She Interviewed The Most Dangerous Animal

There’s a Friend Of Mine. She’s a Journalist. She Knows Me Very Well. She Knows About My Stance on Feminism. She Herself Is a Strong Feminist. She’s an Independent Woman. But I Don’t Know Why She always Wanted Me To Confirm To Her Views. One Day She Sent Me a Copy of an Article She Have Written after Interviewing An Inmate Of Tihar Jail In Delhi. She Asked For My Opinion. She Was Sure That I’ll Be Confirming To Her Views But…

The Inmate Was Convicted For Raping a Five Years Old Daughter Of a Beggar. When She Asked Him Why He Did That ? His Reply Was A Jewel In The History Of Mankind. He Replied That She Was Begging Outside a Temple. When He Was Giving Her a Fruit His Pennis Got Accidentally Touched By Her Hand. He abducted Her and Raped Her. He Got Aroused By Her. It Was an Invitation to Fuck Her.

When She Asked That Wether He Have Any Regrets Or Not ? He Replied Again With a Gem Sentence In The History Of Mankind. He Replied That He Had No Regrets Except That The Girl Was Virgin and Now She Will Not Be Able To Get Married. So After His Release He Will Marry Her. She Told Him That The Kid Was Five Year’s Old and He Is already Forty. Then He Replied Obviously That He Was a Man. The Irony Here Is That The Temple Where This Happened Was For Worshipping The Mother Goddess.

There Was a Gynecologist. She Told Her That a Very Rich Couple Is Calling Her Almost Twenty Times a Day To Abort Their Girl Child. When She Asked For The Reason,She Was Shocked. The Couple Was Rich and Both Of Them Were Well Educated. Even Their Family Members Don’t Have Any Problem With The Girl Child. The Only Problem Was That They Were afraid Of The Fact That The Girl Child Can Be Raped By anyone at anytime. They Don’t Want Their Kid To Suffer In Such a Way. All Of This Entered In Their Minds When They Heard The News That An Three Months Old Infant Was Raped By Her Own Uncle In The Hospital.

There Was a Friend Of Mine. He Was a Muslim. A Girl Rejected Him. The Girl Was Fifteen Year’s Old and My Friend Was Off Course an Full Grown Adult. ” She Was a Bitch ” He Told Me. These Bitches are For You Guys,I Will Fuck Seventy Two Virgin Whores In Heaven. I Told Him That She Was a Kid. ” So What , Even Mohammad Had Married The Nine Year Old “. What He Don’t Know Was That Mohammed Was Trying To Protect The Girl and He Is Trying To Rape The Teen and Comparing Himself With Mohammed at The Same Time.

I Heard Somewhere That a Son Raped His Mother. In United States a Father Captivated His Own Daughters and Raped Them For Twelve Long Years. Somebody Sent Me a Video Of a Russian Teen Raping His Two months Old Brother Few Years Ago.

A Woman Divorced Her Husband Because She Have Seen Him Fucking Their Pet Bitch. Recently In Harayana State Of India Men Were Found Fucking Buffaloes and Goats Because There were No Girls To Marry. Very Recently Perhaps Yesterday a Man Raped a Cow Because Cow Is Sacred For Hindus and He Was a Muslim. I Can Recall Millions Of Such Types Of News. They Got Mixed In My Head. They Really Blew My Mind. That’s Why I Can’t Remember Exact Details Of Every Sin Committed By The Moral and Social Beings.

A Baby Was Found In a Gutter Near a Hospital. After Investigating Police Found That It Was Abandoned By a Young, Well Educated , Independent Woman Who Had an Affair With Her Own Father. The Baby’s Father Was Her Own Father.

My Friend Texted Me after a Few Days. ” Now You’re Convinced That Men and Women are Equal ? I Replied To Her That It Doesn’t Matter How Much You Try To Convince Me But Trust Me You Are Still a Fake Feminist. No,Men and Women are Not Equal. No Man Can Bear Such atrocities Committed On Them. Only Women Can Do That. They’ve Something Special In Them. They are Different. Womenhood Is Different Then a Manhood.

