The Death Of Krishna

It Was Around 3000 BC. Streets Of Dwarka Were Slowly Filling With Water. It Was Slowly Submerging In to The Sea. Vasudeva Was Dead But There Was No One To Do His Last Rites. Balram Wasn’t There and Krishna Was In Tapovan Hundreds Of Kilometres away. No Smartphones Were There at that time. Arjuna Performed His Last Rites and Then He Went In Search Of Krishna.

After Reaching Tapovan Arjuna Found a Dead body Lying Under a Tree. It Was Swelling and Smelling To Much. After Seeing The Face Of It Arjuna Started Crying. He Cried Uncontrollably. His Charioteer and Few Others Tried To Console Him. It Was His Beloved Krishna. It Was God Himself. The God Was Dead. Arjuna Performed His Last Rites also.

Krishna Had Eight Wives, Atleast Ten Children, Thousands Of Friends and Millions Of Devotees But There Was Not Ten People Present In His Funeral. He Also Born alone and Die Alone.

And Here You are ! Worrying About The Missed TV Show and Politics. Believe Me There’s Nothing That Will Go Along With You. Nobody Will Be Able To Come Along With You. Even God Cannot Escape This Reality. Dwarka Submerged In Water. The Kingdom Of Pandavas Were Also Destroyed a Generation after Them. Clan Of Krishna Destroyed By His Own Relatives. The Blood Which Was Poured In Kurukshetra For Righteousness Has No Meaning Now. The Story Of Krishna Is So Much Diluted Now That It Creates a Doubt That Such Kind Of A Man Have Either Existed or Not In The Pre – Historical Times.

What Is To Be Worried About Here ? In The Long Run Every Right Will Become Wrong. After Few Centuries There Will Be No Humanity Because Either We Will Extinct Or Merged With Machines So Much That We Will Become Machines. Although Looking at Today’s Scenario Extinction Is More Likely.

You Just Have Eighty some Years Out Of Which You Will Sleep For Twenty Years. About Ten Years You Will Be eating and Excreting. Twenty Years You Will Be Working. For Ten Years You Will Be Watching TV Or Pornography Or OTT Platforms and In Last Ten Years You Won’t Be Able To Go To Toilet By Yourself. So You Have Only Ten Years To Live In Which You are Thinking How To Live. That’s Funny. What More Funny Is That I Haven’t Counted The Time You Wasted In Childhood and Teenage.

This Will Happen Only If You’re Lucky Enough Otherwise You Can Tomorrow Get a Cough and Become a Statistical Fluctuation In The Government Data In Few Days.So There’s Nothing You Can Do about It. As Buddha Stated That Life Is Suffering and You Will Definitely Will Become Ill,Old and Dead. There’s No way Of Stopping It. That’s It. No It’s Not.

That’s Why Krishna’s Death Doesn’t Matter. That’s Why Death Doesn’t Matter In General. It Doesn’t Matter Because It Is Inevitable. Everyone’s Gonna Die and If The Same Thing Is Going To Happen To Everyone Then There’s Nothing Special about It. It Doesn’t Matter That You Die Today Or Billion Years Later. The Only Thing Which Matter Is That How Do You Live.

You are The One and Only. Universe Can’t Produce Anyone Like You Even In a Billion Years again. It Also Don’t Care About Recreating You again Atleast In This Existence. With Every Moment Passing You are Dealing With Things Which Everyone Is Dealing But Nobody Can Deal With Them Like You. That’s The Reality. That’s Why Krishna Is God.

Keeping Aside all The Larger Then Life Poetry Why Krishna Is Special ? Look at His Life and How He Deal With It. All The Things Were Same Even His Lifetime. Same Politics,Wars, Economic Crisis, Family Problems, Breakups and What Not. Even The Scale and Stake Were Higher In Those Times. If You Make a Mistake In Workplace They Will Fire You But In Those Days They Could Kill You.

