Dust Is Your Destiny

Just Imagine ! You are Sleeping. Well, You Have Done This Already Many Times In Your Life Till Now. But, Imagine Now That You Never Woke Up again. Suddenly In Deep Sleep, Your Heartbeat Stops and You Don’t Even Know It. Before You Get To Know About This, There’s No You. You are Gone. Nothing is Left. All You Have Earned Has Become Dust For You. Everything You Achieved Become Unachievable again. All Your Friends, Relatives and Loved Ones Can’t Help You In This Most Needed Time. You are alone, Facing The Most Crucial Time Of Your Life – It’s Last Moment.

Next Morning ,Now People are Gathering around Your Body. Your Wife or Husband and Children are Crying. If You were Young Then Your Parents are Shouting and Crying at The Same Time. Your Girlfriend Is Trying To Hide Her Tears But She Can’t. But After a Few Hours All Of Them are In Hurry Now. They’re In Hurry To Get Rid Of You. Your Body Has Started Swelling and Smelling Now. They Bear You For The Last Time. They are Going To The Cemetery Or Graveyard Or Collecting Wood For Pyre. It Doesn’t Matter. It Doesn’t Matter That Either You’re Buried Or Burnt, Your Fate Will Be The Same. You Will Become Soil. If You’re Buried It Will Take Few Days and If You are Burnt It Will Take Few Hours But Ultimately Dust Is Your Destiny.

Now Imagine Few Years after That. The House You Lived In Belongs To Someone Else. Your Friends Have Forgotten About You. Your Relatives are Busy With Their Own Life. Your Wife Or Husband Have Either Married Someone Else Or Taking Care Of Your Children. Nobody Has Time To Think about You anymore. Your Girlfriend Is Now Somebody Else’s Wife. Your Boss Had Already Replaced You With Someone Alive. In Government Records You’re Dead, Therefore The Nation Doesn’t Care About You. Your Parents are Dancing In The Marriage Of Your Sibling Or Relative. You are Nowhere Except In The Memories Of People and People are Not Good at Memorizing Things. In Other Words You Never Existed In Reality. It Was The Soil Combined With Soul Which Was Playing a Role In This Huge Cosmic Drama.

All The Information You Know Is Nothing Now. All Your Hard Earned Money, Prestige Or Position Is Now Equals To a Grain Of Sand. All Known Becomes Unknown. It Doesn’t Matter What Was Your Political Opinion. You Were Fighting For Them all The Time But It Doesn’t Matter Anymore. It Doesn’t Matter That In Which Nation You Were Born, Which Language You Spoke, Were You a Fan Of Marvel comics Or Not, Have You Tasted Sex Or Not ? Nothing Matters, Niether Small Details Of Your Behaviour Nor The Abstract Principles You Believed. It’s Gone Forever. Do You Know How Forever Feels ? Just Close Your Eyes and Take a Deep Breath. That’s It. It’s The Forever after Your Death. The Whole Fourteen Billion Of Universe Seems Like Nothing To Us Now, Therefore Trillions Of Years after Us Will Be Nothing For Us Because We Won’t Be Here Simply.

You are Trapped In This Tiny Mud ball Orbiting an Average Star With Seven Billions Humans Like You. The Star Is Located In an average Galaxy With Two Hundred Billions Other Stars. It’s Nothing In The Supercluster and That’s Supercluster Is a Grain Of Sand In This Observable Universe. Universe Is Infinite and Will Be There For a Long Time – Almost Forever.

If You Haven’t Done Something Special Then Very Few People Will Remember You For Few Years & If You Have Done Something Special Then a Large Number Of People Will Remember You for a Long Time. After That Nobody Will Remember You Even In Memories. Also In Those Memorial Days, People Won’t Remember You as a Person But as a Work Which You Have Done.

That’s The Ultimate Destiny Of Everyone. In The Long Run All The Sins You Have Done Will Be Forgiven. Mistakes You Have Made Or Good Things You Have Done All Will Be Wiped Out. After a Few Hundred Thousand Or Few Millions Years Later There Will Be No Trace Of Humans Left On This Planet. Everything We Have Done Will Be Undone again. The Huge Skyscrapers Will Be Converted Into Dust. Huge Space Missions Will Be aborted Forever.

So,If You’re Worried about Your Job Or Someone Has Accidentally Sneezed On You Or You are Not Getting Appraisal,That Girl Had Rejected You Or You are Not able To Put Food In Your Plate,It Doesn’t Matter at All. Even If You are Good at Everything,It Doesn’t Matter at All. We All Are Going To Be Dust One Day. Some Had Already Become, Some are Becoming and Some Will Become and Dust Don’t Need Philosophies. They’re Not Right Wing Or Left Wing. If You’re Not Going To Die Today, You Will Die Tomorrow Or Few Years Later. Even The Universe Itself Will Die after a Few Trillion Years.

