Back On Track

Hello,Friends How are You Guys ? I Was Suffering From Some Physical Ailment,Off Course Not COVID – 19 Which Is Nothing But a Chinese Biological Warfare. Yeah I am The One Who Believe In Such Conspiracy Theories. But That ailment Has Almost Killed My Inner Creative Being.

I Wasn’t Able To Write anything Because Mind Was Bobbling Everywhere. There Was No Coherency. Nor In Life, Neither In My Mind. Because Of This I Faced a Huge Writer’s Block.

But Now Bad Days are Over Atleast For My Mind. So Hopefully Many Of You are Enjoying Your Solitude. This Is The Best Time To Reflect On Your Life. You Can Create Your Own Life Philosophy. You Can Find Answers To The Deepest Questions Of The Existence. You Can Do It Yourself. The Most Important Person In Your Life Who Loves You The Most Is ‘You’ . So Create Your Own Self.

Now I am Back On Track. I Am Thankful To all Of You For Your Support. You Know It’s Easy To Be Lazy & Sit Down. It’s The Third Law Of Thermodynamics. Everything’s Going To Chaos From Order. So It’s Easy To Get along With The Chaotic Nature Of Reality But Being In Order Requires Effort. It Requires Energy & Your Support Is My Energy. Your Comments are The Energisers For Me. Thank You For All Of This Love & Motivation.

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