The Post Truth Era

The Pain of existence is the most Scary and terrible pain and it is Inevitable,If You exists then Sufferings too,If you Don’t then No sufferings. That’s The Vicious Cycle,In Which we Put our Dreams, Imaginations and Ambitions Just to Beautify it.The Only thing We need To remember about ourselves is Death and Nothing else.

So if Pain is inevitable so Is The Joys of Life. There’s No way to Dodge All the Happiness of Life.You can Make hundreds of Sad Faces Still Smile will Find it’s way.The only thing You Need to remember About Yourself is that You’re Alive and Nothing Else.

So if both are true Situations and are Existing at the same Space-Time Vector Plane then what You will choose,Off course Happiness.Then Why People are Crying since the Emergence of The New Phenomenon called Post Truth.

This Phenomenon is Marked by Winning of Donald Trump in The USA and Shifting of India to the Right side of Political Paradigm.So The Right is On the Roar.

Hahahaha haha,Come on Losers,Our Time Has Come Now.

The Roar of The Right Wing has Emerged from the cries of the Failures in Life, The people Who are broken, Absolutely broken in Various Dimensions of Life,They Lost their battle against superimposed Idealism, Liberalism and so called Goody-Goody Values of Life.The Cries Of That Boy Next Door,Who is Too Sophisticated To Do flirt,Is Now Roaring In the Voice of So Called Hindu Armies ,The Cries of that Naïve Boy Who Didn’t Get a Job is Resulting in the Sudden Rise of Entrepreneurship,The Cries of The Father Who lost his Son in Riots Is Now Combined With Hindu Nationalism Outrages.The Man Who didn’t Get Government Job,Due To Minority Appeasement And Reservation Is Bouncing Back.The Girl Who Didn’t Get opportunity To explore herself as She Was always Viewed As Sexual Object and Her Freedom Is Considered only by her ability to do Adultery is Now Identify Herself with her Traditional Roots.Overall After The Big Bang of Modern Values Now The World is Getting Back To it’s Roots.

Back to basics

So Don’t worry The Time of Loser’s Has Come,They Will take Their Revenge.All The So Called Brighter And Heroic Side Of Humanity Will Be Pushed Back To the Eternally Peaceful, Villainous And Dark Side


People who Take Selfie in their bathrooms,Who Make Videos Of Rapes on the Streets,Who Fight For Seats in Public Transports,Who Leave Their Parents in old age homes, Women Who Choose the Partners By Their Bank Balances,Teenage Girls,Who Got Abortion before the Weddings, People Who Laugh on A common Traditional Boy, Children Who Watch Porn, Officials Who Take Bribes, Opportunists Who Have SWiss Bank Accounts,So Called Leftist Trade Unions Who Don’t Want to Work,People Who Make Fun Of Theism, and The People Who Enjoy Wines in Air-conditioned Halls and Decide The Fate of Nations Should Be Ready. It’s Payback Time.

The Law Of The Darwin Will Not Work Any More Because Human World will be No more Like A Jungle In Just Few Years .The Whole World Is Shifting To Wealth Creating, Conservative, Traditional and Religious Side of The Paradigms.The Pain of Billions Of People Who were Suffocated By the Idealism of Only Few Hundreds of Liberal Has Now Become the Roar.So Now The Humanity is Going Towards Right Rightly. It is Back to the Basics Now.

Now Just Beware Of The Dark.Dark is Now on The Roar and It’s Journey Continues

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