Why You Must Hate ‘Love’

What Is Life ? It’s a Manifestation Of Love Of The Supreme Being. Love Is The Greatest Blessing Given To The Humanity. It’s a Boon. It’s Basically Basis Of Existence.Love Is The Binding Block Of Moralities,Truth, Goodness, Life & Even The Whole Existence.

If You Think Like That Then Your Consciousness Is In Deep Spiritual Sleep & It Needs To Be Shaken Immediately Before You Ruined Your Life In These False But Emotionally Satisfying & Feel Good Beliefs.

What Love Actually Is ? It’s a Feeling Of Strong Attraction & Emotional Attachment. It’s A Virtue Which Evolves In Kindness & Compassion Ultimately.

But For All Practical Reasons Love Is The Feeling Which Everyone Must Hate. Love Is a False Feeling Which Is Generated Through Secretion Of Specific Hormones, Nothing Else. It’s a Very Transitory & Furious Feeling Which Can Last From Few Days To Few Years & I am Talking About Every Type Of Love Here. For Instance If You Love a Girl & Want To Test Longevity Of Your Love,Then Just Marry Her. All The Fluids Of Love Will Evaporate After Few Years.

So,Love Is Transitory. That’s Why You Can’t Trust It. Also Love Will Spoil You & Make You Weak. Feeling Shocked ? But That’s A Truth & I Can Prove It To You.

Take An Example, If You Have Kids & You Love Them. That’s Why You Started Pampering Them & Fulfilling Their Every Demand. You Have Done This Because You Love Them But It Will Be Hazardous To Your Kids. They Will Eventually Become Spoiled Brats, Too Much Demanding & Naive. So Indirectly Your Love Will Spoil Your Childrens. Also Your Love For Food Will Spoil Your Health & Eventually Make You Weak. Even Your Love For God Will Either Make You a Terrorist Or a Helpless & Fearful Person.

So Eventually Love Of Any Thing Will Either Destroy You Or Make You Vulnerable. Now From More Deeper Perspective,Love Does Not Exist at All. The Universe Is Not Existing Because Of The Love Of The Supreme Being, It’s Existing Because It Has All The Necessary Ingredients For Coming Into Being. Love Is a Feeling Which Is Totally An Invention Of Human Brain. Infact It’s So Deep Rooted In Our Species That We Can Transfer It Into Other Species Also. For Example, Your Pets. Wether Consciously Or Unconsciously You Have Taught Them To Love. But If You Think Then These Animals Have Instinct Of Love Then Try To Show Love To A Street Dog. All Of Your Misconceptions Will Wipe Out.

We Humans Are Also Evolved From The Animal Kingdom. So We Unconsciously Invent The ‘ Feeling Of Love ‘ For Survival. The Maternal Love Is The Best Example For That. The Motherhood Was a Necessity For Our Young Ones To Survive, Therefore Feeling Of Affection Was Developed In The Mother For The Child. That’s Why You See Nowadays Women Don’t Want to Be Mothers Because It’s No More A Necessity. Also As The Child Keep Growing The Love Of Mother Keeps Shrinking.

Hatred Is Far More Logical , Powerful & Ancient Feeling Than Love. The Whole World Talks About Love & Peace But It Works Only On The Principles Of Hate & War. From Any Perspective Hatred Is Justified Feeling. It Was Always There & It Will Be There Forever. At That Very Moment When You Start Differentiating Between You & Others The Hatred Begins.

Darwin Talks About Necessary Competitions For Resources. That’s How Things Works. Our Species Actually Survive Because Of Hatred & Competitiveness,Not Because Of Love & Cooperation. The Famous Sanskrit Proverb

जीवो जीवस्य भोजनम्

Which Means That A Being Is Food Of Another Being. That’s The Law Of Nature. If You Don’t Hate Anyone Then You Can’t Kill Anyone & If You Can’t Kill,You Will Be Killed Eventually. So If You Hate Something Then It’s Not a Bad Feeling. Keep Nourishing Your Hatred Until You Get Rid Of That Object.

