Get Crooked Or Get Chopped

नाऽत्यन्तं सरलैर्भाव्यं गत्वा पश्य वनस्थलीम्।
छिद्यन्ते सरलास्तत्र कुब्जास्तिष्ठन्ति पादपा:।।

A Person Should Not Be Too Much Simple. It Can Be Seen In The Forest That Straight Trees Easily Get Chopped While The Crooked ones Remain Intact.

– Chankaya Neeti

Do You Think Life Is Unfair ? Do You Think Life Gives Everything To The Bad Guys ? Do You Think Life Is Doing Injustice With You ? Do You Think You Can Make a Better World If You Have The Capabilities To Do So ? Sorry To Say This But You are Nothing But a Fool. You are an Optimistic Mistake Of This Pessimistic World. The World Is Technically Perfect and You and I ,We Both are Deeply Flawed.

The World Is Not Unfair But You Have Perceived It Wrongly. Life Originated In Water. It Is Still Same As Water Qualitatively. Put The Water In The Beaker and It Will Become Beaker, Put It In The Glass and It Will Be The Glass. Put It In The Wine and It Will Become Wine and Put It In The Syrup and It Will Become The Syrup. Life Don’t Have any Rules Or Moral Obligations. Those Rules are Framed By We The Humans.

Life Never Favour Anyone On The Basis Of Goodness and It Never Reject Anyone On The Basis Of Evilness. It Has a Thumb Rule. The Rule Of Cause and Effect. If You Create The Cause,The Effect Will Follow.

Why Do You Think Humanity Is Successful Then Other Species ? We Weren’t Powerful Or Super Intelligent But We were Essentially Selfish. We Were The Bad Guys. We Were Not The Heroes But We are The Villans and Still We are. From The Beginning We Were Selfish, Curious and Expansionists. That’s Why We are Here. We Never Satisfied With What We Have. We are Greedy. We are The Most Violent Species Even More Than Carnivorous Ones. We Kill For Pleasure and Not For Food. We are Not The Descendants Of The Cave Painter But The Hunter.

Our Fathers Were Hunters and Not Painters

So Essentially If You Think That Life Is Doing Is Injustice With You Because You are Good Then You are Very Much Wrong. It Was Always Like That. The System Of Existence Doesn’t Hear The Voice Of Those Who are On The Side Of Truth, Justice Or Good But It Is Always On The Side Of The Doer,The Hardworking,The Powerful and The Thinker. If You are Complaining Because You are Not Able To Drink Water Of Life Then My Friend Sea Of The Pure Water Of Life Is Always There. You Need To Get a Glass Instead Of Complaining To The Sea.

So Essentially You’re Not Good But Naive. You Don’t Know How To Make Things Work Your Way.

So Stop Complaining But Change Your Way Of Looking at Things. Here are Few Basic Things You Have To Change In Your Thinking To Survive This Jungle. Please Remember These Ideas Before Judging Things and Doing Good For Others. Otherwise You Will Be Used as a Tool and Your Goodness Or Novelty Will Become a Curse. So Here We Go

Nobody Is a Victim

A Poor Man Was Sleeping On A Bus Stop In Winters. It Was a Rush Hour. A Man In a Car Passes By. He Felt Little Bit Guilty,So He Throw a Hundred Bucks Note Towards Him. After That a Bus Passed From There. A Middle Class Boy Felt Disappointed. He Started Thinking About The Government and The Rich Who Have Too Much. He Started Cursing The Injustice Of The World.

Ganja Can Make Your Dreams Come True

A Poor Begger Girl Was Sitting Nearby. As The Bus Went She Tried To Pick Those Hundred Bucks. Suddenly That Poor Man Woke Up and Started Beating The Girl. He Abused Her. After That With That Hundred Bucks,He Bought His Ganja Or Weed. After Taking It He Went To His Job Of Picking Pockets. Accidentally He Picked The Pocket Of The Same Guy Who Was In Bus. He Fucked a Cheap Prostitute and Have Some Cheap Wine and Slept On The Same Bus Stop. Next Day Police Was Waking Him Up. Now Who Is The Real Victim. Who Is The Bad Guy. Always Look Beyond. Never Take Anything On Face Value.

