The Higher Men’s Talk

This Is For Men But Not Only For Men. This Is For Men But Not For All Men.

Hey Brother ,Sometimes Life Doesn’t Make Sense. Sometimes Life Doesn’t Seems Fair. Do You Think The Same ? You’re Too Good But Still Your Life Is Equally Cruel To You. Why It Simply Doesn’t See What Is Right & What Is Wrong ? The Answer Is That It Doesn’t Discriminate Between Good & Bad. It’s Simply A Cause & Effect Game.

Life Itself Is Meaningless. No Supreme Being Has Send Us From Heavens ,So That We Can Teach In A School Or Work In That Shitty Office. There’s Actually No Pre Decided Aims Or Destinies are There For Anyone. So If You are Cursing Your Life Because It Doesn’t Give You What You Deserve Then Stop. It Wasn’t Supposed To Do That. It You Yourself Who Was Supposed to Do That.But The Beautiful Part Here is That Life Gives Freedom to Everyone To Choose His Own Meanings. For Someone His Girlfriend Could Be The Meaning of Life, Someone Can Serve His Country For Entire Life While Someone Can Spend His Entire Life Playing His Favourite Sport Or Someone Can Search For God His Entire Life. By Any Means None Of Them Is Small Or Bigger Because They All Give Meanings To Lives.

Life Doesn’t Give Everything To Everyone Because Everyone Is Not Equal at All. Equality Is Most Failed Ideas Of Humanity. Infact Equality Makes Humanity Closer To Animals. All Animals Are Equal. They Respond In Same Way Everytime But Humans Don’t. An Industrialist Who Employed Thousands Of People & a Drunkard Of The Roadside Can’t Be Equal at All. An Intellectual Writer & Philosopher Can’t Be Compared To a Terrorist. Even though They Both are Humans. Freedom Is Given To Everyone By Life,Now Everyone is Responsible For His Own Situations. So In a Way,Equality Is a Crime against Humanity.

Life Is also Materialistic & Those Who Tell You That Money Can’t Buy Anything are Pathological Liers. It’s True That Money Can’t Buy Everything But It Can Buy Everything Which is Tangible. Money Can’t Buy Happiness Of Your Children But It Can Buy Their Favourite Toys & Make Them Happy. Money Alone Can’t Make Your Wife Happy But It Can Buy Her Favourite Necklaces & Clothes.Life Is Totally Materialistic. You Just Can’t Be Happy In Pains, Poverty & Sickness Unless You are Enlightened. So The Nirvana Logic Doesn’t Works For Everyone. Infact A Man Has Only Two Best Friends,His Health & His Wealth. If You Have These You Can Get What You Want.

Now What Is Most Important In Life. Is It Your Family ? Is It Your Children? Is It Your Country? Is It The Human Race ? The Answer Is Simply ‘ You ‘. If You Exists Then Family, Children , Nation Or Humanity Matters. If You’re Not There Then Nothing Matters. No Matter If Humanity Reaches Mars Tommorow After Your Death Because You Will Never Enjoy It’s Progress.What You Have Now That’s All You Have. You Have To Live With That. Our Ancestors Don’t Have Air Conditions Or Even Mobiles But Still They Survived.

‘ Who Will Cry When You Die ‘ it’s a Fake Idea. It Doesn’t Matters That How Many People Remember You After Your Death. Nobody Remembers Anyone On The Basis Of Goodness. Everyone Who We Remember From Previous Generations are The Ones Who Does Something Different. Wether It’s Hitler Who Killed Millions Or Einstein Who Does Something Brilliant. You Will Not Be Remembered For The Pains & Sacrifices You Made For Others. You Will Be Remembered If You Does Anything Differently.

Why are You Worried About Being Remembered ? It Simply Doesn’t Matter at All That Either People Praising You Or Hating You After Your Death. You Can’t Do Anything for That. It’s More Important That How You Lived Your Life. How Much Pleasures You Have. How Much Freedom You Give To Others. How Much You Enhanced Your Being. How You Reached Self Realization. That’s It. Nothing Else.

The Modern Era Is The Era Of Crowd. Crowd Is In Every Part Of Your Life. Socialism & Social Media Likes are The Priorities Of Modern Generations. They Don’t Care About Future. Actually Nobody Cares About Future Anymore. Nobody Values Truth. The Values Like Love Is Equalized With Lust. Vulgarity Is The Coolest Thing In Town. So We Have Last All The Ability To Greatness Today. So Don’t Care If You Don’t Have Too Much Social Media Likes. Because It’s The Herd ,Who Values These Things.

We Can’t Have any Micheal Jackson, Mahatma Gandhi,Sachin Tendulkar,Nelson Mandela , Obama Or Elon Musk Anymore. Because as a Species We Have Lost The Ability To Excel In Any Field. We are Now averaging Everything. We Maybe Collectively More Knowledgeable & Technologically Superior To Our Previous Generations But At Individual Levels We are Far Behind.

Also One More Thing. The Idea of Men & Women Are Equal Is Simply Shit. A Man Is Man & A Woman Is a Woman. They Both are Unique. They Complete Each Other & Not Compete With Each Other. As Men We can’t Live Without Women & We have To Accept That.So,We Have To make Them Free. The Real Man Is The Man Who Make Women Forgetting Their Womanhood In His Company. If a Woman Feels Free,Safe, Innocence & Cheerfulness around You Then You are a True Man.

So Next Time When You Give Your Seat To a Lady,Or You Opened The Door Of Car For Your Girl,Be Proud Of It. Always Be Gentle To Women Because Abusing Can Be Trendy But It’s Not Cool. I Can Write Million Words On It But As Men We Don’t Talk That Much. The Higher Men Will Already Have The Idea Of What I am Saying.

There are Billions Of Torchbearers Of Light But I am The Torchbearer Of Darkness & Darkness Is Eternal & Peaceful. Men Only Cares For Peace & Pleasure, Nothing Else.

20 thoughts on “The Higher Men’s Talk

  1. Thank You Very Much For Appreciating & As I Have Said Already,This Is Not Only For Men & Also Not For All Men. It’s For Higher Beings & You are Surely One Of Them πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜˜πŸ€—πŸ€—

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  2. How awesome…… EQUALITY IS A CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY…. So true.. nothing that exists in this existence is equal………….


    ANd many more lines…..
    How true and touching….

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