Know that Paradise is under the shades of swords.” This Holy Verse Clearly Accept The Constructive Power Of Hatred & War. Every Great Invention & Development Which Ever Happened To Humanity Was Because Of being In a State Of Ware Or Huge Hatred Towards Others. For Instance Humanity Has Gone Too Far,To The Unimaginable Ends Of Space In The Cold War Era & Now We Are Just Adding To It. The Greatest & Most Successful Economic System Which Lift Billions Of People From Poverty & Save The Life Of Millions i.e. Capitalism Is Based On Competitiveness Rather Than Cooperation. It’s Basically A Very Beautiful Kind Of Hatred With Which You Can Fall In Love.

We Humans are The Smartest Living Beings Of Earth. We are So Smart That We Can Fool Even Ourselves. We Never Satisfy With Small Things,So We Give Huge Words To Cover Their Smallness. For Sexuality & Lust We Use Love, For Interdependency Of Relationships We Use Love, For Attachment With Collective Consciousness,We Use Patriotism Or National Love, Even For Fear Of God We Use Love Of God. A Single Word Give Meaning To Every Feeling In The World.

So, This Very Idea & Love Is an Idea Not Feeling Because It’s Learned ,Is Very Conflicting In Nature. Hating Something Is Not a Negative Feeling. So If You are Hating Someone Or Something Then Don’t Feel Bad About It. It’s The First Step Towards Your Progress. So Never Think Of Achieving Something You Love,But Think Of Getting Rid Of Something You Hate. For Instance You Want To Be Rich Then Keep Thinking Of Getting Rid Of Poverty & Deficiency Of Money & Luxury Rather Then Loving Money. You Will Be Far More Successful. Hatred Makes You Stronger, Anxious, Ambitious & Concentrated While Love Makes You Weak,Relaxed, Failed & Hermit.

Every Religion & Science Itself Justifies Hatred In Some Form Or Other. That’s Why Hatred Is Superior To Love. Hatred Is More Stable, Strong & Goal Oriented Than Love.

That’s Why You Must Hate ‘Love’ & Love ‘Hate’. Hate Is The Vehicle Of Darkness & Darkness Is Eternal & Peaceful.

58 thoughts on “Why You Must Hate ‘Love’

  1. This is so different .. have to study it in depth……

    “Sometimes people don’t want to hear the truth because they don’t want their illusions destroyed.” -Friedrich Nietzsche

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  2. Thanks For Sharing Your Deep Insight But I Think Hate Is Far More Creative Than Love & Other Positive Emotions Because It Puts You In a State Of Urgency To Achieve Something.

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  3. i liked the way you gave examples supporting each idea. this idea was very conflicting to my ideology but still it was worth reading.
    Keep writing. 🙂

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  4. Yes,These Ideas Really Conflicting But Only From Idealistic Perspective But From Realistic Perspective They Are Natural.
    Thanks For Reading. Hopefully You Enjoyed It.🤗🤗🙏

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  5. This is such a wonderful idea I ever came across. You have proved it with all possible solid evidence from psychological and scientific field with indulging reference of neuro scientific concept of hormones. I totally agree to this idea 💯. Love is just a selfish persuit and in present society it came to be a necessary evil but hatred is an age old emotion still dominating. Extremely thanking you for sharing this unique idea! Enjoyed reading it..a lot😊💝👏👏👍

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  6. Thank You Very Much For Appreciating The Idea With Such Deep & Beautiful Words. This Ideas Needs,No Matter How Ridiculous They Sounds, Need Support. I Am Really Grateful To You For Appreciating & Sharing Your Deep Insight. Thanks a Lot Once Again.

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  7. Lovely post. Attraction between the opposite sexes have been glorified as love. For example the concept of love at first sight which is blatant. It isn’t love but attraction, the rush of hormones. Your article can be well supported by the evolutionary theory, humans are species who have survived all these years to procreate. We do have the capacity to reciprocate to our emotions and are generally kind to the opposite sex if we need any favour. It could be interpersonal or sexual, most people define that as love. The release of chemicals such as Dopamine and Oxcytocin releases in our brain which gives us that fuzzy feeling. These could be define as bonding hormones. Keep spreading the truth 🙂

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  8. Thank You Very Much For Appreciating & Sharing Your Deep Insight. There Are Very Few People Who Appreciate These Dark Truths & You are One of Them.🤗🤗🤗

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  9. Thank You Very Much. Glad That You Like It. However It Sounds Weird But It’s a Fact That Hate Is Powerful Then Love. Thanks a Lot.🤗🤗

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  10. It’s really difficult to grasp such harsh philosphical idea of being hate and being okk to hate someone. Yeah, I totally agree that Hate is the most powerful emotion as in Today’s World, all the negative emotions are more powerful for being destroyed. Love is pure feeling and the true love is in giving, not expecting anything which we could find rare.