Choose The Real Needy

One Day Me and My Colleague Were Eating Our Lunch In a Park. We Have Few Chapatis and Sabzi. Suddenly Out Of Nowhere A Monkey Came. My Colleague Was About To Give a Chapati To That Monkey,I Threw a Stone at That Monkey. He Shouted at Me. “We Should Help The Needy. These Poor Monkeys Can’t Speak While We Can Earn Our Food and Eat and Speak. How Heartless You are ” He Said. ” These are Monkeys and Not The Cows ” I Replied Smilingly and Seated Myself Little Far Away and Took My Lunch Box With Me.

He Threw A Chapati For The Monkey. In a Few Minutes That Place Was Filled With Monkeys. They Snatched All His Chapatis and Threw His Sabzi. They Were Fighting With Each Other For Chapatis. That Peaceful Park Was Turned Into a Battlefield. My Colleague Ran From There. In The End I Shared My Food With Him. Helping Others Is Good But You Have To Choose Whom You Should Help. Not Everyone Deserves Help.

Most of The Humans are Still Animals

Last Week I Read a Headline In a Very Known Newspaper. It Was About a Rape Case. A Twenty One Years Old Boy Raped His Own Real Mother and Kill Her In a Southern State Of India. I Was Shocked. So I Go Deeper and Read The Complete News. The Boy’s Father Died Last Year. After That His Mother Started To Have Sexual Relationships With Various Men Of Neighborhood Including Him. He and His Mother Were Having Sex With Consent of Each Other.

But He Wanted His Mother Not To Have Sex With Other Men But Only With Him. But His Mother Refused and That’s Why He Did This. Now Find a Little Humane Thing In This Case. In This Scenerio Niether The Victim Nor The Murderer Were Humans In The Moral Sense.

Darwin Is Boring But Better Than The Romantic Movies

Why Women Always Choose The Bad Guys Or Rich Guys ? It’s a Daunting Question For The Good Guys. We All See In Movies That Women Choose Good Guys In Movies and Not The Rich Ones. Although The Heroes In These Movies are More Handsome Than The Villans. But That Has Nothing To Do With It. All These Movies are Part Of a Propoganda To Sell You an Idea Of Romance. It Has Nothing To Do With Love.

The Ship Will Sink In The End

In Real Life However,Women Always Choose,The More Handsome, More Sexier and Rich Guy Over a Good Guy. It’s Just Because Of Darwin’s theory. In All The Species Males Have To Fight To Reproduce. They Have To Seduce or Woo The Females.

As We Know That Humans are Essentially Animals With Little bit Of Moral Twists,They Have To Follow The Same Law. It Doesn’t Matter How Much Immoral It Looks. In Other Spieces Physical Power Or Beauty Is The Criteria. Lions Have Muscles and Hairs, Peacock Have Feathers While Rhinos Have Horns. What Human Males Have ? They Have Money. Money Offers The Security For The Woman and Her Child Like The Muscles Offers This In The Animal Kingdom.

So Give Up All The Expectations You Have From Your Partner and Start Making Money.

Life Is a Jungle. A Jungle Is Jungle,No Matter It Is Made Of Wood Or Concrete. The Law Of Jungle Is Essentially The Same. It’s Not About Animals But Trees Themselves. A Crooked Tree Has More Chances Of Surviving Then a Long Straight Tree.

To Survive This You Have To Be a Little bit Crooked. You Need To Have Little Bit Of Impurities. No Jewelery Can Be Made Of Pure Gold Because Pure Gold Is Too Soft. The Goldsmith Adds Little Bit Impurities Like Copper To Make It Harder. You Have To Be Hard. You Have To Be Selfish. Instead Of Complaining About Things You Should Be Manipulating Things. Be The Glass Or Someone Else Will Make You His Glass and Drink The Water Of Life Through You. Your Thirst Will Never Be Satisfied. You Will Be Chopped.

Remember These Things. It Is a Short Survival Guide In The Morden World.

  • Be Selfish. You Exist, That’s Why World Exist.
  • Don’t Believe In Divisions Of Good and. They Both are One
  • Humans are Animals, Untill or Unless God Takeover.
  • Lust and Violence are Bad But Essential.
  • History Don’t Remember Those Who Were On The Side Of Truth But It Remembers The Winners Only.
  • You are Not Guilty For Others Suffering at All.
  • There’s Nothing Black and White, It’s always Gray.
  • There’s No Oppressors and The Oppresed. There are No Victims. There are Just Failures and Successes.
  • Your Good Is Not Everyone’s Good.
  • If You Help Everyone Then Nobody Will Help You.
  • Stop Thinking Larger-than-life Stories.