Universe Is Not Here For You. Sun Is Shining For Some Billion Years and Will Be Shining For Few Billion Years More. The Earth Is Not For You although Your Species Has Hijacked It. Nothing Is For You Here. The Universe Is Not Under any Moral Obligation To Make You Feel Special.

All Of Your Relationships are Nothing But an Interdependency Web Of Needs. Don’t Trust Me ? Then Please Try It at Home. Leave your Job For a Few Months. Just Sit and Eat. Become a Couch Potato. After Few Weeks You Will Notice That Food Cooked By Your Loved Mother Or Wife Will Start To Taste Bad. You Will Be Treated as a Useless Object. If It Continues For a Year Then You Will Be abandoned. Yes, That’s a Fact. It’s Not That People are Bad But It’s The Nature Of Reality.

Nobody Will Feed You For Long Time Unless They’re Being Rewarded For That. It’s The Thumb Rule Of Every Relationship – Give and Take. But We Humans Have a Tendency To Think Larger Than Life . We Give meaning To Everything. We Romanticize Everything. We Make a Perception and Think It as Reality.

In Other Words,Life Is Meaningless. Your are Not Special.What You Think Is Real Is Not Real Because You always Thinking Subjectively and Truth Is Objective. Here’s The Biggest Dichotomy Ever Existed – Reality Is Subjective and Truth Is Objective. Now You Will Say That If It’s Not Reality Then It’s Not Truth. So Please Give Up All The Subjective Realities and You Will Be Left With Nothing.

How ? Let Me Cite an Example. Your Mother Is a Reality,She Has Given Birth To You Biologically But Motherhood Is a Subjective Emotional Reality. If You Got Separated From Your Mother At The Time Of Birth Then She Will Not Bother You any More. Fatherhood Is More Funny Because It’s Nothing But a Social Relationship. That’s Why In His Deep Subconscious Every Son Is Envious Of His Father. It’s True For Every Relationship and Social Structures Like Love, Patriotism and Religion. If You Dig Deeper You Will Find Everything Either Fake, Temporary or Forced.

You Yourself Is Nothing But an amalgamation Of The People Around You. The Language In Which You Think Is Given By Others. The Thought Process and Topics For Thinking are Given By Others. That’s Why You Cry When Someone Close To You Die Because Some Portion Of Yourself Die With Him. So Even If There’s an afterlife,You Won’t Get There Because ‘ You ‘ as You are Burnt Or Buried Here.

The Whole System Is Trying To Convince You That This World Is a Reality and You are Fairly Convinced also. They Taught You To Do This For Success, Do That For Success and Nobody Knows What Success Is.They Suggest You To Do Few Things To Get Happiness and No One Knows What Happiness Actually Is .

Earn Money So That You Can Become a Good Consumer To Consume Things and Continue This Demand – Supply Cycle. They Told You To Respect Others, But They Never Told You That Respect Is Earned. They Have a State To Control Your Urges and If It’s a Communist State Then It’s The State Which Have You.

Everything You Have Told Is Either a Lie Or a Subjective Reality. It’s Your Perception About Truth and Not The Truth. If You Were Told The Truth You Will Probably End Your Life Because Death Is So Much Easier. Dying Is More Rational Because Having To Much Pain and Eventually Become Nothing Is Not a Good Thing Compared To Not Bearing any Pain and Become Nothing.

It’s Not Only Others Which are Fooling You But You Yourself are also Doing It To You. Your Will To Live,The Need For Survival Is Constantly Forcing You To Live and Believe In Others. Your Desires are The Fuel Of The Life although They’re harmful and Basically illogical.

So What’s The Way Out Of This Trap ? It’s Simple. Before you The Time Was Just a Moment. After You The Time Will Be a Moment. So Where Is Life ? It’s Here – In This Moment. Give Up all The Ideas Of Eternity. Give Up The Idea Of Being Remembered First. Live Like You’re Here For a Very Small Time. Become a Guest Of Life and Enjoy It’s Offerings. Never Try To Be The Owner Of It Because Simply You are Not. Stop Complaining Because In The Long Run All Of Your Complaints Will Be Wiped Out Including You.

He who has a why to live for can bear almost any how.

– Nietzsche

Yes It’s True That Universe Is Dead and It Don’t Care About You. Only a Jweller Knows The Importance Of a Diamond and Universe Is Not Good At It. It Took Millions and Millions Of Years To Produce You. From a small Single Cell to Space Explorer Like You,It Takes a Lot Of Hardwork and Time To Create a Person Like You. Although It’s True That You’re Not Special But You are Unique.

