The Erotic Philosophy

“You Know What Men are ? Men are Same as Clouds. When They Both Have Juice Filled In Them,No One Can Control Them. They Both Think Themselves as Greatest Being In The Universe. Even Some Dark Clouds Covers The Sun,The Sunlight Don’t Reach On Earth. Men Ask,Who Is God, It’s We Who Have Created Everything, There’s No God. It’s Nothing But Narrowness Of Their Vision. Eventually When They Ran Out Of Juice & Water They Realise There Small Existence. Ultimately Sun Shines & God Prevails.” She Said This When We Were Making Out.

Who Are You ? Can You Tell Me ? The Answer Is No & I am Damn Sure About This. If You are a Thinking Individual,you will say No & If You are Half Baked Human You Will Count The Possible Answers.

The First Thing you Say That I am the sin Sorry Son Or daughter of that Man. Who Told You that? Did you got your DNA test reports. Oh it’s Your Mother,who Told You this. What if She’s wrong or How Can You Be So Sure that The Woman You see when You First open your eyes Is Essentially Your Mother?

See I am From That City Or State Of So & So Country. Eventually You’re Going To Say this If You Hadn’t Beaten Me In your Thoughts Till Now. Then I Will Ask How Can You Be So Sure About That ? You Born There By Co Incident. Did You Choose That ? How Can You Belong To a Place You Don’t Even Choose. You got a Citizenship Of The state & Not The Place. If The State Is Not There you Will no longer be a Citizen. A Tenant Can Never Be an Owner.

I am a Hindu Or Muslim Or Christian Or Jew Or Sikh Or Atheist. From Where You Get all These Labels ? Does Krishna, Mohammed,Christ,Karl Marx Or Guru Govind Singh Told This To you Personally In Your Ear ? Hey You are a Hindu Now,Did Krishna Whispered It In Your Ear At The Time of Your Birth? Oh It’s Your Father & Family Who Told You about This ? They Give You a Label But Your Father & Family Is Not Truly Your’s . Also You Were not Given a Choice. If you were in China,You Will Be an Atheist Naturally,In India You Will Be Either Hindu Or Hindu Descendent. Sorry For Laughing. In Pakistan Or The Middle East You Will Be a Muslim & If You are Not Then You Will Be Later. Sorry again For Laughing. In The US Will Be a Rebellion, Nothing Else.

If You are Still Reading This & Not Praying For My Demise Right Now,Then You Will Answer That These are My Thoughts,I Believe In This Political Structure,I Want This Kind Of Economic Model for Me. Did These are Ideas Really Belongs To You ? Or You Are Confirming to The Ideas of Adam Smith Or Marx Or J.S Mill Or Einstein Or Newton Or Anyone Of The Few Thinking Individuals Of The Human Race ? Eventually You Will Ending Up in Saying That You are Confirming Or In Other Words Bowing Down to These Great Guys.

You Will Say That I am A Doctor, Engineer, Cobbler, Carpenter, Businessman, Manager Or Government Employee. Sorry For Laughing But I have Huge Sympathy for Government Employees. By The Way These all Are & Whatever You Do to earn Money, Are Your Professions & Not You. You Do all This So That You Can Feed You & Your Close Relatives. Nothing Else. The Profession Is Your’s & You are Not The Profession Itself.

So Who You are,Where You Belong To ? Who are Your Own Peoples & What Is Your Purpose Here? What are Your Own Ideas, What’s Your Own Religion ?

The Answer Is Nobody Knows. No One Knows Yet. You Believe What Others Say & They Believe What Has Been Said Them To Earlier. Nobody Knows Who Said These Things. Everyone Is Following Something Or Someone. There’s Nothing Like Freedom Exists. We Have Created a System & Now We are The System Itself. We all Are Conditioned To Be Ourselves.

If You Go against This System,Then They Will Tell You That You are ill,You are Wrong & Immoral. Then They Will Tell You Remedies For Cure & What You Should Do. They Will Give You Examples. They Will Tell You Continuously. They Will Tell You This Through The Mediums You Believe. Their Films, Music,Books & Peoples are Everywhere. Even If You Don’t Know Where You are They Know It. They Try To Convince You. They Will Punish You. When You Give Up,You Will Be Alright.

They Will Tell You Not To Smoke & They Have Already Polluted The Air. They Teach You Non Violence & Taste Of Red Meat at The Same Time. They Will Fill Up Your Mind With Sex & Tell You That It’s a Sin. The State Will Tell You That Alcohol Is Injurious To Health & Ending Up Selling That. They Will Tell You That You Should Be The Best & Better Than Everyone But The Problem Here is That,They Tell These Things To Everyone.

You are Not You. Everything You Think,Even The Language In Which You Think Is Of The World around You. Your Desires,Your Behavior, Your Morals & Your Feelings, Everything Is Pre Decided. They Give You Labels at The Time Of Birth & Conditioned You Till You Alive To Believe Them. They Conditioned You So Much That You Started Believing That These Labels are You. All The Ideas & Thoughts are Your Own. Your Mind Is Your’s. But Nothing Is Yours In Reality. You’re Just a Slave.

The Great Thing Is That There’s No Way To Escape & If You Are Not Foolish Enough Like Me Or Some Other Intelligent Minds Then You Will Never Even Know That You are In Prison. You are The Part Of Herd. It Doesn’t Matter How Much You Complained About The Crowd, Because You are The Crowd Itself. You are a Part Of That Famous Rat Race.

By The Way Who Was She ? With Whom I Was Having Fun ? Well She Was None Other Than My Own Thinking. So,Stop Fantasizing. Thinking Guys Like Us Don’t Get Girls. We are Not Rats, Looking For Some Dark Holes. We are Real Men & Men are Not Attractive. Infact They are Terrifying To Some Extent. It’s Not Easy To Handle Pure Masculinity. Masculinity Here is The Freedom Of Being By The Way. A Free Person Is Actually Messed Up, Confused & Deeper. We Dig Deeper In Ourselves & it’s Better Than Be With a Gold Digger.

Me & My Thinking are In Love With Each Other. We Make Out When We are Alone & Produce Ideas Which Spread Our Love. Isn’t That Erotic ?

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