Some Bitter Truths

Human Nature Is Deeply Flawed.

Being Selfish Is a Good Thing, It’s Natural after all.

Freedom Is a Necessity to Be Human.

All Life Is Scared Except that Of the evil one.

Evil & Good are The Different Sides of The Same Coin.

To Be Evil Prefer Evil & To Be Good Prefer Good, Choice Is Yours, Remember Killing Evil Is Not Evil

Morality By Own Is Moral & By Other’s It’s Slavery.

Equality Of Outcome Is a crime against Humanity.

Uniqueness is the Way Of being only found in human.

The Clock Can Run Backwards But Time Doesn’t.

Soul can have rebirth but life Doesn’t.

Mind is not a garbage dumping ground.

Nobody Loves You More than You.

If Not Now Then Never.

Being Contented Doesn’t Mean Not Trying For More.

Herd’s Ideas & Culture are Shit.

History & Politics Both are Opinion So Don’t Care About Them Unless You are a Historian or Politician.

Lion Is always Evil In Deer’s Story & So Is Hunter In Lion’s Story.

Universe Don’t Care About The One Who Is On The Side Of Goodness Truth Or Justice , It Cares about only The Powerful one.

The stronger One Automatically Perceived as the good one.

Pleasure Is in small things & Is always preferable.

If You Can’t Laugh on a Same Joke again & again Then How Can You Cry By Remembering Past again & again

The Best Way To Know Your Future Is To Make It By Yourself.

Don’t worry about who will cry When you die because you won’t be able to listen.

Death Is inevitable But You Have To be Alive for it.

If There’s Only Good, Then There’s No Good
If there’s only Happiness Then There’s No Happiness.

A Heaven Without Hell Is a Hell & Vice Versa.

Sacrifice Is The Key But Not For Every Lock.

Money Can’t Buy Happiness But It Can Buy The Reason of It.

Some People are Born to be slave, Some Born to Die, only few are born To rule.

Universe don’t have moral obligations because it don’t have Consciousness But humans have Both.

Luck Is Nothing But The Cause which you Don’t know.

Men are not Happy, Women are Not Happy But Being Together They Both Can Create Happiness Like Hydrogen Speeds up Burning & oxygen speeds up burning but water Stops Burning.

Beings Without any taste in art, Culture, Music & Spirituality are Donkeys In Human skins.

All Exclusions aren’t Necessarily Discrimination.

From His ability to His Needs Is Fundamentally a Wrong Idea Because abilities are Limited & Needs are Endless.

Don’t Break Illusions Of Other Peoples Unless You are Being Paid For It.

Nothing Is Free, Even You Have to return Love & Care of Your Parents In Their Old-age.

Everyone Is Special & Everyone Thinks The Same.

Truth Is Truth & It Don’t Give a Fuck about Your Feelings.

The Only Thing Which Is Permanent In The Universe Is ‘Change’.

Life Is Multi Dimensional, Excelling In One Dimension Won’t Make You Great Like Toping In One Subject Won’t Help You In Get Promoting to Next Class.

Universe Is Too Big , There are Infinite Number of Beings & God Doesn’t Have Enough Time To Listen To Everyone’s Prayers.

Sometimes You Have To Kill Others To Survive Which Is Good But Sometimes You Have To Hurt Others With Needle to satisfy your Greed Which Is a Sin.

War & Pain Is My Destiny & I Can’t avoid it.

Taking That Which You Haven’t Earned Or Obliged To Take Is A Theft.

Begging Is Eternal, it only Change forms But It’s Inhumane Also.

Eating animals don’t Make you Brave But Closer to The Grave.

Use People, Give Them Something & Take Something in Return That’s Business Dude & Not Crime.

Not Killing The Evil Is Equal To Killing Many Innocents. Blood Of Evil Actually Purifies The Earth For Good Ones.

The Earth Gives The Food To The One Who Can plough, The Woman Give The Love To The One Who Can Protect, The Life Gives Everything To The One Who Can Work & Shopkeeper Gives Goods To The One Who Can Pay For It.

Opposites Attract & Equals Hate Each Other

Life Is Meaningless For Those Who Don’t Want To Conquer The Universe & Life Is Meaningless For Those Who Want To Conquer The Universe But Life Is meaningful To those Who Want to Live & Conquer Themselves.

To Be Cruel Is Sometimes Good, To Be Greedy Is Sometimes Good, To Be Irrational Is Sometimes Good & To Be Clean Is Always Good.

35 thoughts on “Some Bitter Truths

  1. Each and every quote teaches much. I really got stuck in this one “The Clock Can Run Backwards But Time Doesn’t.” Though it’s a fact we knowingly or unknowingly ignore it. Thanks for sharing this collection 🤩❤️

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  2. That’s Really Sweet Of You. I am Really Thankful To You from the deepest Core of My Heart. Thank You for Such an Encouraging Appreciation 🤗🤗🙏🙏😍🙏

    Liked by 1 person

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