The Star Who Paid For Your Golden Ring

Okay,Too Much of Pessimism Is Taken on Our lives. Our Whole Life Is Halted . Some Human Minds are Happy In Solitude While Some Brains are Just Craving for External Stimulus. The Biggest Thing We Were Lacking Before This Was ‘ Time ‘ & Now We Have Too Much of It. It’s Enough To Die & Born Again Spiritually. You Can Become a Whole New Person & Off Course a Couch Potato In The Same given Time. It’s The Science Of life. So Let’s Talk Some Science Behind Life, It’s Meaning & Philosophy. Yes, There’s a Point Where All Physics Dissolves Into Philosophy. Whole Science Converts Itself Into Religion & Whole Theology Changes Into Psychology. That Is The Moment In Time of Extreme Freedom. It’s The Moment Of Extreme Bliss. All These Division Of Subjects are Only Created By Humans To Comprehend The World Around Them.
Do You Think Life is Precious ? But Why ? To Understand This, Let’s Begin With Gold. Why It’s So Precious ? I Mean It’s Useless In a Sense. Then Why It Costs So Much ? Iron, Silicon & Cooper are More Important Then Why It’s Precious ? Simply Because Of It’s Lack of Abundance ? Nope .

It’s Precious Because Of It’s Formation. A Gigantic Star Born Just after The Big Bang Had Died & Become a Neutron Star. It Died again By Colliding With another Star In a Supernovae & Spread all The Heavier elements in the Universe & Gold Was One Of Them. These Elements got Mixed With Gas Clouds & Form New Stars & Planets. This Happens To Our Solar System Also. That’s Why Gold Is So Precious. A Star Has To Die Twice So That You Can Gift a Golden Ring To Your Girlfriend Or Wife.
That’s Why You Matters. Your Life Matters. Life Is Everywhere But How You Were formed Makes You Precious. It Takes So Much To Produce a Concious & Moral Being Like You. Universe Is Big & It Don’t Care About You But Still You’re The Most Valuable Part Of It. You are The Way of Universe of Experiencing Itself. You Give it a Value. Like Gold Ring Doesn’t Make Your Woman Happy But The Value Of Your Love You Attached With It Make It Important for Her. So Does The Universe. But How?

Life Is Meaningless. We all are Born Accidentally & Don’t Matter In Grand Scheme of Things or We ? This Nihilism Has Taken Over Our Spieces. Man Was Never Searching For Survival at all. He Was Searching For Meaning. He Wants Something Special,Moral & Big To Live. Centuries Ago Religion Does This For Man. Yes Religion Wasn’t The Reason Of Hatred and Regressive at all .It Gave Us Meaning. In Other Words God Gave Us a Meaningful Life. But Now God Is Dead & Materialistic Nature Of Science Killed Him. So We Have No Meaning Left In Our Lives. We are Born To Die. We Live To Die. No Institutions,No Morality,No Deeper Sense Of Being. A Senseless Hook Up Culture. Nothing Else.


What If I Tell You That Science Itself Is a Philosophy With More Certainty & It’s Not Materialistic at all. Scientific Evidences actually Have Deeper Meaning Than Religious Doctrines.

Okay Let’s Leave Philosophy and Do Some Science. Let’s Ponder On Some Basic Fundamental Principles of Physics and Get Something Which Is Really Deep and Meaningful. Let’s Study Few Laws Of Science and See What Is The Deeper Meaning Hiding In Them. Here We Go…

The Law Of Eternity
I am Sorry But You Can’t Die. Yeah,I am Not Cursing You With This Painful Existence But That’s One Of The Fundamental Law Of Thermodynamics. It States That Matter and Energy Can Niether Be Created nor Destroyed. You are a Material Being. You are Made Of Same Things as Stars Made Of. So You are Nothing But a More Compressed Form Of Energy. So You Can’t Die. You Can Only Change Forms. You Were a Quark At The Beginning. Later You Become a Star and Then Single Cell Organism & Now You’re Sharma Ji’s Friend & Later You Will Become Something else. So If You Leave Your Small & Subjective Ego, You Will Never Cease to Exist at all. Infact Universe Will Never Die. After Infinite Time Just Few Quantum Fluctuations and Nothing Will Become Everything again. Universe Is Cyclical. It Never Dies. Infact Physically It Doesn’t Exist Either. According To Physicists The Mass Of Universe Is Zero. So anything Which Don’t Exists Can’t Die at all.

