That Sinful Night

He Was Forty Eight. His Hair were Turning White With every Passing Day. Wrinkles are Now Easily Visible On His Face. His Hands Were Trembling for Last Few Months. He Was a diabetic.

He Lived In Middle Class Residential area & Was a Government employee Or a Clerk In The Electric Department Of The City Precisely. A typical Man Which You Can Find anywhere in a Metropolitan City. He Was an ‘ Uncle ‘ For Everyone. Strangers Respect Him & Known People Hated Him Especially The Girls & Ladies Because He Was an Asshole.

He Wasn’t Shy Of anyone. He always Got Into Quarles almost Everyday with His Neighbours. He Was a Chain Smoker. He Abuses In Front Of Ladies & Kids. He Spank Children Without Any Reason. He Was an alcoholic Also. If You haven’t Any money & Need a Drink Then You Can Join Him after ten every Night. Also He Was a Regular Customer of The Brothels Nearby. Sometimes He Pay & Sometimes Don’t But He Was Visiting for More Than a Decade So He Had a Goodwill There . He Used To Pay All His Dues On The Second Day of Every Month.

He Had No Family & His Relatives Don’t Give a Fuck About Him. He Was a Nhilist & Materialistic Person. The Only Thing He Cared about Getting a New Hole Everytime on His Brothel Visit. He Need Tea In The Morning, Cigarettes After Lunch, Whiskey In The Evening & a Girl In The Night. However He Visits Brothel Only Thrice a Week Because Of His age Now.

His Life Was Meaningless. When Somebody Told Him To Take Care Then He Started Preaching His Philosophy. What We Have Bring With Us & What We Will Take along With Us ? Everything Will Be Left Here & We Will Die. Even The Body Will Become Soil. It’s Nothing But a Play Of Breaths, One In & Other Out. We Can’t Do anything If The Next One Doesn’t Come In. We Don’t Have any Control. So You Will Die Of Regretting While I Will Die In Satisfaction. I am Free, You are Chained. I Do Whatever I Want. It’s My Life & It’s My Choice & Blah blah

Nobody Ever Took Him Seriously.

But Things Were Not always Like That. He Was Also a Happy Man With a Sense Of Purpose. He Had a Family. His Wife Was One Of The Most Beautiful Lady Of The Locality. He Had a Two Years Old Daughter. He Loved Her More Than Everything. Even He Had Started Saving Money For Her Wedding. However His Wife Was Little Bit Weak. She Often Got Headaches,Coughs Or Fever almost Everyday. She Wasn’t able to Raise The Child & Doing Daily Household Chores at The Same time. So, They Hire a Maid For It.

The Maid Was Very Talkative & Pleasent Person. She Won Their Trust Quickly. One Day They Leave Their Daughter alone With Maid & Went to a Relative’s Wedding. When They Came Back The Maid Was Gone Along With Their Daughter and a Good Amount of cash and Jewellery.

They Tried Everything But Failed. The Maid & There Cute Little Daughter Was Gone away Forever. The Maid Had Betrayed Them. It Wasn’t about the Money But They Have Lost Their Daughter. They Have Lost Their Meaning Of Life. His Wife Wasn’t able To Bear This Trauma. She Died after Few Months.

Now After All These Events He Grew Up Into This hateful Old man. I Have Heard His Story Many Times Off Course From Him. He Often Showed Photo Of His Two Years Old Daughter To Me. Everytime When I Tried To Comfort Him,He Starts Crying. ” If My Daughter Was Here Today With Me, I Will Wed Her To A Young Man Like You. The Wedding Function Will Be The Biggest In Town. The Whole City Will See.” It Was a Routine Thing To Me.

Whenever I Tried To Told Him To Control His Urges & Give Up Brothel Visiting,He Shouted at Me. “Who The Hell You are ? You Such Young Loser. What You Have Done With Your Life ? You Do The Job You Hate. You Write To Please Others & You Drink With an asshole Like Me ” ?

