That Hooded Girl In The Woods

I Was Driving Back To My Hometown Delhi That Day. It Was a Lazy Saturday Afternoon. I Was In Really Good Mood. My Wife Called Me Yesterday . She Told Me That I’m going to Be a Father Very Soon. It Was a Really Special Feeling. I always Wanted a Cute Baby Girl.

After Driving For a While I Was Feeling a Bit Sleepy. Suddenly Out Of Nowhere a Girl Of Early Twenties Maybe Jumped In Front of My Car .

” If You Want To Die, Go Elsewhere ” I Shouted. ” Can You Give Me Lift To Delhi ! Please Please”. I Look at Her From Top To Bottom. Her Cloths Were Strange Especially That Hoodie Jacket. They Were Really Weird. I Don’t Know Why There Was Not Even a Tiny Bit Of Lust Generated In Me. I Was a Playboy Kind Of Man Before Marriage. It Was The Ideal Situation For It. Almost Empty Road,Young Girl,Beautiful Evening. But My Lust Was Evaporated From My Mind.

Anyway, I Decided To Help Her. She Sit Just Next To Me. It Seems Like She Just Wanted To Talk.

” So,Why are You In So Much Hurry That You Risked Your Life Just To Get Lift. Is This about Your Boyfriend Or Something . ” I asked Naughtily .

” It’s about My Father. I am an Physicist and My Father Had a Car Accident. I am Here To Save Him “

” oh Come On. You are Not a Physician But a Physicist. Instead Of It You Should Call Somebody else already There To Help Him. If You Don’t Mind Use My Phone and Call Your Mother Or Somebody else “

” We Don’t Use Mobile Phones. It’s an Old Technology. I Have an Inbuilt Chip In My Ear To Call. “

” What ! “

” Relax ! Just Joking “

” Your Father Had an Accident and You are Joking “

” Do You Believe In Luck,Destiny Or Free Will and Karma “

” What’s The Relevance ? “

“Please Tell Me Na! Please, Please ! Please ! ” She Forced Me In The Girly Style.

” Whatever! I Always Believe In Destiny. Everything Is Pre Planned. Man Cannot Change Anything. Anything Which Has To Happen ,Will Happen Anyway. Luck Is a Major Factor In Man’s Success and Failure. A Good Fortune Is a Must For Success. You Have To Be at The Right Place at The Right Time To Succeed. Free Will Is an Illusion ” I Replied

” Well, I Don’t Believe In That. I Think If a Person Wants To Achieve Something Whole Heattedly Then Sooner or Later He Will Get That . Man Is always Free To Choose. “

” Read The Bhishma Parva Of Mahabharata. It Clearly States That Luck and Hardwork Exists Side By Side. Nobody Can Choose Freely Because We Make Choices By Using Our Prior Knowledge Which We Gain Through Experiences. So We Make Choices By Our Perception, Hence No Free Will “. I answered.

” I Don’t Read Mythology, I am a Science Gal First Of all “. She Was a Little Bit Of Annoyed.

” Well In Science Too. There’s No Way To Change Anything. The Future Predicted By Scientific Methods Is Really Dark . We aren’t Even a Speck of Dust In This Grand Scheme Of Things. ” I Explained to Her

” You Can’t Change Things Even By Time Travel. The Grandfather Paradox, You See. Even In The Quantum Mechanics, The Multiverse Theory Shows The Deterministic Nature of Universe. Everything We Think Of,Is Already Happening Somewhere In Some Other Universe. ” I added

She Laughed and Laughed and Laughed and Then Suddenly Stops. She Was a Little Bit More Weirdo Than My Wife.

” You are Wrong about Multiverse Theory. Infact Multiverse Theory Is Wrong. The Thing Which Never Came In to Being Materially, Can’t Affect The Material Universe.