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  11. Thanks For Sharing Your Deep Opinion, But I Think True Love Or Even Love Doesn’t Exist. It’s Selfish Needs & Interdependency Of Relationships To Which We Give Names Like Love Or Spirituality To Hide Their Smallness & Add a Larger Then Life Meaning To Our Lives.

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  12. I don’t think like you think. How one can forget that we are because of love. We have the power to reproduce like animals do. Love and hate walks together just keeping balance with emotions. If only hate exist in this World, soon we will be wiped out from this planet. Love has hold us together.

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  13. I Think We Are Not Here Because Of Love, We Are Here Because Of Bodily Fantasies & Physical Passion. I am Not Saying That Only Hate Is Existing But It’s Variations Like Competitiveness, Ambitions , Passions & Thirsts Are Existing & Holding Our Lives Together. Love Is Exclusive For Human Beings,Why ? Because It’s Totally an Mental Perception Of Human Mind. It’s Nowhere In Nature Or The Universe . It’s Only Between Humans & Their Mental Images.

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  14. Alright. We can’t jump on the conclusion directly. It’s just the way we look or perceive things, understand things by our own thoughts. We all are partially correct. It’s an interesting article.

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  15. Thank You Very Much That You Find It Interesting. However We Don’t Agree & That Prove My Point 😘😜😜😛


  16. This article is too critical and simultaneously brilliant too!!

    While reading it, i was trying to zoop-in past your thought process and evaluate the scientific temparament of everything You’ve put up..! Well i do not agree on most count, as everything has it’s own prospects and how one perceives about it, but yeah, i must say, with open mind this article does inspire a motivational push, not to Hate love, or to Love hate but to maximize our own push towards life and everything we wish to achieve!

    Ps. You do have a mind of brilliance and chaos. And trust me this is a compliment. 🙂

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  17. I feel you have found the perfect recipe to grow this blog and that is to court controversy. Love and hate are two emotions which go hand in hand and nobody created them, they were always present in every living being. If animals were smart enough to learn how to love from humans, we could have very well taught them to read, write and cook as well. What say genius!

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  18. See Bro, I am Not a Politician Or a Celebrity . I Can’t Create & Utilize Controversy To Get Name Or Something. Infact I am Running This Blog On Free Plan. Nobody Seriously Cares About These Opinions. They Are Few Friends Of The Blog World Whom I Follow & They Follow Me Back. It’s Not That I am a Philosopher Or Writer Or a Journalist About Whom People Care.
    Love Is a Transitory Feeling & It Makes You Weak. I am Really Sure About It. I am Not The First One Who Is Saying This, Infact Lord Krishna Has Said It Already ( However People Give Their Own Meanings To It ). As Far As Animals Are Concerned Thank God They Don’t Have Feelings Otherwise Things Could Be Different.
    I am Really Glad That You Read It Deeply. You Are Entitled To Your Views. I Respect Your Views But For Me Everyone Has His Own Perspective. Thanks A Lot Bro 🤗🤗🤗🤗

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  19. Having your views is not the problem but being rigid is. If you see a side of an emotion then definitely there exists the other as well. Why do you choose to ignore it and present everything as if everything on this earth is twisted? Celebrity or not, and even free or paid plan, you present your views on public domain. Hence, it is your responsibility to give your readers a fair chance to analyse as per their understanding rather than leading them to a path which you deem as right. Learn to present both sides of the story. Believe me it won’t harm you or your beliefs in any way. Just trying to help you understand that life has multiple perspectives and not just one which is righteous for you.

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