The Theory of Relativity
According To This Law Time & Space are Relative to The Observer. So If You Speeds Up To The Extent That You Becomes Light,Time Will Stop But For You Only.The Other Slow Beings Will Only Wait for Changing of The calander . It also Means That Your Reality Is Subjective To Your Perceptions. So If You Perceive an Event as Positive,It Will Be Positive for You. Universe Actually Imitates You. The World Is Therefore In Your Mind. So as We Know Universe Is Unconscious & You’re The Concious Being. It Becomes As You Want It to Be. Nothing Is Good Or Evil. It’s a mix. So Life Becomes as You See It. Even Death Can Be a Beautiful Event If You Think Like Socrates. You Can Recite Gita In The Middle Of The Battlefield. So In a Way You are The Creator & Destroyer Of Your Problems. That Doesn’t Means That Problems Don’t Exist But You Can Choose To Suffer Or Not. This Is Science & Not a Motivational Quote.

Space Time Curvature

Dual Nature Of Existence
According To Physics Universe Is In a Perfect Balance. For Every atom of Matter There’s an dark Matter atom. For Every Up Quark There’s a Down Quark & So On. That’s Why For Heat There’s Cold. For Every Pain There’s a Pleasure. You Can’t Experience One Without The Other. Life Is all About Balance. There’s Pain & Suffering No Doubt about That But There’s Also Happiness. For Every Negative There’s a Positive. For every Evil Person There’s a Good Person. Then Why See So Much Bad People around Us? It’s Simple Math. Bad People are Always Aggressive. The Wave Rises High and Falls But The Sea Doesn’t. Even In These Days You are Viewing Bad Guys on The Streets & Good Guys at Home. So For an Observer It Will Look Like That Only Bad Exist But In Reality it’s a Perfect Balance. So You Can’t Give a Judgement. It’s True That Few Million People are Suffering Because Of an Economic System But Billions of People are Flourishing Because Of That Same System.

The Chaos Theory
You Can’t Do Anything Because You Don’t Have Anything Big. You Don’t Have Money, Power Or Top Position. What If I Tell You That You Don’t Need anything Still You Can Make The Difference ? Yes It’s True. According to Physics If You Change a Very tiny Variable Of an Event,The Outcome Changes Completely. Life Is always affected By Small Decisions & Not The Big One. An Ape Like Creature Millions Of Years Ago Accidentally Smashed Two Stones and Fire Lit Up. Now Millions of His Descendants are Firing Rockets To Other Planets. A Man Was In Hurry,So He Bought The Last Ticket Of a Train In South Africa. It Was a First Class Ticket & He Was Coloured. He Was Thrown Out Of The Compartment. He Don’t Reply Violently. But It Hurt Him Deeply. Later On He Liberated Two Countries Non Violently. Now Remove That Small Event From History & You Will See Everything Will Be Changed. India & South Africa Will Never Became What They’re Today If That Man Wasn’t In Hurry That Day.

The Complexity Theory
According To This Theory Life always Moves From Simplicity To Complexity. It’s The Fundamental Nature Of Being. From a Single Cell Organism To Space Explorer Spieces Like Us It’s The Way Of Existence. Life Thrives For Complexity. It Never Contented With What It Have. It Evolves Because Of This. A Life Without Complex Problems Is Not a Life At All. The Only Way To get Rid Of problems Is to Die. So If You are Getting Some Really Complex Problems In Your Life, Congratulations You are On The Right Path. You are Alive & Evolving. Just Go & Face It.

