Meet The Devil

The Time has come now. Sometimes it’s good to be bad

Are you completely messed up with your life?Now you have Left alone with No hope?Did your closest friends or girlfriend or Boyfriend ditched you?Does your parents are always worry about your future?Is the World bullying you? You’re not able to find any love,Goal, Meaning in Your life? You’re not able to get jobs or good bosses.There are Million Types of Problems and only One Solution is To Be A Demon , The Rakshas and you will solve almost ninety percent of your problems of your Day to Day life. When there is No light take refuge in dark, The dark is more peaceful and eternal.

All of our problems in daily life whether related to social , personal , Professional or Spiritual life arises from weaknesses of mind. We always Have an Unconscious belief in the Western idea of competition and Darwin’s law of The Survival of the fitesst. This is the law of jungle where everything is close to nature, Calm and working with the law of Nature. Believe me this whole idea will not work in Today’s metropolitan megacities because it is a far far more dangerous place than jungle. It is a jungle of concrete and has no sign of life in it.So you have to be something more than Animals or Machines, You have To be the Dark face of humanity which is actually not dark , The Rakshas.

The etymology of Word rakshas is Derived from the Verb Raksha means ‘to protect’ in Sanskrit Means the Rakshas aur Rakshak are both have same meaning of ‘the one Who protect’ . There are people in this World who are making the life of normal people hell by creating and winning the competition by God Gifted methods. And the Good one which is actually believed to be Bad is Actually left behind. So you have to protect yourself and your belongings From these so called Devtas .

So You have to be rakshas which is not a different Race or caste or some filthy beings as some Priests have Derived from our Ancient Scriptures. They are actually the rebellious people who refused to take refuge in what was said by the winners to them and as I mentioned in earlier articles the history is written by so called heroes . So don’t misunderstand it with the stereotypes shown in TV serials etc.

Now you have to understand philosophy behind it.First of all we have both devil and angle qualities within ourselves.

So to be a Devil first You have to be Materialistic. Materialism is not newly created outcome of science but it can be traced from ancient History of Indian Culture Like in charvak Philosophy. You have to reject everything which was given to you from the society. You have to simply believe in law of cause and effect Nothing else.

So the law of cause and effect reject the very idea of Atheism because if this creation exists then creator must be. If you can’t believe then watch a ceiling fan in your home running in full speed . It seems that it has no feathers just a round circulation and moreover the joints which connect feathers and main body seems to be invisible or non existent but they are as we all know it. So in this expanding universe how you can see the connections at the speed of light but they are.

Secondly you have to live for yourself and give up all that shitty moral lessons taught to the kids. If anyone is hurting you hurt him even more cruelly. Just give up the weaknesses given by morality. Remember Ashoka’s example who choose morality and lose his kingdom.

Thirdly you have to believe that there is No gain Without Pain. So our main objective should be to enhance pleasure and avoid pain as maximum as we can.

You have to be like Lion just absolutely have no weakness. Your appearance should genrate curiosity between your lovers and fear among your Haters.

Just be in the place where you are . Forget what is your Past and Shut up all the Fictional movies of future running in the mind. Just be powerful man. You aren’t a part of Universe you are the Universe itself and all universal laws are subjective to change with time. So forget what you have lost and focus on what you can get. So here are Some tips to be the Rakshas.

  • Start it on very next morning . See yourself in the mirror and Say I am going to rule now.
  • Always wear proper and nice cloths and a wrist watch. Give up your fussy pair of jeans and T-shirt.You are not a kid Now.

  • Never Tell your weakness to even closest person . We all have weakness but we are now pretending to be strong like Ravana.
  • We Selfish first. You are not here to service others but to rule others.
  • Start some entrepreneurial task and continue it with your jobs for economics of life. This will raise your self confidence and who knows you could be the next Bill gates .
  • Always be on the right side of the political Spectrum because it supports individuality.
  • Have some religious symbols in your look. this will make others believe that you are not just the guy next door but you have Some depth.
  • Believe in the badness of humanity. Not all people are good enough. You know what I mean.
  • Join a Gym
  • Learn a Musical Instrument , it will enhance your creativity
  • Listen to good music and give up shitty bollywood masala movies. Have delicious food and try to surround yourself with beautiful women and men after all you are here to enjoy.
  • Just be strong enough to be a great rakshas till your journey to the dark Continues…..

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