He Was Born In Jail, Raised By Others. The Son Of King Raised With cowherds. His Own Uncle Was A Threat For His Life. He Wasn’t able To Marry The Girl He Loved. Infact That Girl Was Married To Somebody Else By His Adopting Father In His Own House. His Kingdom Was Invaded Seventeen Times In Ten Years. His Friends Were Also Exiled From Their Kingdoms. He Has To Ran away To Save His Life. He Fought A War With His Own Troops as Enemies. He Fought a War and Get Nothing Out Of It and even His Friends Got Nothing. Oneday He Died Alone Crying In Pain In a Forest.

But Look How He Dealt With It. He Preached Spirituality In The Middle Of The Battlefield. He Flirted With Girls In Teenage To The Extent That He Make Them Walk Naked In Front Of Him. The Man Who Preached About Renouncing Is Flirting. That’s Why He Is Special. He Include Both Shades. He Was Beyond Moral Boundaries.

He Lived Moment To Moment, Making Best Of Every Moment. He Calmly Enjoyed Life With a Flute. His Life Was Musical. No Matter How Cruel It Looks To Us But To Him It Was Funny. He Do Whatever He Can. He Never Look Life Like as a Journey. He Looked at it Like a Musical Song. Up and Down Sounds Makes It Musical. His Flute Was Actually His Philosophy of Life.

We Humans are actually Suffering From The Disease Of Singularity. We Look Life as A Unidimensional Story Which Has a Begining and The End But Krishna Never Looked Life In That Way. For Him Life Was a Circle. That Which Goes Comes Back.

There’s No Cause and Effect. If You Think Everything Has a Cause Then You Should Not Exist at all Because Digging Deeper You Will Find That There’s No Cause Behind This Existence. Nobody Knows Why Universe Exists. You Don’t Even Know Why You’re Existing and Why You Were Born In The First Place.

It’s True That Everything Has Consequences and Those Consequences Becomes Cause For Other Events and The Cycle Goes On. But Because It’s a Cycle, Hence No Cause.

Krishna Had Said That Nothing Actually Dies. It Changes Forms. Energy Never Dies. It Changes Forms. Everything Is Cyclical. It Born,Live and Die and Born Again. Even Scientists Confirmed That after The Heat Death Universe Will Begin Again Due To Quantum Fluctuations In The Empty Space. A New Universe With New Laws. It Had Already Happened Uncountable Times and It Will Happen Again. But You Will Not Be Repeated. Nothing Will Be Repeated Again. The Fundamentals Will Be The Same But Everything Will Be Different. Existence Never Use Photocopies.

Don’t Worry about Who Will Cry When You Die. There are Millions Of People Whose Death Were Mourned By Billions Of People But after Death They Become The Subject Of Hatred,Take Gandhi For Instance. So It Doesn’t Matter What You Leave,What Matter Is That How You Live.

So Grab The Flute Of Life. Pains, Sorrows,Joys and Happiness They all Will Come and Make Music. Enjoy That Music. Enjoy The Beauty Of Sex, Enjoy The Beauty Of Meditation. Enjoy The Calmness Of Death and Enjoy The Energy Of Birth. Enjoy The Peace Of Night and Enjoy The Chirping Of The Birds In The Morning.

Don’t Feel Sorry about Past Too Much and Don’t Worry About Future Too Much Because They’re Illusions. Scientifically Time Is an Illusion. It Works On The Principal Of Video. It’s Nothing But Moving Images, Second By Second Frame By Frame. Don’t Trust Me, Then Read Einstein. Einstein Knows What Krishna Knows. The Only Difference Is That Einstein Knows The Maths Behind It and Krishna Actually Live It.

So Please,Don’t Worry about Job Or Money Or Your Girlfriend Dumped You Or Facebook Likes For That Matter. Just Enjoy It. Feel The Pain Fully and Indulge In Joys Completely. Everything Is Transitory. It Comes and Goes and Comes Back. There’s No Endpoint Anywhere.

Therefore No Completeness Is There. Both Day and Night Exists In The Same Place. Sorrow and Joy Exists In The Same Heart. Existence Don’t Choose. It Has No Moral Obligations. Both Good and Bad are Irrelevant Without Each Other. God and Evil are The Different Sides Of The Same Coin.

So You Can’t Have a Life Without Problems. You Can’t Exist Without Pain. Buddha Knows It But It’s Half. You Can’t Exist Without Happiness also. This Game Will Continue Forever. There’s No End To It.

