A Country Of The Dead

Let’s Talk About India. Why ? Because It Exists, Nothing Else. There’s Nothing To Talk About Except That It’s Here.

I Was Reading A News About a Person Killed In The National Capital While Protesting Against Eve Teasing Of His Daughter,His Son Was also Badly Injured. Even Women Were There Who are Helping His Murderer .That’s Shockingly True.

But As an Born Indian It’s Nothing New For Me. It’s Like Daily Routine Stuff,You Know. We Have Seen Seven Years Old Girls Gang Raped,Even Seven Months Old Infants Being Raped. Therefore It’s Nothing Special For Me .I am Use To It.

India Is Prospering. It Is The Fastest Growing Economy In The World & It’s Really Hard Hitting To Say But It’s True That We All Are Dead.

We Are Dead Because We Are Deaf & Dumb Infact We are Impotent For That Matter.Long Ago India Was a Land Of Brave Hearts. Now it’s a Land Of Cowards. Can You Guess,What Could Be The Toughest Job Here ? It’s Being Born as a Female Here.

If You’re Young Woman & Walking On The Streets Here,You are No Longer a Woman. You are a ‘Cut Piece ‘, ‘ A Fucking Product ‘,’A Slut ‘,’ A Whore ‘ & Many More Titles. Nobody Will Look at Your Face. It Doesn’t Matter That How Much Make Up You Have Put Up On Your Face For Looking Graceful & Beautiful Because All The Guys Out There Will Look Only On Two Things. Yes You Guessed It Right,’ It’s Your Butts & Breasts. When You Walk, The Movement Of Your Butts Will Outshine Your Cute Smile. Nobody Wants You But Everyone Wants Your Glorious Hole.

Sometimes Don’t Even Age Matters. So The Women From Eight Months To Eighty Years Needs To Protect Themselves From Being a Product. Yes Everyone Is Selling Out Female Sexuality as A Product Here. I Can Say All This Because I am a Man, Therefore I am Not Biased & I Know What The Reality Is.

So,All The Women Out There,I Want To Tell You a Fact That You’re No Longer a Woman, Wether You’re In Your Offices, Streets, Mosques, Temples & Even In Your Homes,You Are a Hole Without Heart. They are Selling You Out. You Can Observe It In Bollywood Films, Television Ads & On Social Media. They Can Even Use a Porn Star To Sell Mineral Water. Try Not To On The Irony.

All The Above Is Nothing But a Subjective Reality Of Metropolitan Cities. Nothing Like This Happens In Villages & Small Towns. They Don’t Pass Comments On You ,They Will Rape You Directly In The First Place & Once You Got Raped, You Will Become a Public Property. Your Rapist Will Rape You Many Times,His Friends,His Relatives & Policemen They Will Rape You Numerous Times Untill You Burn Yourself. If This Doesn’t Happened,Then You Will Be Raped By The Society. Your Family Will Abandon You. Nobody Will Accept You Again.

The Society Which Don’t Accept a Rape Victim Will Accommodate a Porn Star In It’s Spiritual Culture. That’s The Way We Are. We Rock. The People Who Degrade Women Through There So Called ‘ Rape Songs’ Sorry ‘Rap Songs’ Are Superstars Here & Banning Them Is Banning The Art Form. If You Talk Against Them Then You are Old School Fucking Conservative.

But That’s The Beauty Of India You Know. We Have Shown The World How Dynasties Flourishes Under Democracy. We Democratically Elect Dynasts. People Belongs To a Single Family Can Rule Us For Decades & The Fun Part Is That They Are Still In Que.

The People Who Were Involved In Shouting Slogans Against The Country Are Now In The Race Of Becoming Law Makers. The Pop Culture Here is an Idiotic Way Of Living Like Teenagers & If You Don’t Like That,Then You’re Fucking Conservative. I Love This Slang ‘ Fucking ‘ Because It’s Makes me Feel Like This Generation Otherwise I am a Fucking Conservative. Sorry For Laughing.

