Actually The Sun Never Rises

If You Believe That Sun Rises In The East & Sets In The West Then You are Absolutely Wrong. Sun Never Rises,It Never Sets Either. It’s always There. Only Earth Revolves & Rotates. The Sun Never Rised From Billions Of Years. The Problem Here Is That You Know It For Generations, Still You Say This. It’s Not Laughable Act Of Foolishness, It’s an Deliberate Act Of Collective Consciousness.

Do You Think That Earth Revolves around The Sun ? Sorry But You are Wrong. Earth Actually Revolves around The Center Of The Mass Inside The Sun & Sun Also Revolves Around This Center Of Mass.

There Are Millions Of Examples Can Be Found Everywhere. We as Humans Are Very Fond Of Fantasizing Everything. We Are Never Convinced & Satisfied With Our Realities. That’s Why We Never Ever Feel Happiness & Satisfaction. We Always Give Larger Than Life Meaning To Things.

Life is Nothing But a Meaningfulness Entropic Movement In Space & Time. Therefore You Are Not Special at All . We All Exists Because Of Material Causes & Not Because Somebody Has Send Us To Earth With a Mission To Change The Course Of History.

If You See,Too Much Inequality,Pain & Sadness Everywhere ,It Can Be Simply A State Of Mind Or You Are Watching Too Much Of News Channels. Because In Reality The World Is Always Like That. It Doesn’t Care. The Bigger Problem Is How You Will Get Your Next Meal & Not The Declining Of Global GDP.

Life Doesn’t Works Logically. Logic Is Totally an Human Invention. It Destroys The Real Perception. Believe Me,If Everything Would Be Logical Then Universe Could Not Be In The Existence In The First Place.

We Humans Just Love The Idealism. We Can’t Be Satisfied With Small Things. We Need Big Things Or Precisely We Need Big Words. We Give Huge Emotional Touch To Everything. We Celebrate People Who Died For Some Cause. But In Reality Happiness Lies In Very Small Things. Happiness Lies In Aliveness & Not In The Dead Ones.

You & I are Not The People Who are Sent By The Supreme Being To Change The Fate Of Universe Because Simply We Can’t. There are Seven Billions Of Us already Living With Countless Number Of Other Creatures Of Eight Million Species. Our Planet Is a Tiny Mass Of Rocks & Dust Revolving Around a Tiny Mass Of Gas With Seven Other Counterparts & Millions Of Junior Rocks. Our Star Is Really Tiny & One Of The Billions In A Huge Shining Galaxy. There are Billions Of Galaxies Are Already Discovered. These are Part Of A Supercluster Which Itself is Nothing But a Fraction of the The Observable Universe.

Things are Too Big To Explain. But To Keep It Simple,Life Can’t Be Larger Than Life. So No Matter How You Think,You Can’t Make a Difference. Because Even If You Done Something Really Big Which Can Impact On Generations Of Humans Still It’s Nothing Because It Will Not Last After Five Thousand Years. Everything We See,We Experience Or Feel Will Be Wiped Out In Few Thousand Years. These Thousand Years are Nothing,Not Even a Blink Of An Eye On The Universal Time Scales.

So No Matter How Hard You Try , You Can’t Make The Change. The Universe Doesn’t Exist For You. It Doesn’t Require You To Fix Itself. Even The Humanity Doesn’t Need You. You are Born Accidentally Here. Many Like You & Me Are Already Converted Into Ashes By The Giant Killer Called Time. Our Fate Is Also The Same. Nobody Will Be Exenped From That. Nobody Is Special .One Day There Will Be Nothing & Sorry To Say This Because ‘ That Day ‘ Technically Never Comes.

No Matter How Pessimistic Or Selfish It Sounds But It’s a Reality. So Now What To Do, Should We Eat Poison & Kill Ourselves Because Our Existence Doesn’t Matter ? What’s The Solution ? All Of Your Equality Dreams Are Shattered Now Because Reality Doesn’t Like Equality,It Like Diversity.

Let’s Have A Mythological Story Of Ganesha To Find The Answers. One Day Ganesha & His Elder Brother Have a Fight Over Their Capabilities. So They Decided To End It With a Race. Anyone Who Travels The World Three Times & Come Back First Will Be The Winner & Will Be Considered as More Powerful. His Elder Brother Completes Three Rounds Of The World In Three Hours & Ganesha Completed Seven Rounds Of His Parents.

The Ganesha Was The Winner Finally ? Why ? Because His Elder Brother Completes Three Rounds Of The World In Three Hours & Ganesh Completed Seven Rounds Of His World In Few Minutes.

Therefore , It’s The World & It’s Your World. They Both Looks The Same But They Are Different. Your World Is Populated With More Or Less Thousand Peoples But The World Has Billions. Your World Has Smaller Problems But ‘ The World ‘ Has Bigger Ones. Your World Will Be In The Existence Till You Are Alive But ‘ The World ‘ Was There Before Your Birth & It Will Be There After Your Death & Death Is Inevitable.