You Can Only Enjoy The Music Of The Cosmos. You Don’t Have Choice. Your Worries Will Not Have Impact On Anything. Even The Quantum Mechanics Confirm That Anything With The Probability Of Happening Even Once In A Trillion Will Actually Happen. So Either You Can Suffer Or Enjoy. Suffering Will No Impact On Anything But Enjoying Will Make A Huge Impact On Your Existence. Accept Both Joy and Sorrow With Open Heart and You Will Be Worshiped Like Krishna. Krishna Wasn’t a Person But a Philosophy Of Truth. Truth Never Dies.

Hence Krishna Never Died.

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  1. Unfortunately Yes. There Was No One With Him When He Died. He Was Killed By a Hunter. Infact His Dead body Was Laying Down Under The Tree For Three To Four Days Till Arjuna Reached There. In His Funeral Less Than Five People Were Present. His Clan Was Already Dead. Dwarka Was Submerged In The Sea.
    Thanks for Appreciating πŸ™πŸ€—

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  2. Actually Vasudev Was His Father and He Was Called Vasudeva i.e. Son Of Vasudev. Thank You Very Much For Such In Depth Reading. It Really Means a Lot πŸ€—πŸ€—

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  3. Wow! You’re an amazing writer!!
    You have so much knowledge on various subjects and good understanding about many complex matters. Hope you start writing books very soon. Thank you for sharing this precious knowledge 😊

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  4. Thank You Very Much For Such Encouraging Words. Really Glad and Grateful That You Like It. Thank You Very Much For Such an Beautiful Appreciation πŸ™πŸ™πŸ€—

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  5. Yes, This Fact Usually Remained Hidden Because It Somehow Challenge The Idea Of Divinity of Krishna and Give a Human Perspective To His Life. Thank You Very Much For Appreciating πŸ™πŸ™πŸ€—

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  6. Whether He Was Born For a Special Purpose Or Not But He Had a Very Special Philosophy. His Ideas Are Timeless and He Is Still with Us In The Form Of His Ideas. Thank You Very Much For Appreciating πŸ™πŸ™πŸ€—

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  7. Kitni khubsurati se aapne likhaa hai….
    Lord Krishna Also Born alone and Die Alone.

    Lakhon nitya marte aur janm bhi lakhon lete…..Kyaa chhut gyaa jo shok itnaa…..

    Aur n jaane kyaa kyaaa….
    Sabkuch satya magar likhne ka dhang….Behtarin.πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ

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  8. ΰ€¬ΰ€Ήΰ₯ΰ€€ ΰ€¬ΰ€Ήΰ₯ΰ€€ ΰ€†ΰ€­ΰ€Ύΰ€° πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™


  9. Excellent post.
    Moral – every one has to die his own or her own death.Nobody can help.Living a noble life or a wretched life is the choice given to us.But dying … choice….you have to die your death.There is no escape.So die peacefully when death God ( Yamaraj ) starts loving you.

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  10. Hinduism is truly called a way of life. It is philosophy in itself. There are aspects which have deep meanings, usually misunderstood by common people. You have written this post well. The points are really good and the message conveyed is clear. But I’d like to add a few points and suggest a few modifications, if you don’t mind. (Sir, you are a lot more knowledgable than me, and I respect that. Please don’t take it in any wrong sense. It’s just a humble suggestion from one of your readers. πŸ™‚)

    First of all, the line “The God died” doesn’t deliver the actual essence. Shri Krishna was one of the Avatars of Lord Vishnu, and as he had taken birth on earth, in the form of a mortal body, his death was nothing but a natural phenomenon which was bound to happen. He himself has said that one who takes birth has to die, and he proved his point. It was not the God, who died, it was just his mortal body, which having fulfilled its purpose, went back to its origins in the soil. The God we worship is not the body, but the soul, the energy (whose fragments are these incarnations) and the righteous philosophy, which can never die. It is forever alive amidst us, till now. So it wrong to say that God died. For what died was just the body, and what actually is God, cannot die.