So,If You’re Not Abusing Publicly, You are Not a Drunkard & You Respect Women Then You are Not Masculine & If You are Not Masculine Then You Will Be Raped Here. Want To Test It ? Try To Openly Talk About It If You are a Homosexual, You Will See True Colors.It’s So Simple You Know. Sometimes Logically Things Are True But Emotionally You Want Them To Be Wrong.

Do You Know Why Capitalism Didn’t Flourished Here Or At least Got Acceptance ? Because We Simply Don’t Want To Work & Earn. We want Everything For Free. We Want Others To Work For Us. Yet There are Still A Few Bread Earners Who are Feeding The Society Despite Of Being Guilty For a Crime They Don’t Even Committed.

It’s One Of The Most Sexually Frustrated Yet Most Religious Part Of The World Where No One Believes In God. Yes Religion Here Is an Formal Institution & Nothing Else. Nobody Cares About Afterlife Or Moral Standards. We Drink Them With Whiskey.

There are People In India Who are Still Alive But. They are Simply Outnumbered By The Masses & Pimps Of Liberty.

So If You Want To Be Alive,Stay Away & Don’t Worry, In The Long Term This Civilization Will Be Fossilized By It’s Own Karma. Either They Will Wipe Out Their Feminity Or They Will Kill Each Other In The Hangover Of Masculinity. The Opium Of Faiths, Language,Castes Or Creeds, Socialism,Social Media, Alcohol,Porn Or Terrorism Will Burn Down The Dead Bodies Of This Already Dead Civilization Into Ashes.

What About The Young Part Of This Civilization. Please Don’t Care About Them. They are Not Kids anymore,They Prefer Bear Over Milk. They Are Already Invaded By Another Technologically Advanced Civilization Of The East Mentally .

They Don’t Like This Dead & Fucking Culture. They Either Love Being Horny Or Watching Games Of Thrones. They Are Busy In Back Bitting Of Their Bosses Or Worrying About Their EMI’s .Can You Guess What They are Doing Right Now ? I Can. They are Busy In Playing PubG Or Making Videos On Tik Tok , That’s It.


72 thoughts on “A Country Of The Dead

  1. That’s really disturbing. Good for you for putting your views out there. I’m sure you’re not alone. I live in South Africa, and there’s a huge problem with violence, including rape, against women and girls. There’s a lot of awareness-raising and campaigning but it doesn’t seem to be translating into any action for improvement. I wish I had an answer.

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    1. I Wish The Same,I Need few Answers From One Of The Ancient Civilization But I Can’t Get Them 😥😥😥
      I Think The Scenario Is Almost Same Worldwide For Women.
      Thanks For Reading.

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  2. That’s a powerful post. Commodification of women and life in general for the want of fake digital life has become the deciding factor. Sad, is a poor state if affairs. But, the hope is, we still have watchers and sane heads doing their own small bits; which probably is helping in survival and maybe balancing the society to some extent. No answers, but let’s hope and strive for the best 🙏

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    1. Yeah, What Else We Can Do ? We Can Just Hope That Somehow Our Civilization Survives, However It Didn’t Deserve To. The Civilization That Treat It’s Half Part as a Product, Should Be Allowed To Alive ? Well,I Don’t Think So.
      Thanks For Sharing Your Deep Insight & Hopes 🙏🙏🙏

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  3. Sorry and also shocking my friend, for me, as I knew Indian as a great nation with a great democracy, it was a big shock to see how reactionary they are, despite their great culture! I am Persian and suffer about this abyss which has been fallen on my country but what so ever the primitive religion Islam tells about the women, the Iranian respect the women and these horrible acts might happen in the very small corner of this country. I’ve learned a lot by the Indian philosophy and deeply sorry to see such a pain. 🤔😏🙏

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  4. All the above incidents are extremely sad and painful. As a gay , I don’t know how many of you can realise the insecurity of a mother, of a girl.
    But it’s a good sign that today “s young generation like you are revolting against it.
    It” ll Change but certainly will take time. Keep writing .