Time Is Tricky

Infact The Right Version Is That When The Observer Makes a Choice,The Other Option Simply Cease to Exist. So If I Change Things a Little Here and There For My Father Then He Won’t Die Because His Death Situation Will Never Come In to Being. This Universe Is Made Of Matter and Energy and It Don’t Care about Probabilities. It’s Just Man’s Arrogance To Think That His Choices Infact Create Universes

I Was Fed Of It,So I Changed The Topic.

” Have We already Met Somewhere You Don’t Seem Like a Stranger”

Her Eyes Got Bigger and She Said ” You Know I Never Expected Such a Hookup Line From You. You already Had a Wife. You’re Too Much Philosophical, I Don’t Know Why Your Wife Choose You. You’re Like Me and I Hate Myself “.

She Almost Scolded Me and I Was Shocked Because There are Only Four Women In a Man’s Life Who Can Scold Him – His Mother, Girlfriend, Wife and Little Daughter. It Seems Like That She Think She Had a Right On Me.

” Wait a Minute, How The Hell You Know That I am Married, I Haven’t Told You Yet “

” Well ! You Look Like That ” She Smiled Strangely

” What Exactly Happened To Your Father “

” He Was Driving Alone On The Empty Road and I Don’t Know. Later The Police Said That Maybe He Fall asleep and a Loded Truck Had Hit Him. ”

” That’s Really Sad,I’m Sorry. We are Just Two Kilometers Away From Delhi,Now You Can Save Your Father “

I’ve already Saved Him,Stop The Car Right Now “

” But We are Just a Few Kilometers away “

” I said Stop It Right Now “

I Stopped The Car. She Jumped Out Of It and Ran Back To The Woods.

Suddenly I saw a Paper Was There On The Seat. It Was a Photograph . It Was a Photograph Of Me and My Wife. A Caption “ Dear Dad and Mum ” Was Written On It.

I Was Trembling. My Hands Were Shaking. The Photograph Fell Down From My Hands. I Was Sweating. My Eyes Were Closing. I Had Lost Control Of My Senses.

Suddenly Out Of Nowhere a Loded Truck Hit My Car. A Huge Noise. Deep Darkness. No Sound, No Thought. Nothing Happened. Nothing Ever Happened After That. My Body Was Lying There and Wasn’t In It . I Was Nowhere .

There Was a Sarcastic Smile On My Dead Face. I Wanted To Tell My Daughter That She Was Wrong. Nothing Can Be Changed in This Universe. Anything Which Destined To Happen,Will Happen. Nobody Can’t Stop That. Nobody Can Change Nothing. The River Of Life Flows Uninterruptedly . A Small Pebble Can’t Stop Or Turn The Direction Of This Huge River.

This Endless Cycle Of Life and Death Will Continue Forever and Forever Don’t Have Any Meaning For It. It Is Beyond Space and Time. Anyone Who’s Born Is Bound To Die and Die at The Pre Planned Time and Place. Death Don’t Care about Relationships. In The End,Humans are Helpless and The Existence Is Dark. Darkness Is Forever, If Forever Has any Meaning.

Darkness Is Forever

75 thoughts on “That Hooded Girl In The Woods

  1. Wow !!!! Wow !!!wow !!! Here comes my favorite writer ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
    Nailed it againโคโคโคโค

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  2. Absolutely wonderful, very engaging, insightful and intriguing.. well written. Beyond the concept of reality, beyond words, reality just is.. infinite and ever changing.. โค๐Ÿ™

    Liked by 3 people

  3. I love your writing. I didnโ€™t know where this story was going and it surprised me very much. I like that. Lots of love and many hugsโค๏ธโค๏ธ

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  4. Wow…nice story narration, explaining the difference between your philosophy and physics…Hats off to your imagination. It reminded me of sixth Sense in the middle and the conclusion was just awesome. Nicely scripted…

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  5. Thank You Very Much for appreciating ๐Ÿ™. I Think After a Certain Level, Physics and Philosophy Merge With Each other. Thank You Very Much ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿค—

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