Thank You Is Not Enough

I Have Already Thanked You Guys Many Times Before But This Time I Think ‘A Thank you’ Will Not Be Enough. It’s a Huge Milestone. It’s a Big Thing For a Small Person For Me. One Thousand Three Hundred Thirty Eight, It’s Really Big Number & a Raw Person Like Me. But The Problem Is No Other Word Is Available Right Now. So Thanks For Your Love Guys.

Once Again Friends,We Have Achieved Something Great Together

Some Of You Really Like My Thoughts & Some Of You Absolutely Hate Them ,But None Of You Rejected Me. You Guys Corrected Me When I Was Wrong,You Guys Supported The Truth Even If It’s Darker Then Dark. That’s Why You Guys Deserve Such a Big Love.

Sometimes Some Of You Find Me Biased Or Spreading Hate Or Sharing Something Unique. But Nobody Ever Tried To Degrade The Ideas. Such a Big Hearted People Are Out There.

I am Just a Common Blue Collar Person Who Write His Own Philosophical Ideas, Sometimes Through Fiction & Sometimes Through Hard Hitting Proses. But You Guys Accepted Them & Love Them.

I Met People From All Over The World,With Different Ideologies, Political Biases, Cultural Practices,Food Habits & Even Different Languages But Still There’s No One Is Less In Showing Support & Love.

It’s a Really Huge Achievement, That You Guys Read Me. Numbers Doesn’t Matter But The Love You Have Shown,I am Really Feeling Special. I am Not The Same Person You Think About Me In My Real Life But I am The Real Person Here. Everything I Wrote Was Close to My Heart & Therefore You Guys are Closer To Me Than Those People Whom I Met Personally.

So Thank You Guys For Being Such a Beautiful Part Of This Journey Of The Dark. As You Guys Already Know Darkness Is Eternal Truth & We All Have The Capacity To Be Eternal. I Know That A Thanks Is Not Enough But That’s All I have.

With Love From Yours Sharma Ji .

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