Now These Governments All Over The World are Trying To Convince Me That Humanity Can Be Destroyed By an Unseen Virus. They are Fooling You and Me Because Humanity Is already Dead. It Was Dead When The Eight Year old Girl In Kashmir Was Raped In Temple. It Was Dead When The Ten Years Old Girl Was Raped In Mosque. It Was Dead When The Concept Of God Died. It Died When Humans Got To Know That Nobody Is Counting Their Sins. Nietzsche Wrote Somewhere

God Is Dead

But It’s Only The Half Part. The Another Half Is That Humanity Had Died Along With Him. Now Only Animals are Left. It’s The Planets Of Apes Now. Humans Needs Authority and Meaning In Their Lives. Authority Which Can Make Them Free. Yes,No Matter How Ridiculous It Sounds But an Authority Can Make You Free. When You Know That Somebody Will Take Care Of all Of Your Problems and Will Take Responsibility Of Your Mistakes,You Become Free. But at The Same Time You Became Answerable To That Authority.

You Know Joker Was Always Right. If You Give Chance To People To Kill Others,They Will Kill. All The Moralities and Goodness are Nothing But Masks We Wear To Protect Our Real Identities. We all Already Dead. Corpses Needs Masks. Welcome To The World Of Zombies. Welcome To The Dark.

162 thoughts on “She Interviewed The Most Dangerous Animal

  1. Well.. how many times have this been discussed by men and women alike? How many times a solution has been sought out ? Has anyone found out what the real problem is? Is it the attitude of people? Is it because they are so sure God does not exist? Is it because of the way they have been brought up? Who knows? and will anyone tell if they already knows the problem and if they have the solution, will they share ? No !!! That is Humanity today. No one really cares about anyone or anything other than themselves. The world has shrunk so much. Such a PITY !!!

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  2. Agreed, humanity is dead and we live in this pathetic Kalyug where people are not born insane but gradually turn into the one. But isn’t society and the surrounding responsible for this. Not to forget the upbringing, but the social circle and media has also been playing vital role in this regard.

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  3. I Think It’s All Because Of The Degradation Of Human Values. The High Moral Values are Now Being Replaced By Materialistic Gratification. Humanity Is In Deep Crisis Within Itself and Unfortunately We Can’t Do anything About It. Thank You Very Much For Reading 🤗🙏

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  4. This is disturbing…. I am ashamed to be born as a human to live with these kind of monsters. Better would be if i were an animal in the forest. Those good animals have good hearts than these wicked humans.

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  5. Yes, It’s Disturbing and I Think Instead Of Developing Human Civilization Is Degrading Morally. Thanks for Reading 🤗🙏


  6. Fearing while reading but these become the common news but ignored news by the society .Humanity is dead for some but many have tears in their eyes.We cry with 8 years old kashmiri child Ashifa or 6months old baby or the cases of abortion to remove the girl child. Thanks to you to present this article awakening the society.🙏

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  7. Yeah,I Think There’s a Moral Degradation Of The Society Is Happening Because Of The Materialistic Forces. Thanks for Reading 🙏


  8. It just gave me goosebumps….
    It feels like I have so much to say, to add more utterances to this harsh reality and actions of cruel society but at the same time, I’m just speechless because no words are enough to tell that whatever happening around us, is not only merciless but also, inhuman…

    Very well written.. I just hope the words reach to the deaf ears and let’s just hope for a better place..

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  9. Unfortunately We are Moving Towards a Valueless Society. The Animal Nature Has Taken Over The Rational and Emotional Human Value Systems. We are Living In a Degradation Era.
    Thanks for Reading 🤗🙏

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  10. It is not new yet at every line I read again, it created a shock. The mentality surrounding rape like it’s not an act against humanity and is purely cruel , is terrifying, how widely it prevails.

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