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    1. I Think You Have Misinterpreted It . I Was Saying That If Someone Wants To See The True Liberal Attitude Of Indians Then He Should Be Open About His Homosexuality ( If He Is an Homosexual By The Way ) Then The Attitude Towards Him Will Be Negative. It’s Not about Me , I Have Nothing To Do With Homosexuality But I Respect Everyone’s Choices. If a Person Is a Homosexual Then He Or She Can Definitely Understand The Insecurities Because He Himself Or Herself Is In Conflict With The Society Because Of His or Her Sexual Choices.
      I Have Stated That I am Unbiased Because I am a Man ( Heterosexual Off Course 😂😂😂) & If I Am saying This Then It’s Not That I have These Social Problems. If A Woman Have Written This Then She Can Be Seen As Biased & Fake Feminist But I am Writing This Despite Of Being a Man. I Can Understand Male Psychology Because I am A Man Myself.
      The Situation Is Bad & We Have To Take Initiative Other Wise Human Civilization Will Be Wiped Out Sooner Or Later Because It’s The Woman Who Creates.

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  5. Pankaj ji thanks a lot for writing this moving article. Heartless, senseless, immoral besides all the adjectives put together will not lessen the stench which these like sordid and deplorable incidents happen. But when the bystanders become just silent spectators, just insensitive ones, my heart aches to its core. Wish that such people get justice for their ku-karma – an exemplary one at that so that such incidents do not recur in my INDIA.

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    1. Thanks Sir,But I Think We All Have To Pay The Price For The Lost Honour & Innocence Of Our Little Girls. The Draughts,Floods & So Much Poverty & Negativity We See Around Us Is Result Of Sins Of Few Ku- Karmis. We Can only Hope For The Better.

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  6. Well analysed and written .
    Especially on ‘being a woman’
    Frank statement,Calling spade a spade .
    Age is immaterial.Hole as you rightly said is the ultimate.Hole need not be from the humans alone,I am sure you can understand what I am trying to say
    And as a male you perfectly analysed the psyche of this particular gender.
    I am sure Similar things must be happening in every
    other country,after all ,male psyche is universal.Others may disagree.

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    1. Yeah, Sometimes The Desire Of Hole Goes Beyond Species & We Have Some Inhumane Things Happened, It’s an Absolutely Dark & Disturbing Thing To Talk About.
      Anyway Thanks For Appreciating & Let’s Just Hope That Male Psyche Improves.
      Thanks 🙏🙏🤗

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  7. Hey Pankaj! I am sorry in first place that I read your article after so long and when I read it, I really think you nailed it!
    What a fine articulation. India has been branded as a spiritual or religious country, but in reality majority of them are neither spiritual nor religious. They chant “Jay Shree Ram” to tease others, and ironically “the others” gets offended by “Jay Shree Ram” chanting! A paradox

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    1. Yeah true, so very true. We have been a violent society, not a brave society. We learn to discriminate from the time of birth itself, when we divide human beings in castes. We have a stepped hierarchy based on exploitation and power difference. Person standing on step N will exploit the ones standing on step N-1 and lower, and he himself be exploited by the ones standing on N+1 and above.

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  8. Shocking, disturbing but true. Bitter truth but just condmning is not enough be the part of the group trying to awaken all. Too much bitterness will bring negativity.

