Whiskey With Truth Is Injurious To Soul

I Was Feeling a Little bit Low On My Last Week Off . It was a Wednesday. Yeah,I am Not That Lucky Guy Who Get Offs on Weekends. So I Thought It Was The Perfect Time To Get High . So,I Got Some Whiskey. It Wasn’t The Usual One. It’s Not The Normal Brand You Can Get Everywhere. It’s Really Costly For Some and Pretty Cheap For Some Like Me and I am Not Rich Or Drunkard. I Will Tell You It’s Name Later.

So After Getting High What People Usually Do ? Some Cry,Some Laugh,Some Have Sex and Some Dance. Most of The People Fall asleep. But a Person Like Me Don’t Do These Things. I Think. Yes,I Think. After Every Peg as Brain Started Running Faster, Time Slows down. It’s The Best Time To Think.

I Took The Advice Of Religious Clergymen Seriously. I Started Looking For Truth Inside Myself and What I Found Is Hurting Me and Will Hurt You also. Truth Thrills But Kills. So Proceed Carefully. I Will Tell You about The Questions I Asked To Myself Offcourse and Their answers Which I Got From Myself Offcourse. Don’t Laugh. If a Man Can Do This Under a Tree and Can Become Buddha,Then I Can Do It On My Bed also.

I Will Tell You Everything Peg By Peg and A peg is a unit of Volume, typically used to measure amounts of Liquor in the Indian Subcontinent. that’s Sounds Like Maths But It’s Not. Sorry For Laughing.

First Peg

What is Life ?

Life Is A Beautiful Badass Girl. No Matter How Much You Love It and How Much Caring You are, It Will Always Drawn Towards Jerks. One Day She Will Leave You and That’s For Sure. The More and More Bad You Become,Life Becomes More and More Beautiful. It Will Give You Everything,If You Can Snatch It But If You ask For Something,Then It Will Not Give You anything at all. 

Why Life Is So Unfair ?

Life Is Not at all Unfair. It’s a Pre Programmed Automatic Mechanism. The Whole Universe Is Like That. It Works On Laws. Nobody Gets What He Deserves But Everyone Gets Rewards For Everything What He Does. It Doesn’t Matter To Life That You’re Doing Something Right Or Wrong,If You Devoted Yourself To Itself,You Will Succeed. If You Devoted Yourself In Doing Crimes,You Will Succeed In That also. Life Doesn’t Discriminate On The Basis Of Morality. It Doesn’t Matter That You Have a Brain Of a Scientist and Working as Sweeper. You Will Be Paid For Sweeping. Those Who Left Behind,Left Behind. Life Don’t Care About Them and It’s Not Life’s Fault at All.

What Is Happiness Then ?

Happiness Is an Illusion. Nobody Is Happy at All. Go on Road In a Rush Hour and ask Everyone If They are Happy Or Not. The Man In Bus Is Not Happy Because Driver Is Driving Slowly. Driver Is Not Happy and Honking On The Auto. The Lady In Auto Is Not Happy Because She Had Broke up With Her Boyfriend Because and Now He Is Threatening Her That He Will Tell Everything About Them To Her Husband. The Man In The Car Is Not Happy Because Stock Market Is Falling. The Man On The Bicycle Is Not Happy Because Yesterday He Had Quarrel With His Supervisor. The Roadside Beggar Is Not Happy Because He Don’t Get His Ganja – Weed.

Nobody Is Happy At Any Given Time. Yet Everyone Thinks That Everyone Except Him His Happy. Happiness Requires a Reason and Nobody Is Able Yet To Find It. Being Sad Is Being Healthy, While Being Happy Is a Dis – ease. It Will Come and Go.

Why People are So Selfish ?

Nobody Is Selfish at All. That’s Nature’s Way Of Protecting Species. It’s Common To Everything at anytime anywhere. No Mother Will Carry a Child In Her Womb If She Will Not Get anything For It. Animals Do It Naturally For Protecting Species While Humans Do This For Future Needs. Life Is an Interdepency Web Of Relationships. You Take You Give. That’s It.

Second Peg

Is There  Nothing In Life Then ?

Life Has Everything,If You Think Of Something. If You Think Of God,It Has Everything For You. If You Think Of Money,It Has Everything For You. You Think Of anything and Life Has Plenty Of It To Offer. But If You’re Trapped In a Rat Race i.e You are Living From Mouth Hole To Ass Hole Then It Has Nothing. You Work Hard To Survive,To Fill Stomach In The Evening and In The Morning You Have To Emptied That Stomach. That’s It. Life Is Over.

To Make Anything Of Life Make gods, Which Will Make Your Life Heaven. I am Not Sure about Heaven After Death But If You Devoted Yourself To Your Own Gods, Even If Your God Is a Cricket Bat Or a Football. You Will Be In Heaven Alive.

How Many Heavens Are Out There ?