These Were Very Few Of Millions Of Laws Of Science. Scientific Discoveries Are Endless. We Have Made Remarkable Progress In Few Years. It Has Reached To An Extent That It Become Incomprehensible. Our Collective Knowledge Had Grew Exponentially In Few Decades. It’s a Long & Deep Journey. That’s Why I am Not Going Into Deep Quantum Mechanics, Relativity, Biology, History, Physics, Chemistry Or Cosmology Because It’s Endless. Infact It’s a Law In Itself That Information Can’t Be Destroyed.

The Important Thing Is That Wether You Derived a Meaning From It Or Not. You Don’t Need a True Utopian World Often Religiously Called Heaven. There’s No Heaven Out There Filled With Beautiful Women Dancing Naked and seas Of Whiskey. You Don’t Need To Believe In Those Fantasies To Escape From The Pain & Sufferings Of Life. You Need a Reasonable Reason. Nothing Else. Life Does Not Begin after Death Niether You are Born Because Of a Sin. You Don’t Need To Die To Achieve Eternal Happiness Because Eternal Happiness Don’t Exist Anywhere.

Science & It’s Materialistic Nature Itself Can You Give The Deeper Meaning To Live For. Nhilism Is Temporary & Freedom Is Eternal. So Just Go Out – Not Now But After Lock Down Removed & Face The World. Now You Know The Fundamental Laws Of The World and Have A Huge Data & Research To Justify Them. You Don’t Need God anymore, So His Existence Don’t Matter To You Anymore.

So,The Next Time You Face a Really Deep & Complex Financial,Family, Emotional, Psychological, Physical Or Spiritual Problem Congratulate Yourself Because Now You are Out Of The Herd and Alive & Evolving.

Next Time You See Bad Things are Happening To You Then Remember That Good Things are ahead Because It’s Fundamental Law of Nature & Not a False Hope.

Next Time You Face Fear Of Your Death Or Your Loved Ones Then Remember That Nobody Can Die. They Merely Change Form. It’s True That Now You Can Touch Your Loved Ones Because They’re Dead But They Have Changed There Fragile Body Into Memories. Now They are With You Everytime & Everywhere.

Next Time If You Feel Smaller Or Inferior In any aspect Then Remember Life Is Made Of Small Things. It’s Chapter That Makes A Book & Not The Huge Cover. Also Remember Corona Virus – an Non Living Entity Which Is So Small That It Is Invisible To The Naked Eye & How It Successfully Shuts Down The Nations Who Were Spending Billions For Planning Big Nuclear Explosions. Nothing Is Small. Every Small Decision You Make Will Make a Huge Impact on Your Life. So Beware of Small Things & Be Happy To Be Small.

You Don’t Need To Have Some Big Thing To Change The World,You just Need To Change a Few Variables Here & There and The World Will Change Itself. You Don’t Need To Necessarily Suffer. Remember Problems are Inevitable But Suffering Is a Choice. Repeating Again Suffering Is A Choice and I am Not saying This Nor Bible, Quran Or Gita Or The Communist Menifesto Preached This. It’s The Albert Einstein’s Theory.

“When you sit with a nice girl for two hours you think it’s only a minute, but when you sit on a hot stove for a minute you think it’s two hours. That’s relativity.”

It’s Up To You. The moment Of Extreme Fear Is The Moment Of Extreme Freedom. The Moment Of Absolute Terror Is The Moment Of Absolute Bliss. God Or Whatever You Respect Has Placed The Best Things In Life On The Other Side Of The Terror.

Now You Know That Not More Important But Toughly Formed Things are Precious. The Bigger The Pain,The Bigger The Sacrifice The Bigger The Price. You Can Become a Golden Being Yourself But You Have To Die Psychologically and Sacrifice Your Old Pessimistic Value System. You Have To Explode In Tears First.
So Next Time When Your Girlfriend ask for a Gift Give Her a Golden Ring & Tell Her about the Neutron Star Who Died Twice For Her Love.

That Golden Ring is a dead star

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