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  9. Once again you have poured your heart out and left no stone unturned in being judgemental and decisive in your approach as well as verdict. There is no denying the fact that unacceptable things are happening around us and not much is being done effectively by the people concerned to contain the damage. But still, this country and the world thrive because there are people who are doing their job right. In a nation of more than 1.3 billion people, the majority neither indulge in anti-social activities and crimes nor have the mentioned mindset. Secondly, you belong to the same generation and use the same tools which you have so comfortably condemned which according to you have degraded us as human beings.
    The point I wish to make doesn’t concern your views, for they are influenced by media but the underlying thought process. If I ask you, how many males have you encountered in your life in your vicinity with the same mindset and if your answer is “majority” how come you didn’t get influenced by? The situation is not as bad as you state it to be and I am sure after going through the post and subsequent 59 comments that people get into a state of panic and pick sides without knowing half the facts.
    The males of this country called India are neither selling out the feminism as sexuality or product nor hold any low views for the fairer sex obviously barring a very thin marginalized percentage of retards. This nation is as good or bad as any other country in this world with its own concerns and problems. I can flood you with statistics and examples of nations which do not hold any significance to the existence of human values and ethics of humanity. India is your motherland and as very rightly said by one of your readers, either you act or help to find solutions. Unnecessary ranting not only creates panic among the ill-informed and ignorant but paints a picture which is not true.
    There is a tide of chaos flowing through the nation which is undeniable but the anchors are being held in place as well. Take a stand for a cause but do not over criticize or generalize things as per your whims and fancies. I am a citizen of this nation too just like you and respect others as well irrespective of their sex, caste, creed or any other characteristic. Had it been a nation of the Dead you would not have been at the liberty of openly blaming everyone you can lay sight on. Learn to absorb and contribute to change. Hatred breeds even more of it. The disagreement is not about the facts you presented but the biased and rigid approach you chose.

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    1. First Of I am Really Thankful That You Read This Deeply & Spend Your Time For Sharing Your Valuable Insights But I Don’t Agree With You This Time.
      It’s True That Whole Of The Country Is Not Like That But If A Huge Chunk Of Peoples Behaving In a Same Manner Then It Could Be Problematic. I Know We Both are not indulge in such activities But that doesn’t mean that whole country is like that. The Most googled personality in India is a pornstar ( you probably know about whom I am talking) .This repressed sexuality in its form of a deep Rooted haterd & Inferiority Complex of against in almost majority of our males. I know Calling a country Dead means a lot but believe me I am a Patriotic kind of person that’s why I want this country to be Better place. I am Not inspired by media, Infact Indian media is a Laughable entity.
      I have written what I observed. I Belong to working class . Infact am a blue collar worker. You can see Millions of guys like me around you. I am one of them. I am not sort of some elite Guy. I am a part of the crowd & I definitely know what the crowd is thinking. I have seen such cases. Women going to work are usually seen as slut. I have seen this with my own eyes. This mentality is everywhere,in Workplaces, temples,Homes almost Everywhere. Women are considered to be either slut or inferior.
      This shouldn’t be the case. A country Where half of it’s population are not considered as Humans then it must be a subject to talk.no matter how harsh or brutal or hateful it looks but it needs a voice.
      Once again I am saying the reality which I have seen. For me Truth is Relative. Maybe Reality could be different for you. You’re entitled to your view & let me keep mine.
      I am really glad that you give so much Time to read this. Thanks a lot 🤗🤗🤗🤗

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    2. Come out of your cocoon and look at the people and this world in a different light for at least a day. And stop being contradictory to your own statements. You claim to be a “patriot kind of person” while cursing your nation for everything possible. I have a problem with your opinions because call yourself whatever you want to or a criminal who’s crime has been proven as per law but not every living male in this nation. Whatever collar worker you are, either your interaction with people is limited or outlook in life.
      Sunny Leone is indeed the most searched celebrity on google and I don’t find anything wrong in her choice of work because she caters to a global audience of hypocrites like you as well who have definitely enjoyed your moments of crooked imaginative adventures but obviously in private and maybe just in thoughts. And it makes you believe since nobody’s sees that you can go around running clean. Not every women is disrespected everywhere in India but your posts do make the readers believe as if some kind of national orgy is happening round the clock. Grow up dude. Indeed perverts and disoriented people exist in every society and not just in ours but they don’t form the majority. You get your dose of information from media only as you don’t go around doing real time surveys and what impression would a young, judgemental and reactive person would form when everything he hears everywhere is only shit because shit sells like hot cakes. If I keep telling you day in and out that the world is a bad place full of monsters what else would I expect you to believe. Again if you feel so strongly that things have spun totally out of control stop ranting and act else balance your perspective. And how do you justify and make your readers believe that you aren’t one of those lustful, double standard and sexually repressed persons for you rise from the same pile of shit as well?