    Secondly, as already known, Shri krishna’s death was due to the curse of Gandhari. But, a lesser known fact is that, in the previous era that is in Treta Yug, Lord Vishnu’s incarnation, Lord Ram had killed the monkey King Bali for the sake of righteousness, but he had done so in a wrong way, by killing him while hiding (which was against the rules of warfare in those days) thus, Lord Ram had apologised to Bali and Had also granted him his last wish that in the next era, both of them would be reborn, and at that time Bali would kill him in the same way. Hence, the Lord himself had decided his fate. And so it happened. In Dwapar Yug, Lord Ram was born as Shri Krishna and Bali as the hunter. Shri krishna was sitting up on a tree, hidden, and this hunter (who was Bali) could only see his feet, and mistook it to be a bird and shot an arrow causing Shri Krishna’s death.
    But in this incident, what many of us fail to see is that the Lord preaches Karma. It is shown that a person who his born is only judged based on his deeds, and he will have to pay for his wrong doings, irrespective of his faith, or his status. This is the beauty of Hinduism. It never asks you to worship ONLY a particular God, neither does it tell you a specific way to do so. What it teaches you is that, we’ll be judged based on our deeds. Even the Almighty God, when born on this earth has to pay for his deeds. Just like Lord Ram had to pay his share in his next life as Shri krishna. This is what this incident teaches us. It is only our good deeds that can help us attain Moksha or enlightenment.

    Next point is that you said it very well that Shri krishna wasn’t able to marry the girl he loved, but that was also because of past deeds. Surya, the Sun Lord, had prayed to Lord Vishnu and asked for a boon to marry Maa Laxmi (Lord Vishnu’s wife) when they take birth on earth. Hence, Radha (incarnation of Maa Laxmi) was married to Ayan (Surya Dev’s incarnation). But again, the idea behind this is selfless love which isn’t bound in any way. Though they weren’t married, but we still remember their love because it was pure.

    I am sorry for such a long comment. But this topic was really close to my heart and you have written it really well. I couldn’t help but write so much. Hope you don’t mind πŸ˜…
    Glad to read it. Looking forward to many more.

    Thank you.

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  11. I’d like to add one more point. There are many misconceptions about the Raas Leela. You wrote that Shri Krishna flirted with girls in his teenage. I agree to this. He did. And this was just a gesture of love. There was no lust involved. The gopis loved him selflessly and he just returned their love. He didn’t cheat them. He was true to all of them because he could take multiple forms and be with everyone at the same time. As we say, God is everywhere. But he was committed to Radha and all the gopis knew this. Neither of them had any issues with it. They were devoted to him and he too, was reciprocating their love. But the next line that he flirted to the extent of making them walk naked, Isn’t correct. This never happened. The Mahabharat hasn’t mentioned this anywhere. I am not challenging you, please don’t take me wrong sir, but I just felt the need to suggest these rectifications and so I did.
    If you are referring to the incident when he stole the clothes of the women bathing in the river, it was not in his teenage but when he was a child. A little child. And he didn’t have any lustful or negative intentions behind it. It was just a notorious act of a child who was angry because their complains made his mother to get angry at him. We all have been breast-fed by our mothers. But while doing so, we didn’t have any lustful thought. Even thinking so would be a sin. So of course, when Bal Gopal, that is baby Shri krishna did this, it was not any kind of flirting. The philosophical meaning behind this was that he was teaching the ladies to love their bodies and not be ashamed of it. If someone sees them with lust, it is the sin of that person and not of the lady who owns the body. This is a deep truth that people need to realise today. This is what people need to think about these days before they blame a girl for something which she was a victim of.

    What you have written is actually magical. It was a great read. The points I mentioned were mere suggestions about some facts. But the message you conveyed Is deep and really beautiful. Time is an illusion and it is true that all we can do and all we should do Is accepting everything with an open heart. I loved the way you ended it. Shri krishna was indeed a philosophy of truth and truth never dies.
    Overall, it was a beautiful piece and I am grateful to you for sharing it.