You are Also Precious Because You’re The Only Concious Part Of The Universe. You are Not The One For Whom Universe Should Care But It Should Be You Who Should Care About It. You are Not Beyond Universe But You’re The Universe Itself. You are The Way Of The Universe Of Experiencing Itself. It’s Good That It Has No Meaning Because Now You are Free To Give Any Meaning To It.

Be Selfish First. It’s The Fundamental Nature Of Existence. Try To Pursue Excellence. Do Whatever You Want to Do. Be Happy For Yourself. It Will Be a Great Service Of Mankind. Like Einstein Never Discover Relativity Because He Wanted To Change The World But He Have Done This Because He Enjoyed It. Any Great Personality You Remember From History, Never Done anything For You Or Anyone Else. They’ve Done It Because Either They Were Enjoying It Or They Thought It To Be True. Everything Else Is a By-product.

So Be True To Yourself. Universe Is Big and Forever as Per as Humane Terms. So There are Lot’s Of People To Meet,Wealth To Earn, Stories To Write, Planets To Explore, Movies To Watch and Moments To Enjoy. It’s Hugeness Is an Advantage. It Will Never Ran Out Of Topics To Talk about.

You Have a Limited Time and Resources and Your Sufferings Or Enjoyments Will Not Affect The Course Of The Grand Scheme of Things But It Affects You. That’s The Only Thing Which Matters Because If There’s No You Then There’s No Universe. There’s Niether Space Nor Time. Trillion Years Will Be Like a Blink. So Enjoy Everything and Make a Satisfying Story. Pain Is The Most Important Ingredient Of a Story. So Enjoy It also and Remember That In The Long Run It Doesn’t Matter at All. Make The Most Of It Right Now.

If there is a meaning in life at all, then there must be a meaning in suffering. Suffering is an ineradicable part of life, even as fate and death. Without suffering and death, human life cannot be complete.

– Dr. Viktor E. Frankl

If You Don’t Like The Job Then Leave It. If You’re Fed Of a Relationship Then Break It. Don’t Think Twice Because You Won’t Get any Second Chance. Leave All The Moral and Social Obligations Behind Because The Universe Itself Is Not Bounded By Them. If It Is Good For You and The Largest Number Of People Then Do It.

Death Is Inevitable So first Be Alive For It. It’s Not a Good Thing Die Every Moment Before Death.

You Can Live With Comforting Lies While Truth Can Kill You. Truth Is Dark, Absolutely Dark. So Please Beware of Truth.

48 thoughts on “Dust Is Your Destiny

  1. Yes,This Life Is The Only Moment We Have. After That Even ‘ Forever ‘ Is Nothing. Thank You Very Much For Appreciating πŸ€—πŸ˜πŸ™

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  2. Yes, This Is a Good Time Actually To Acknowledge That Our Existence Is Really Fragile and Means Nothing More Than Dust In Long History Of The World. Thank You Very Much For Reading πŸ˜πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ™

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  3. Philosophy of life and death at its best through your narration.
    And you beautifully articulated the absolute truth.So the lesson is
    β€œYesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift. That is why it is called the present.” Alice Morse Earle

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  4. Sorry for the intrusion if ever possible please do write a post on ego, false ego. How men and women use ego against each other to make a fake point of view.

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  5. Thank You So Much For Such a Deep Analysis. Today,This Moment Is The Only Time We Have after That and Before That Everything Doesn’t Matter At all. We Have To Search The Meaning Of Life In This Very Life.
    Again Thank You Very Much For Appreciating πŸ€—πŸ˜πŸ™πŸ€—πŸ™πŸ™

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  6. Awesome post. Examples explain it all. You have profounding stated everything which a person feels but is unable to comprehend. πŸ‘πŸ‘

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  7. Thanks πŸ€—πŸ™πŸ€— But Nobody Is Special In The Grand Scheme of Things. Really Thankful To You πŸ™πŸ™


  8. But No Ears Will Be There To Hear Those Echoes πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
    Thank You Very much For Appreciating πŸ€—πŸ™


  9. Interesting thoughts there…I dont agree with all….but it was so much fun to read….I know someone who thinks just like this….bav eto show them this post πŸ˜€

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  10. Thanks for Reading πŸ€—πŸ™ Yeah I Know It’s a Little bit Pessimistic But I Think It’s a Kind Of Reality Which We Want To Escape. Glad That You Like It πŸ˜πŸ€— Share It With Anyone You Want. That Will Be an Honour πŸ™

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  11. I have been accused of being unrealistically delusional. I believe in God and He gives me hope in this dark dark dark world….I enjoyed reading your post. It’s very well written and I definitely appreciate your creativity and opinionπŸ˜€

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  12. When you are facing demotivation for your own dream in this lockdown n your mind is blown by working hard universe get uh a nyc article to feel motivated n work bck β™₯️ loved to read ds one man

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