Therefore You Can Be Happy If Your Family, Neighborhood Or Locality Is Happy. We Have Governments To Look Wether The Country Is Happy Or Not. It’s Not Your Job. Trust me Buying A New Smartphone Will Make You More Happy Then The Win Of Your Favourite Political Party. Happiness Lies In Small Things. Happiness Lies In Your World & Not In The World. Life Is Meaningless Which Is a Great Thing Because You Have The Freedom To Give It any Meaning You Want .

So Be Optimistic,You Can Change Your World But Certainly Not ‘ The World ‘. You Can Do Better Things For Yourself & Others Around You. Believe Me If Make Your World a Happy Place, Eventually The Whole World Will Be a Happier Place & That Supreme Being Will Be Proud Of You.

So Get Back To Yourself. All The Answers Lie Within. Believe Me You’re The Most Important & Special Person Of Your Own World.

So Never Wait For The Light To Come, Enjoy Darkness. Darkness Is More Peaceful Beautiful & Eternally Alive.

56 thoughts on “Actually The Sun Never Rises

  1. Problem is that people want to be the most wonderful person in others life. One can be happy only if is conscious , has balanced mind and believes in ‘ moderation in everything.’
    Beautifully written and explained.

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  2. You are really a brilliant writer. The way you see the common things in the very uncommon way. It motivates a lot and a lot. Loved reading your works. Collective consciousness idea is prompt and marvellous. I always wonder how you come up with such a different perspective on common things. It’s magical. I am totally impressed by the way you explain how our world is the priority for us despite the whole world. Initially the readers may thing that you are talking about worthlessness but suddenly towards the end you made it to utter optimistic stuff. Really awesome.πŸ˜πŸ’“πŸ’žπŸ’πŸ₯°

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  3. Thank You Very Much From Deepest Core Of My Heart . I Don’t Have Any Words To Describe The Greatness Of Your Appreciation. The Only Thing I Can Say That It’s Like an Honour . I am Really Really Thankful πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ₯°

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  4. It’s my pleasure. I would like to ask you something more about the difference in your writing style. You use captial letter for the first letter of every word. I felt it really impressive. But what is that approach meant about. Anything special πŸ€”πŸ€”

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  5. Hi Buddy!
    I really appreciate the thought behind this post and the way you started explaining the notions we form and keep carrying despite knowing the facts. It is indeed one of the logical write-ups I would praise you for and the efforts you have put in are commendable. Yet I have a piece of advice or feedback as a fellow blogger which will definitely help you in growing further.
    Almost every word begins with a capital alphabet in your post which is neither appreciated as a reader nor accepted as a blogger. Hope it would be taken as constructive and corrected too πŸ™‚ .

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  6. Thanks Buddy For Appreciating These Ideas. It Means A Lot To Me.
    I Will Consider Your Advice Seriously But I Think It’s Like a Habit To Me Now. It Also Create An Emphasis On Every Word. Isn’t It ?
    But I Will Seriously Try To Implement Your Advice as It matters a Lot to me.πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—

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  7. This advice is of significance for two core reasons.
    1. It would help you to correct the language structure.
    2. Many people might follow your style and develop the wrong practice.

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  8. How come I missed this post.. intelligent as usual… Who the hell cares for the world. Everyone actually is busy in their own happiness..Atleast I am.. if India wins, it’s their future growing high.. what am I to get. I will be happy with my new phn.. I love how your posts highlights reality…. Every answer lies in darkness, zero is the beginning of any number…. Great one d.advocate

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  9. Thank you Very Much For Appreciation πŸ€— πŸ€— πŸ€—. I think The Self Is More Important Then The Whole World. So We Should Perceive Reality As It Is & Not As Larger Than Life Views.

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  10. Definitely I agree.. if every person concentrates in their individual happiness and be happy then consequently the whole world will be a happy place to live in.. … But unfortunately you may be awarded as being selfish, if you say SELF is more important.. haaaa haaa….They are the changers… as your posts describe them…

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  11. Yes ,People Actually Don’t See That Much Deep. There’s Too Much Of Idealistic Thoughts Covering There Minds. But For Me If I Exists Then Everything Exists Otherwise It Has No Point In It.

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  12. Thanks , It Doesn’t Matter Who’s Second Or First But At least We Share Really Hard Hitting Ideas. Thanks again πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—

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  13. Actually, I think people do.. they just sometimes loves to act stupid or pretends to fit themselves in this so called show good society…… I have seen many individuals showing their idealisms over everything..But when inconvenience attacks them, they also forget their idealistic thoughts and acts as per their convenience… These are more of hypocrisy than thoughts..

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  14. Well scripted….wonderful explanation of reality while comparing human emotions with science, mythological story and animated pics as well. Well, not to forget your writing style, every first letter is in capital alphabet…Great work…

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  15. You have put it out right there my friend. I’ve read somewhere that “fate” and “predetermined path of life” is not real bit rather our life can be summed up in a mathematical equation which means just one, solid path.

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  16. Man is very social .Though the area of our own world is comparatively negligible but the Scientists brightened our nights also When sun goes back..A new born child may be born by chance will not survive alone. Your post is very interesting and thoughtful .

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