It Sounds Pessimistic But That’s The Reality. Nobody Can Escape Reality. Reality Is Dark and Darkness Is Eternal.

54 thoughts on “Get Crooked Or Get Chopped

  1. You are my favorite blogger !!! Hands down the best !!!
    Bookmarked this post ❤❤❤ finally something practical instead of all the cliché motivation

    Liked by 5 people

  2. Nicely written with all stories and links to prove the point,.Yes it’s true i always agree with your posts.Only thing is that we are fed too much positive unreal stuff to come to face with reality is difficult.

    Liked by 4 people

  3. I Think We Have To Accept The Dark Realities Of Our Existence,So That We Can Stop The Internal War Within Ourselves. Thank You Very Much For Such a Lovely Appreciation 🙏🤗

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  4. Totally agree not everyone deserves help even though they look needy.
    And Charles Darwin’s soul must be tossing and turning in his grave. What a comparison. Ha ha ha.

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  5. There is actually evidence that humans are naturally helpful. Very young children, like six months old, prefer those who help over those who hurt. Evolutionary psychologists think this is because humans can’t survive without helping one another. Human’s can’t survive alone. So that’s hopeful.

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  6. Well, That’s Not Because Of The Helpful Nature. That Is Because Of Groups. Humans are Living In Groups For Thousand Years. Many Animals Like Dogs and Elephants Live Like That. The Outsiders Get Chopped. That’s a Necessity For Survival.
    Thanks for Reading and Analysing 🙏🤗

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  7. To come up with such a dark message must mean you are also in a dark place, to see the light in people is a much better talent, when you can see the light in yourself and not be in a constant dark place only then you will see the light in others, that being said writers of horror movies such as Stephen king show us the darker side of life, does that make him a bad man, i like the Bruce Lee quote about the water that you added to this post, god bless you.

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  8. I Think Darkness Is The Truth Because It’s Eternal. It Was Darkness Before Light. It Will Be Darkness After Light. It Is Actually The Bad Which Sustains The Existence. Light Wether Inside or Outside Is a Temporary illusion Which Will Take Us Nowhere. We Should Accept The Harsh Realities of Life.
    Thank You Very Much For Such a Beautiful Appreciation 🤗🙏🙏

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  9. Yes, darkness is everywhere, so is light. All the opposites exist equally in the universe. It only depends on what we have been exposed to more that shapes our view-point. Great read..🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  10. You are welcome.. 🤗
    And I agree to that to a good extent.. But can’t we think of darkness as negative side of life n light as positive side of it where by life it means existence of everything?? rather than taking darkness as the base and light as some rays..??
    Anyways, different view-points also exist.. ☺️

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  11. Okay.. I don’t agree to this but I think that it is completely personal to anyone according to one’s experiences. My reason is that we never are born with pain or happiness in our mind. 🙂

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  12. Read Your Words, You Have already Said That You Don’t Want to Argue On The Merits and Demerits. It’s Not Immaturity, It’s Commoners Wordings. It’s Same Like Patriotism Sounds Like Jingoism to Many Peoples These Days. Our Country and The Whole World Is Seeing a Very Unique Kind Of Era. The Division Is Deep Very Deep.


  13. It’s not deep. Complicating something straight doesn’t make it deep.
    You could as well consider the reason why I didn’t want to argue.
    Arguments need logic. Not stretching something after its conclusion for no reason.

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  14. I have all The Logics, But In The Way You Have Written,It Seems Like That You Don’t Need any Logic. You Have Written Duffer for a Person Who Is arguing With Different Perspective. I mean That’s Great 😂😂🙏


  15. Awwww.. That’s so cuuuute.
    So, you couldn’t consider my post as a different perspective and now you are feeling offended and are defending yourself in the name of different perspective?? THAT’S GREATER.. 😂😂😂😂😂
    Carry on with the logic if you want to but learn to grasp other perspectives as well.


  16. I am Not Offended,I am Just Replying In Same Pitch as You Have Used In The Post. Perspective Can Be Different But The Word ” Maryada ” Has a Meaning Which Can’t Be Translated Into English 😂😂. And Thanks For Calling Cute. I am Blushing Right Now😂😂🤗


  17. The truth is always bitter. ‘Helping Others Is Good But You Have To Choose Whom You Should Help.’ Not Everyone Deserves Help.’
    You are very wise.

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