking Not The Other Rhyming Word.

So the Reason For All of These Shitty Coincidents Is Relativity.Yea,Off course, Science and Philosophy Also Suck Each Others Areas Sometimes,And I Literally Mean Sucking.

Every Thing Is Relative In This Physical and Meta physical Universe.Everything Is Relative To Time and Time Is Relative To Space and Space is Relative To Time,So if You are Reading this At Home at particular moment of time Then It will affect You,If Read this Same Blog At diffrent place or Diffrent time,The effect will be Diffrent.What the Suck,Am I sounding Eintsane,Yea Then Coming to The Common way,All Your Values Are Relative.It is like Sub atomic particles Which is Now here at the moment can be at Millions of Light years Away at The Very Next Moment,Or even in the fraction of Same Moment.

So You See If the electrons Are Not Stable,Then God Knows about Chapatis You are Eating In Your Breakfast which were Cooked On Last Night,Or To hell with Kim Jong UN’s Nuclear Plans.Same Is True For The Butterfly Effect,One plus One Is Two But if You Have Two Girlfriends at Same Time Then It Can Be Minus Zero.

If A Poor Guy,Read only One Lesson And Achieve Highest Grade ,It Means That Only Lesson He Read Was Asked in Exams.So it’s Not his Fault Not Yours.And You are getting Depressed That’s Your Fault. Did You Know That To be Successful in any Profession You Need The Ability To Manipulate Others.It Means That You Have to Be greedy,Selfish, Opportunist and The Bad one .So All Good Angles And Avtar Messengers of God’s Grace were Lying To Us that Be Good And Be Successful, actually No.

They Were Right At there Time And Place Not Nowhere I mean Now Here. Expecting life To Be Good To you because You Are Good Is Same Like Expecting Hungry Lion Not To Kill You Because You Are Vegetarian.You are Not He.Today The Most Nicest Guy Didn’t Get The Most Beautiful Girl,But Cleverest One.Rules Have Changed,Values Have,Changed, Times Have Changed, Nothing Here Is Forever Not Even Truth.Truth Is Also Relative To Observer

For Instance,You Got a Disease,And The Doctor said It is Incurable,Remember Only for Instance But Some Other Doctor Cure It,So was the First Doctor Lying ,No It was Not Curable By Him but The Specialist Can Do it so both are True Relative To Situations.

If you Don’t Understand This Then Don’t Give A Suck and I mean The Other Word here If You Kill A person,You Will be Hanged, But If You Kill same person in Self Defence then You will be Free,Even Court Understand This Relativity Of Life Situations.What The Hell You are Doing Guys.

So Next Time When You Have To Decide on Something Don’t Judge it Through Your Past Perspectives and Ideas,Make it Situationally.And Don’t expect People To behave The You Want, Because Even Electrons Which Have Planck Lengths are Doing what they Want,Then what About Six Feet long human beings.Be Free,Have Fun,Always Do Something New In Your Life Because Even The Pioneer Philosopher Lord Krishna Have already said That Nothing Is Permanent, Don’t Give A Suck .

You Are Nothing in the game of Cosmos ,so Just Enjoy and Do What Is the Need Of Hour and Don’t Give A shit To all Of the Above.

Just Continues in the Dark…..

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