Thank You Friends

Thank You So Much Friends. One More Time You Guys Make Me Feel Special. I am Not a Writer at all But Your Appreciation Make Me Feel Like ' I am ' .The WordPress Stats Says That I Have 1000 Followers But In My Opinion I Have 1000 Friends across The Globes Who Likes Me... Continue Reading →


A True Feminist

Dear men, When you sit in a metro or a bus, I see how unwillingly you have to give up your seats just because a woman didn't get one. No you don't have to give me your seat because I know that you too are a human and you too get tired of standing and... Continue Reading →

The End

Here it is. Hiii guys this is the saddast person in the world. I think this whole shit of writing such blogs is just to release mental pressure called bhadaas in hindi. am not a writer or something even close to that but nobody can count his own hairs, so you guys can tell that... Continue Reading →

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