A True Feminist

Dear men, When you sit in a metro or a bus, I see how unwillingly you have to give up your seats just because a woman didn't get one. No you don't have to give me your seat because I know that you too are a human and you too get tired of standing and... Continue Reading →


The Theory Of Nothing

Today,We are Going To Talk about Nothing, Yeah, Nothing Which Simply Means Nothing, That's it. So What Do You Think We Can Talk about Nothing, It's Nothing.Nothing are You, Nothing is Me, Nothing Is This Blog and Nothing Is The Knowledge.Even God Is Nothing.Everything Was Emerged From Nothing and Everything Will Eventually Become Nothing.Therefore 'Nothing'... Continue Reading →

Relativity Of Life

Do You Sometimes Think That Life is Just Miserable,And why the Whole System of the world is Like This and things are Not going in Your Favour.Infact it Is such Bullying Systems of Life that When You Comes Close to the Goal ,Ways to Achieve it Are Changed.You Have Studied a Lesson from textbook and... Continue Reading →

The Boy Next Door

Hi Guys,Today We are Going to talk about a Human Species Which is In Danger Due To Natural Selection.We are Going to talk about boy Next Door, Don't Go By The Name,This Species is Not found in the house Next to yours,It is Very Rare ,And It Could Be the Case that hundreds Of this... Continue Reading →

The Dark Light

Yea , that title Seems to be really uncommon and contradictory , Because the light and darkness,The duality, they just can't co exist , if there will be one then second will be wiped out, nothing like bright Darkness or Dark light exists in this material world of which we are conscious, What believe me... Continue Reading →

Some Truths

Life will never be fair. You can do right things for your entire life and still get Shit on around every corner.anything terrible could happen on any random day. There are people who lives a miserable life , they don't deserve it and you really can't do anything about it. Sometimes doing your best is... Continue Reading →

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