Some Deadly Funny Truths

  • Death Is The Biggest Killer In The World,Neither Terrorism Nor Poverty & Not Even Diseases.
  • Life Itself Is Sexually Transmitted,So Have It As Much As You Want & Give Life.
  • Good Health Is Merely The Slowest Possible Rate at Which One Can Die. So If You Stay Healthy Then A Few Days Will Be added In Your Lifetime But These Will Be Added In Old Age & Not In Youth.
  • Men Have Two Emotions – Hungry & Horny & they can’t tell them apart So if You See gleam in His Eyes, Give Him a Sandwich & Chai ( Tea ).
  • Give a Person a Bread & You feed Them For a Day. Teach a Person To Use Internet & they Won’t Bother About You for Weeks, Months & Possibly Years.
  • Health Conscious People are going to feel stupid someday, lying in hospital & Dying of Nothing.
  • All of Us could take a Lesson From Weather. It pays No attention to The Criticism . It Don’t Give a Damn.
  • In Good Old Days People Used to Take Drugs To feel The World as Weird.Now The World Is Weird & People Take Drugs To feel It as Normal. So Always Stay High.
  • Life Is Like a Home Made Red Peppers Powder. What You Do Today, Might Burn Your Stomach & Off Course That Part Tomorrow.
  • Don’t Worry about the Old age,It Won’t Last That Long.
  • A 6000 Years Old Book Found In China States That People are Getting Badder & Badder Now. They Were Better Few Years Ago. So If People Were Bad & Valueless Even 6000 Years Ago Then Who Cares Now. Don’t Give A Damn About These Peoples,They Fought World Wars & Now They are Fighting In TV Debates.
  • Wether You Like It Or Not But The World Is Actually a Better Place Now. Extreme Poverty Is Shrinking, People are Becoming Wealthier & Living Longer Now. so Give Up all Your Fake Super Heroic Thoughts.

59 thoughts on “Some Deadly Funny Truths

  1. LOL. Health Conscious People are going to feel stupid someday, lying in hospital & Dying of Nothing. That’s me. I loved the weather… in fact, I loved all. LOL. Shared wherever I could.

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  2. Hi Good Morning,
    I have nominated you for a blogger recognition award so please check my post-
    I hope you will accept my invitation to accept the award. Thanks, Sara

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  3. Well, Bharat Is Not Band At All. Actually Too Much Politics Is Going On Here. The Right Wing Nationalists Government Is Back Therefore Everything Is Being Tried By The Leftists To Make It unstable. It’s Propaganda Being Pushed. Violence Is Used & What Not.

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