The Black Hole In Me

यत पिंडे तत् ब्रह्मांडे

Everything Which Is Outside Is Also Inside You. Everything Which Is In The Universe Is Also In The Body.

There Is a Huge Supermassive Black Hole In My Soul. It Is Eating Me From Inside. Long ago There Was a Soul In Me. Now It’s Gone. A Complete Void,An Unimaginable Emptiness Has Taken Over. Now I am Dead From Inside. Biologically Active But Not Alive.

This Black Hole Was Formed When The Shining Star Of Hope Had Collapsed. It Was Burning With Hope, Creative Ideas, Fantasies and Off Course Idiotic Thoughts. It Suddenly Collapsed. The Gravity Of Pain Won. The Hope Star Was Gone Forever. It Collapsed Into a Very Small Area i.e My Mind With Indefinitely Huge Mass Of Sorrow.

Then It Started Eating What Is Left Within Me. Now Nothing Left. There Is a Void. A Complete Void. An Unknowable Singularity. There’s No Way Out.

I am Not able To Survive as Me In This Post Modern Deconstructive Era. There Is No Hope. My Timeline Has Been Altered.

I am Not able To Speak Dark Truth Because I am Silent From The Deepest Core Of My Existence. Dark Realities Have Taken Over Me. The Rat Race Is Finally Succeeded In Converting This Lion Of Truth Into a Rat.

There’s Deep Nothingness Inside Me and Only Nothing Can Be Created From Nothingness.

So,Thank You Very Much Friends For Supporting Me . It’s Only Your Support Which Helped Me To Withstand All This.

There’s Still a False Hope. It Could Be a Warm hole Inside That Singularity. But For That I Have To Dive More Towards This Unimaginably Infinite and Unthinkably Small Singularity. I Have To Rediscover My Soul. I Have To Die More.

Till Then It’s a Big Bye From Me. I Bow Down To You For All The Lovely Appreciation and Support. Thanks For All The Love. Let’s Hope For a Ray Of Light In This Infinite and Eternal Darkness. Let’s Hope For The White Hole. Namaste and Goodbye. I Will Be Back Not Very Soon But Surely I Will Be Back.🙏🙏🙏

52 thoughts on “The Black Hole In Me

  1. Take your time. Guess its being human that there comes a point when hope no longer exists and this is the point where we need to rebuild it. Take care. Regain strength. All the best!

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  2. I Think I don’t Have Enough Creativity Left In Me. It’s Negativity Everywhere. I Will Try Harder To Get Rid Of This. Thank You Very Much for such a great Lovely Support 🙏🙏🤗🙏

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  3. One minus one is Zero , becoming Zero is a empty Cup of doing Ego , so loss of Hope is a sign of ray of Hope of Divine .,Their is a word in Hindi NAMAN that means surrender to the wish of Divine , you will find Brightness within Darkness . love all.

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  4. Yeah ,nothingness inside of person is is good that you have come back from the black hole inside you.most inspirational post,dear pankazy.

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  5. “I Have To Rediscover My Soul. I Have To Die More”
    It’s amazing how low tides bring out the best in us. This stage, this nothingness underlies most writers’ lives, I guess…
    Wish you good times, outside the black hole🙂

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  6. I can relate well. You are not alone in this race . It’s been a long time and I think that I have nothing left to write. Negativity has engulfed my soul to the core and it’s hard to comeback with a bang. But, We both will come back soon.
    Be safe

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  7. Hi Pankanzy,

    I just wanted to say hello. It’s been quite some time since you have posted and I hope you are well.
    I know it’s been rough in India and wanted to let you know I’ve been thinking of you💖


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