He Keep Visiting Brothels. Last Time Where He Was Seen Was a Brothel. He Asked The Pimp for Something New, Something Like a Fresh Hole. He Was Sent In The Room With a New Girl.

He Was Amazed By Her Looks. He Talked To a Prostitute For The First Time. Otherwise He Just Put His Penis In The glorious hole and That’s It. women Were Just a Meat For Him. He Fuck Her & Off Course He Enjoyed It and She Doesn’t as Expected. But It Was The Most Enjoyable Experience For Him. She Was Damn Good.

“How old are You” He asked.

“I am Twenty Two” She Replied.

“How Long For You are Doing This ?”

“For More Than Two Years But Why are You asking ?”

“Nothing Special . What’s Your Name?”

As She Told Her Name His Hands Started Trembling. He Saw a Photo On a Table In The Room

“Who is She ?” He Shouted.

“She Was My Mother. She Was The One Who Introduced Me To This Job. She Hated Me & I Don’t Because She Was The Only Known Relative Of Mine.

“Where is Your Father?”

I Don’t Know & I Don’t Care Either. Even She Wasn’t My Real Mother at all. She Told Me Before Dying That She Had Stolen Me From Somewhere.But It Doesn’t Matter Now. “

He Was Shattered In Tears. The Girl Tried To Comfort Him But He Saw Her Face,Kissed Her On forehead , Said Sorry & Then Ran Away. He Ran & Ran as Much as He Can. He Fainted Near The Railway station. Nobody Was There To Help Him. Suddenly He Saw His Face In The Mirror Of No One Knows Whose. He Cried. He Shouted & Fell Down. After Calming a Little Bit He Light Up a Cigarette & Walked To The Platform. The Train Was Coming In Few Minutes and…

Next Day Police Knocked My Door. They Told Me That He Was Dead. His Body Was Found In Pieces. The Only Thing Which Was Recognisable Was His Shirt Which He Had Wore Yesternight. I Found a Photo of A Cute Two Years Old Girl In The Pocket Of His Shirt Whom He Had Seen Last Night after Twenty Years.

I Done His Funeral & Burnt The Photo Of The Kid In The Pyre. Some Truths are Not Meant to Be Told.

His Philosophy Was Wrong. He Took The Load Of Sins Along With Him. He Was Right That Life Is Meaningless But It Was The Half Truth. The Complete Truth Is ‘ The Hope ‘. One Should Be Alive Before Death. Living To Die Is Not The Solution. If You Have Lost Everything That Doesn’t Make You Free Because You Can’t Be Free Of Yourself. You Can’t Ran Away From Yourself. Your Conscience Is Always There & Only Way To Get Rid Of It Is Death.

39 thoughts on “That Sinful Night

  1. Shayd kabhi na keh sakun main tumko…….Kahe bina tum samjhoge nahi…Actually- A very heartfelt storyline. Some truths are best hidden. Sometimes I feel, how does death feel like? Is it sore, Is it dark or abusive, Is it rude or Is it Calmness and Pleasure or both or none! But, You took me on a different level with your story!

    I want to ask how do you write these? These thoughts! Amazinggggg!

    Liked by 5 people

  2. Thank You From The Deepest Core of My Heart. For Me Death Is Beautiful Because It Wipe Out all The Pains & Miseries, Urges & Incompleteness. It Completes Life. Thank You Very Much πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ™πŸ™πŸ˜

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  3. By the time i started reading this story…… and the way uh were started elaborating that his wrinkle, his body, his age and all….πŸ€” and the time uh said he was a diabetic🀨….. it made me laughed for a while… seriously… pls don’t mind….. i controlled myself and started reading further…… what i found in you that you can easily make any situation whether it is a visionary, imaginary whatever…. you are just amazing at this….. the way you elaborate, string the words in perfect emotions…. oh god it is AWESOME πŸ™‚πŸ‘

    Liked by 3 people

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