Oh Alexander ! Please Stop

I Was Just Wandering Outside The Parking Of My Office Building after Lunch. A Hot Girl Was Parking Her Car There. I Was Staring Her Which Is a Normal Thing Only If She Didn’t Notice. Thoughts Were Running In My Mind. I Was Promoted Very Recently To Managerial Position In The Company. ” I Will Do More, I Will Buy My Own Luxury Home One Day. I Will Buy a New Car & Will Marry a Sexy Woman Like Her. One Day Definitely I’ll be the CEO & Retire . I Will Be The King One Day. I’m going to Conquer the Whole World One Day.” I Was Assuring Myself In My Mind.

Suddenly a Deep Masculine Voice Arose from Nowhere ” Oh Alexander !Please Stop .”Many Before You Have Tried To Conquer the Whole World, After You People Will Be trying to Do So But Nobody Has Succeeded yet & nobody Will succeed ever. ”

A Baba ( Hindu Monk ) Was Lying Under a Tree Which Wasn’t Matching to the Cosmopolitan Background. He Was Strong , Infact More Then Healthy & Bearded. An Unstitched Saffron Garment Was Covering His Upper Body While a Darker Saffron Dhoti Was Covering His Lower Portion. He Was Smoking Ganja ( Weed ). An Aura of Purity Was Lightning His Face.

” See Babaji ,I am an Atheist So Don’t Preach Me This Shit. I Have Seen Too Many Of You Guys Who Enjoy Themselves & Preached Austerities To Others. You are Physically Fit,Why Don’t You Work,Get Up .”

“What You Will Do after Becoming CEO He asked” . “How Did You Get To Know This. I Was Thinking This. Can You Read Mind “, I Was Shocked.

Don’t Worry,Just Relax. It Doesn’t Matter. What Matters Is That what you will do after Achieving that,He Consoled Me.

” I will Be relaxing & having fun “, I Replied.

He started Laughing & Put His Chillum In My Hand . ” I am Doing The Same Right Now & I Don’t Have To Work For That ” ,You Can Also Do It Right Now.

” The Sleep after Hard work Is More Relaxing. The Child Delivered By Mother Herself Is More Dear To her Then adopted One. The One Who Have Can Only Renounce. A Beggar Can’t Be a Chooser”, I replied.

” What Do You Think About Life ” ,He Said. ” What You Think ” I Counter Questioned Him.

My Opinion Doesn’t Matter. Life Is an Opinion In Itself. Everything You’ve Imagined Which Can Provide Happiness Is Actually an Opinion Which You Have Formed On Perception. You Think CEO Is Happy But You Don’t Know That He Really Is. Happiness Is an Illusion infact World Is an Illusion, It’s ‘Maya’ . There are As Many Worlds are There as Many as People are There. Everyone With His Own Opinions about World. Nothing Is True Here.

Everything You Achieved Will Become Unachieved One Day. Everything You Have Done Will Be Undone One Day. You Will Leave This Existence With Nothing. You Were Born With Nothing. Everything You Have Seen,Did,Eat Or Think Is Just Momentary & Subjective To Your Being. If There’s No You Than No World Exists anywhere. Be Fearless My kid,You Have Nothing To Loose . All Of Your Mistakes Will Be Forgotten.

You Were Born Out Of Zero & You Will End up Being Zero & Not The CEO. Not Just You But The Whole Universe Has The Same Fate. So Enjoy Everything Here Without Complaining. Come Join Me. Smoke This Ganja & You Will Be Free.

” I Don’t Use These Things ” I Replied Smilingly Because I Know That He Was Saying Something Needs To Be Heard. I Was Mesmerized To Be Precise.

“Oh !You Have Used Vagina & Cars as Drug”.

“What !” I was Shocked On Unexpected Words From a Yogi. ”

Everyone Has His Own Drug To Escape The Truth. Reality Is Subjective Boy. So Be Selfish First. Be What You are & Do What You Want. Never Think Of Others Because Nature Don’t Permit That. The Tree Is Not Here So That We Can Sit Here & Talk. The Sun Is Not Here For Us. Flowers are Smelling Beautifully Because They Have To Do It. It’s Natural To Them. They aren’t Giving Smell For Others Due To Moral Obligations.

