Back On Track

Hello,Friends How are You Guys ? I Was Suffering From Some Physical Ailment,Off Course Not COVID - 19 Which Is Nothing But a Chinese Biological Warfare. Yeah I am The One Who Believe In Such Conspiracy Theories. But That ailment Has Almost Killed My Inner Creative Being. I Wasn't Able To Write anything Because Mind … Continue reading Back On Track

Some Deadly Funny Truths

Death Is The Biggest Killer In The World,Neither Terrorism Nor Poverty & Not Even Diseases. Life Itself Is Sexually Transmitted,So Have It As Much As You Want & Give Life. Good Health Is Merely The Slowest Possible Rate at Which One Can Die. So If You Stay Healthy Then A Few Days Will Be added … Continue reading Some Deadly Funny Truths

India – A History Of God

Why It's So Weird ? India Is So Unique & Different. The Country Which Gave The Ideas Of Renouncing Through Buddha,Was Also The First One To Write a Book On Sexology 'The Kamasutra' & Few Decades Later It Was Writing Niti Shatkam & Artha Shastra i.e The Book On Economics & Social Behavior. The Country … Continue reading India – A History Of God