    Have a great day ahead. πŸ™

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  12. I am Really Thankful For Such an Lovely Analysis. When I Said That God Is Dead Then It Means The Divinity In The Body Is Dead. Divinity Is Everywhere. According To Hinduism Divinity Is Everywhere. Even Krishna Himself Said That In The Bhagvadgeeta. The Mythology Is a Part Of The Life Of Krishna. Personally I Don’t Think That It Affected Krishna Himself. Krishna Was a Preacher Of The Eternal Truth. He Lived The Truth. So It’s Not Important Why He Died But More Important Is That How He Lived.
    Well Sorry To Disagree With You But Radha Wasn’t The Incarnation Of Lakshmi But Rukmani Was. Krishna Never Married Radha Because She Had Became His Maternal Aunt Or Buaa To Be Precise. She Was Married To Rayan Which Was Brother Of Yashoda and Knot Was Tied In Nand Baba’s House. That Was The Practical Reason apart From Mythology. It’s Mentioned In Mahabharata and Padma Purana.
    We Have Associated Too Much Larger-than-life Poetry With Krishna And Forgotten His Human Perspective. He Was In The Human Body. He Must Had Gone Through Which We Humans Usually Go. We Indians actually Made Our Mythology From Our History. That’s Why We are Facing Trust Issues Within Our Own People.
    Thank You Very Much For Such an Deep Analysis. It Means a Lot and a Lot and a Lot πŸ€—πŸ™πŸ˜Šβ€οΈ

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  13. Yes I Agreed That He Was a Kid at The Time Of Stealing Cloths. It’s Normal And Casual. Young Kids Don’t Know What Is The Gender Differences and Whole Social Stigma Attached To It. When I Said Flirting I Mean That Enjoying The Company Of Women. He Wasn’t Shy Of Women as Most Of The Other Religious Preachers Were.
    He Was also a Kid at The Time Of Ras Leela. All The Gopis Love Him With Vatsalya Bhava and Not The Other Type Of Love. This Phenomenon Can Be Seen In Today’s Villages also. The Most Beautiful Kid Is Loved By Everyone In The Village. Everyone Treat Him Or Her as Their Own Child. However This Kind Of Relationships are Not Present In Urban areas.
    Krishna Never Lusted . Lust Wasn’t There.But At The Same Time He Wasn’t ashamed Of Nudity . Nudity and Vulgarity are Entirely Different Things Actually.
    Thank You Very Much For Such an Encouraging Support β€οΈβ€οΈπŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

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  14. Thank you for this reference to Radha’s marriage. This was a new piece of info for me. Basically, I guess, the epic and the root story remain the same, but there are certain variations in it from region to region. For example, the place where I belong to, here Radha too is considered to be an incarnation of Lakshmi along with Rukmini. Here, the story about Surya Dev is taken into consideration. But the facts you mentioned were new to me. Thank you for sharing.
    Of course, his life was a teaching in itself. I completely agree with you on this. He was actually the most relatable God. Because he too felt those same feelings, went through the same things while in the human form.

    Thank you for sharing your views. πŸ™‚πŸ™

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  15. “The Only Thing Which Matter Is That How Do You Live.”
    Cent % true!
    I like the philosophies you share with us and the last line just sums it up all!
    One thing I wanna ask why do you capitalise the first letter of most of the words? Is it a form of writing or something else? Kindly enlighten me.😊

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  16. I Think It Looks Beautiful πŸ˜„. Thank You Very Much For Such a Lovely Appreciation. It Means a Lot. Thanks From The deepest Core Of My Heart πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—

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  17. It’s a Bitter Reality. Everybody Will Ultimately Become Dust, Everything Known Will Become Unknown and Everyone Knows It. Still Nobody Thinks About It. It’s The Biggest Dichotomy. Thank You Very Much For Appreciating πŸ™πŸ€—


  18. A very beautiful post . You have drawn parallels between the epic age and the present age not much changes as per the Gita we come alone and depart alone . The immortal lives on . The present is what matter in this world which is but maya .

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  19. I Think Gita Has Eternal Answers For Eternal Questions Of Humanity. These Questions Were Relevant Five Thousand Years ago , are relevant today and Will Be Relevant even After five Thousand Years In The Future. Thank You Very Much For Appreciating πŸ™πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ™ Glad That You Like It πŸ™

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