You Must Do What You Have To Do , Everything Else Will Follow. Nobody Is Here For anybody. Nobody Will Die With You. The World Doesn’t Care But Your World Is Caring for You. If You Learn Alphabet, You Can Learn any Language,If Learned How To Count Then You Will Learn Mathematics. If You Learn How To Deal With Yourself Then You Can Deal With Everything In The Universe. Change Yourself & World Will Change.

All Pleasures are Imagined. For a Woman, a Man’s Body Is Desirable & For a Man a Woman’s Body Is Heaven. But For Woman Her Own Body Is a Problem. She Has To Bear Monthly Ailment, Social Problems etc But For Man Her Same Body Is Just Next To Heaven. But When Both Man and Women Unite Then All Their Pains Washed Away & Joy is Created Likewise All Your Pleasures are Distributed In Your Past & Future By You. You Think Your Childhood Was Fun But When You Were A Child You Wanted To be an adult. Now You Want To Be Retire as CEO. In The Moment When Your Past & Future Will Unite,The Pleasure Of Present Will Be Created.

“You Know What Control Population ?” He asked. “It’s Birth Controlling Measures, Governments & all the Scientific Development” I Replied.

No It’s TV & Population Will Decline More Because Of Smartphones He Said laughingly.

“How” I asked.

“Because People Can Now Find Entertainment Easily”.

“What It Has To Do With Life”. I Questioned.

Small Changes For a Long Time Can Change Everything. A Civilization Can’t Be Finished By Wars & Looting Their Resources But It Can’t Be Easily Destroyed By Sexual Choices Of It’s Women. If Wars Can Do any Harm Then There Should Be No Humanity Existing Today & No Hindus In This Country. But Hindus are Still here .On The Other Hand European Peoples are Getting Blacker & Blacker Everyday. Few Small Choices Can Wipe Out Civilizations. Life Is In Small Things. That’s Why I am More Happier Than You Even If You a Become a CEO One-day.

You Don’t Need To Conquer The World To Be Happy But You Need To Conquer Yourself. When You Will Loose all Hopes,You Yourself Will Become a Hope. The Universe Will Feel Itself Through You. When You Leave Yourself You Will Get Everything.

I Don’t Get It Babaji. On The One Hand You are Discriminating Between Hindus & Invaders , European Whites & Blacks ,On The Other Hand You are Talking About Universe?

I am Citing You Examples Of The Civilizations Because I Don’t Interfere With Destiny Of The Individual. You Give Me Yourself & I Will Give You The Universe.

I Know That He Wasn’t Telling Anything New,I Have Already Heard These Things Because I am An Indian. But Somehow I Believed Him. I Take A Puff From His Chillum & Said Yogi Ji Tell Me Where we Have To Go.

He Said You Have To Go Nowhere. You Have To Be Now Here. I Nodded My Head & Went Back To My Office Building. I Went To My Desk. Put My Bag On My Shoulders & Literally Ran Away To The Parking.

But Nobody Was There,Tree Was There But That Monk Wasn’t There. I Looked Everywhere But Nobody Was Anywhere. I Saw A Parking Attendant and ask Him If He Had Seen Some Monk Going Out Of The Parking.

He Said ” Le Rakhi Hai Kya ” ( Have You Drunk ?). I Just Leave For Home. In Night I Got a Phone Call From One Of My Colleague & Friend. He Asked ” What Happened To You Brother,Boss Was Asking For You,At least You Should Inform Me “. ” No I Wasn’t Feeling Well So… “.

“What Happened To You Man & Whom You Were Talking To You at The Outer Wall Of The Parking. I Was On The Phone When I Saw You” He Said. ” No There Was a Yogi To Whom I Was Talking”. “But There Was No One Bro. Nobody Was There .I Thought You Were Reciting The Presentation”.

Who Was There? Did This Alexander Find His Diogenes. Probably Now I Will Not Die With Empty Hands. Both My Past & Future Will Have Sex In The Present. No Hope,No Ambition & No Self But Only Life. That’s It. I Changed My Path To The Darkest One…