Millions If Not Billions. Men’s Heaven Lies In Between The Legs Of a Beautiful Women. Women’s Heaven Lies In The Arms Of Men. A Tired Person’s Heaven Is The Bed and a Child’s Heaven Is The Toy. A Greedy Person’s Heaven Lies In The Amount In The Bank Passbook and a Drunkard’s Heaven Is Situated In The Bottle. A Peasant’s Heaven Is The City While a City Dweller’s Heaven Lies In The Countryside. For an Indian USA Is Heaven While For American Holy India Is Heaven. Cold Water Is The Heaven For Thirsty and Semen Is The Door Of Heaven Of The Lusty. Everyone Has His Own gods an His Own Heavens.

Men’s Heaven

  Third Peg

This Needs To Be Changed,When We Should Start a Revolution ?

The Biggest Reason Of All Revolutions At All Times In The Whole World Is Boredom. When People Get Fed Of a System They Revolt Against It Even If The System Is Beneficial For Them. For Instance Capitalism Saved The Humanity Many Times But Now In The First World Countries Rich University Students are Revolting against The System Which Is Feeding Them. A Third World Guy Will Find It Shitty. I Mean Who Will Offended If You Offer a Black Guy a Black Coffee. I Mean Why a Man Will Be Offended With a Eight Inches Long Dick and Still Identify Himself as a Women If Somebody Calls Him a Man. Rationality Is Buying Oil In Arabic World. It’s Not There. Boredom Is Boredom and It’s Important.

There Was a Time When We Protest For Important Things

Why Doesn’t God Intervenes ?

God Needs Money and Devil Needs Brain. If You Want Your Religion To Survive Then Make Money. For Instance Christianity Is Thriving Because Of Capitalism. Capitalism Made The Western Christians Rich and Now Christianity Is The Biggest Religious Group. However Capitalism Is anti Doctrine Of Christianity. Christianity Treats Life and Money Both as Sins. While Capitalism Is all About Making Money and Profits. God Is Riding On The Shoulders Of Devil .

Before That Vedic Hinduism Was The Most Influential Religious Group Because Hindus Were Prospering at That Time. Even The Man Who Discovered American Peninsula Was Searching For India. Thank God He Doesn’t Have GPS Navigation System Otherwise We Would Not Having GPS Today and Offcourse We Won’t Have iPhones also .

Also Atheism and Communism are Thriving Because They Have Intellctuals and Big Media Houses Backing Them. They Have Brains Behind Them. So If God Has Money Then Devil Has Brain. The Fight Is Equal.

Fourth Peg

I am Not Alone Today. There are Thousands Of Friends Of Mine. Aren’t They Real ?

Social Media Don’t Suck. It Fucks. Everytime You Open It,It Starts Fucking You. You Have Orgasms By Seeing Likes and Messeges. But When You Will Have An Accident On The Road,You Will Look In The Phonebook and Not In The Facebook. There Will Be Only Three To Four People Who Really Exists For You. You Were Born Alone and Die Alone.In Both Cases – Crying and Not Messeging.

Why People are Jealous Of Me Then ?

If Something Is Flammable,It Will Burn. It Doesn’t Matter If It’s a Wood,a Human Mind Or Ass. As Simple as That. Let Them Burn. If You’re Doing Better Then People’s ass Will Burn. Don’t Worry About That. In The End You Both Will Become Soil. The Only Difference Is That A Banana Tree Will Grow From Your Soil and A Cactus Will Grow From Theirs.

Fifth Peg

And What Is ……?

Just Shut Up You Bloody Mind. Mind Your Buisness. Enough Is Enough . I am On A High Now. Every Moment You Kept asking – I Want That,I Want This,I Want New Phone,I Want To Kill Shitty Supervisor,I Want That Girl To Fuck,I Want and Want and Want and Want. Just Like a Kid and When I Am Not able To Give You All That,You Start Crying From ass.

I Have To Change Your Diapers Everytime By Giving You a False Hope That Tomorrow Will Be Better. You Know I Will Die Changing Your Diapers Oneday and That Better Tomorrow Will Never Come and I Know That. That’s The Truth and It’s Dangerous. So Shut Up. Save Something For Tomorrow. We Have Got Life Imprisonment In This Body Jail. I am Not Going Anywhere Soon. I am Not Given a Death Sentence, That’s Why Nobody Even I Myself Can’t Hang Myself.

Freedom In The Prison

So Let’s Back To This Day. I Forgot To Tell You The Name Of The Brand Of Whiskey. I Don’t Drink The Alcohol Which Is Alien To Heart. I Drink That One Which Is Made In The Heart Itself. I Mix Self awareness With Meditative Sleep and Drink It With Beautiful Music. I Brew My Own Whiskey Brand. It’s Called Life Itself. When You Drink Life. It Tell You Everything. It Take You To Another Level. It Talk On Your Head. It’s Really Costly For The Guys Who Only Think When Needed. It’s Cheaper For The Guys Who ‘ are ‘ Because They Think.