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    3. See Buddy It’s Not Fair To Me. I am Not A Hypocrite At All. I Write What I See & I See What Is Around Me. So Let The People Decide. I Don’t Watch Porn At All Because It Contradict My Values. It Sounds Conservative But I am Like that. I have on Ground Experience & Experience Don’t Need surveys. Believe Me there’s an orgy happening In The dark streets of Minds & homes. Trust Me our Country Is a Sexually Repressed Country. I am Patriotic Indian because I want to Cure It & The first step Is to Accept That There’s a Problem. I am Sorry But It Was a Little Bit Harsher. It Sounds Like Elite Hypocritical Approach. If You Don’t Like Posts Then You’re Free To Do So. Let Me Express What I Think & You Can Express The Goodness around you. I am an admirer of the Darkness & it’s Eternal.

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    4. This medium of expression is free for all and I have not asked you to stop writing to begin with. Secondly conservative or not you are a human being made up of the same elements like anyone else, so unless you are a saint and have sacrificed the worldly pleasure I don’t agree to your line of thinking.
      Thirdly, given your age the on hand experience you talk about comprises more of emotions than practicality. I see you complaining, shunning and accusing the males of our country and society wherein you so conveniently forget that you belong to the same group as well. How many of your friends and family members indulged in any of these activities or practices you have highlighted above. There are people with serious faults and they are dealt with appropriately as well.
      What you chose to do by writing these posts full of hatred and darkness is so very conveniently put the blame on a section of the society who will not get back to you for they have their families to take care of and are hard working. I have never seen you writing elaborate posts blaming politicians and the governments for inaction and spreading much more hatred, chaos and banking upon the dastardly rapes and other crimes. Maybe that’s unethical or scary for you. The leadership or the wardens of the nation have no role to play in sensitizing people and maintaining law and order. Why don;t you convince people through your powerful words to vote responsibly and bring about a change in their personal conduct. Have many victims have you approached to help given the patriot you are? It’s easy to criticize mate and even easier to label. Statements like “Nobody Wants You But Everyone Wants Your Glorious Hole.” are a disgrace on your part. Who gave you the right to malign every male resident of India? Is your dad like that? I do not think so. My family never taught me to think on those lines neither I have seen anyone with that view point around me. Do not just express whatever tickles your fancy. Be responsible in expressing yourself publicly. A foreigner reading your post or for that matter an ill informed Indian would not go about conducting his/her independent research but as the trend is would conveniently believe what is written because it’s juice for criticism and controversy. I am not sure whether you will ever open up your mind to a neutral and brighter approach as you like darkness and consider it to be eternal but I’ll keep pressing in the hope of turning a chained mind into a liberated one.

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  10. Nothing new in your post.why do you insult your country on the blog.? All those events about which you have described ,are happened more in other countries than India.why do you not try to protest all wrong thing besides only seeing and telling about them?for that effort,my dear young man!!you should come ahead.🙄

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    1. Thanks for Reading But I Think I am An Indian Citizen. My First Responsibility Is Towards My Own Country. It’s Doesn’t Sounds New Because We are Habitual Of These Things. I Think At least I Should Talk About These Things. I am not a Law Maker Nor A Celebrity Or Something,So That I Can Affect Somehow. I Can Write & I’ll Write.

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    2. But you should think about our country.can you dare to tell all things about other countries.these victims are presented everywhere.please try to spread love in the frustrated world to show the hope of light and remove the evils by blogging,dear Pankanzy!!🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

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  11. This is one of the blunt posts I have ever read. It is hard-hitting and thought-provoking. Women are being just used as an object in movies, ads, newspapers, magazines, etc. But in my opinion, women are also responsible for it because they work in such things. If they decline to do such stuff, no one can force them to do so. Youth is just busy in girls, WhatsApp, Tiktok, social media and other useless stuff. The youth of India is just ruining themselves.

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