The Legend Of Villains

Yea, off course the Title sounds ridiculous because we have become addicted in searching ourselves in the heroic legends. But the concept of duality is inevitable. There was so called villainous powers were always present in existence from the very beginning.Just in one trillion portion of a second after Big Bang every particle of Matter was destroyed by Anti-Matter but a simple particle stayed here and create the unimaginably big Universe in the moment of creation. Today more than 90 percent of universe is nothing but The Dark energy.The darkness was always there,an eternal zero, eternal Peace.The darkness is still here and will be here even after many Googol years from now.

So , the Anti energy is always there ,it is in our daily life too . It is a part of our psyche . If you hold a cute peigon in your hands you have two equal energies flowing in your mind,one is to crush that and one is to love ,if they neutralize each other then you will leave the peigon alive or otherwise you will kill the peigon.

We have two types of people in the world. One are liberal ,fun loving ,extroverts, mischievous, adventurous,sexually attractive,hard working, atheists,have good body,and basically antisocial and flamboyant. These are considered as heroes in our society. They are the people who don’t care basically. They don’t have deepness in their thought process and therefore no depth in life.They just eat, drink make marry or compete in a cut throat competition.They live for themselves only and pretend to be living for others.They are basically selfi people.If you think I am partial then watch all movies of bollywood especially in of 90’s . And look at childhood experience of neighbouring kids. If a kid is flamboyant,active and have cute look then he will we loved by whole neighborhood otherwise he will be called ‘coward’.

Now the other kind of people who are traditional, religious,law followers,fatty or thin,Shy,Introverts,dark,deep thinkers and conservatives are considered as Villains of society especially in socialist societies like ours,where being rich is a crime or being religious is a crime. If you become a wealthy person by creating wealth for you and society through innovation like Tatas and Ambani families for example then you will be enemy of every single person of this country. The whole media,The whole population will see you as a thief who is enjoying their wealth, I mean it’s so funny , not.

If you have ‘Tilak’ on forehead or topi on head you will be considered as Anti- modernist. If you give respect to Women on the streets,buses and other public places,then everyone including women themselves will look upon you as a weak and feminine person.

This whole world is always enjoyed by those so called heroes or bright Villains which results in extremely difficult conditions for existence of Mankind.That’s why we are losing.

The whole world loves the Left ideological perspective and is fed by the Right-winger wealth creators. That’s the dillema of humanity.

Everyone considered Buddha,Jesus, Krishna,Osho ,Adam smith and many more who left unknown in the history made by so called heroes of world, as Villains in their lifetimes. Even many of them were crucified, poisoned and hanged till death.But now they are being worshipped, because the world is so selfish that it want you to fulfill it’s craving even you are dead .

In our mythology also,Rama is considered as Hero and Ravana as Villains, Duryodhana as a Villain and Pandvas as heroes.Ravana was A rich educated, Well cultured,A good administrator,a Priest,a good musician Scholar and poet.The only sin he had done is taking the revenge of the insult of his Own sister. He was also great lover who give up his everything just to get the women he love I mean Sita.On the other hand Rama didn’t Trust his own wife.Nothing needs to be said more about this. Now Duryodhan was the sinner Because he took revenge of his own insult.I mean our all mythology , history , Sociology,and politics are Just fill with the praise of Winners, wether they were right or wrong,facts will be created to justify their immoral acts.

And know coming back to today’s Scenario. Now take an example that You are 20 and a good , deep, polite and studios boy.

Now what will you face in life is going to crush your ego.You Will never have any love relationship because you are too boring.Your parents will be worrying for your future because you’re not so clever , cunning and Street smart to survive. You will have very few friends and very few contacts in your phone book. And if you failed in exams or not able to get a job then,then all hell break loose,you will be killed, yes from inside. You individuality will be crushed.

After some time you will start feeling yourself as a failure. And if you don’t commit suicide till three to five years you will be the roast of yourself. You will be wicked,will be able not only to get jobs but to be an entrepreneur,will be strong and also inhuman. You will have all the things that you don’t have in yesteryears. But you will feel empty and pained because this is not what you are . This is not your actual being. And by this time you will be the Best Villain.

So you was a Villain and will be a Villain. You will be a object of hatered ,first for being weak and then for being strong. This is Today’s era My friends.

Remember the Dark knight trililogy , that’s what Joker want to understand by Batman and the Batman failed to realize this bitter reality that he is a Villain not a hero because heroes are always bad and he was a noble but not acceptable as hero because he will not fall in the logical category of so called heroes. He failed , Joker failed to teach him and they both died . Like the way Socrates was poisoned,Jesus were crucified,Mansoor was Stoned to death.

That’s why I always believe that you should never show your Good side to the world in order to survive.

Have depth in life but never show it .You must be six feet under above and below.

Let’s learn all that from our mythology, History, economics, politics to be the Villain.

Because Darkness is eternal and our journey to the dark Continues…..

7 thoughts on “The Legend Of Villains

  1. You know the best part about your post is the pictures that added. They really sum up the story. They were so collective and different to each other.
    Very nice post๐Ÿ‘Œ

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