So What’s The Mind – Doesn’t Matter and What’s The Matter – Nevermind. It’s Harsh,Hard and Dark Yet Truth. Truth Is Bitter Than Whiskey and More Intoxicating also.

So What are You waiting For. Let’s Cheers

Cheers For Truth

53 thoughts on “Whiskey With Truth Is Injurious To Soul


    ◇ – Diamond Hard – ◇

    ◇ NEVER!!! Allow Another, especially Parents and Peers, to Define Successful for YOU!!! because ONLY YOU KNOW!!! what YOU CAN!!! Succeed At; ergo, Be YOURSELF!!! Respectfully Rejecting Destructive Critics

    ◇ – Diamond Hard – ◇



    ◇ – Diamond Hard – ◇

    ◇ I AM a Nigger and I Hate BLM; because:

    1. ALM (All Lives Matter)
    2. Black On Black Violence is More Prevalent than White Supremacy
    3. I AM Called COCONUT!!! by My so called Black Brothers and Sisters

    ◇ – Diamond Hard – ◇



    ◇ – Diamond Hard – ◇

    ◇ Paraphrasing Albert Einstein, ‘We cannot judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree nor can we judge a cat by its ability to swim’; so I Suggest Reserve Judgement until YOU!!! Have ALL The FACTS!!!

    ◇ – Diamond Hard – ◇


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  2. Wow 🤩
    To tell the truth, I’m so amazed at your thoughts!!!

    We all have different heavens. That was superb!!!!!!

    This article really made my day. 😃

    I carefully took my time to read this. I’m so glad I did.

    Liked by 8 people

  3. Well,I Wrote This For Adults Who Can Accept Hard Hitting Realities Of The World. I have No Intentions To Hurt anyone’s Sentiments. Sorry For That. But Hard Words Were Needed To Express Hard Truths.
    Thank You Very Much For Reading 🙏

    Liked by 2 people

  4. No mention at all.. It’s absolutely my pleasure.. Love to go through different angles of thoughts on life.. Life and its various ways mesmerises me often.. Keep spreading the out of the box views on life’s miracles.. It takes a lot to be able to think differently.. You have knitted the whole idea in such a unique way.. My genuine applauds.. 🙏🏼😊👏🏼👏🏼

    Liked by 3 people

  5. I must give this whiskey a try 🍷😂 the only problem I would be uncousous with alcohol poisoning. Let alone to find the keyboard. Congratulations Sir you are one hell of a man 💕🤣🤣

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  6. This Is Not The Whiskey Made Of Alcohol, It’s Made Of Juice Of Life’s Deepest Experiences and Thoughts. As You are a Thinking Person,You Can Get It Anytime. You Just Need Some Time With Yourself. You Should Try It. I Just Love It. Therefore I Insist You To Try This at Home. Just Get High Because Truth Is Reserved For Higher Men and Women Only. So That’s My Brand Of Whiskey. 😂 Thank You Very Much For All The Love and Support. It Really Means a Lot To Me 🤗🙏🙏

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  7. In a country were mothers are treated before God I like your courage of saying the truth. Yes many mothers protecting children as future investment I will told this to my daughter. Love is true only without expectations even if it is from mother. I love your point about jealousy it gives me more hope towards life.

    Liked by 3 people

  8. We Humans Love Larger Than Life Things. We Glorify Everything. We Give Huge Meanings To Small Things. Motherhood Is a Simple Expression Of Evolution. A Species Protect Itself By Giving Birth Offsprings. Elephant Keep Her Baby In Womb for Twenty months. Even Lioness Teach Her Offsprings To Hunt. Moreover Fatherhood Is Not Even Biological But Social Institution. Now as The Contraceptive Methods are accessible Is Then People are Especially Goddesses Of Poems are Stopping To Give Birth. Fertility Rate Is Falling Down Day By Day, Worldwide. That Shows That People Just Want To Have Fun, Childern Were Byproduct Of That.


  9. I respect your views. An organizer of an orphanage told some people will leave their children when they are small and come and ask them when they became 15 or 16 yrs as that children can earn and give to them( I am not blaming the parents) but knowing this also there are people who take care of those kind of children. Humanity always lives in this world and true love is always their it is my belief.

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  10. People Come In Different Shades. But I Think Dark and Gray are Ruling This Era. People are Expecting Returns From Everything. Even If They Give A Rupee To a Beggar they Take Selfie With Him. Nothing Is For Free Now. It’s a Bitter Reality Which Be Cover Behind All Those Big Words.


  11. Wonderful post👌. I love these lines
    Being Sad Is Being Healthy, While Being Happy Is a Dis – ease. It Will Come and Go. Absolutely right, we live alone and die alone. Happiness is an illusion and we live with it. So true

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