A True Feminist

Dear men,
When you sit in a metro or a bus, I see how unwillingly you have to give up your seats just because a woman didn’t get one. No you don’t have to give me your seat because I know that you too are a human and you too get tired of standing and that although I have seats reserved for my gender, you don’t. Don’t worry, I can stand, just like you do, always. Equality is this for me.

When we go on a date, I’ll make sure the bill is split into two, equally. Your money does not come for free, nor does mine. You put in the same effort to earn those currencies like I do. So when we both are having the food, on what logic should you pay alone ? We’ll share. Equality is this for me.

When we are in a relationship, you are always expected to be loyal. And you do (except for a few). But our gender can cheat too right? We do break your hearts right? We too play with your feelings right? RIGHT. So when I ask you to be loyal, I’ll promise my loyalty to you as well. This is equality for me.

When we are amidst something really emotional, or when you are sad, I have seen you holding back your tears, or else you fear your masculinity will be questioned. No, not with me. I’ll give you my shoulder to cry on, just like you do, always, and at times, we’ll cry together. I won’t judge you. Since you are always asked to be more emotional, you must get the freedom to express your emotions freely. This is equality for me.

I won’t go around shouting for dominance, captioned as equality by posting half nudes and shaming you or even by abusing you or posing false allegations against you. I will accept the fact that my gender does commit mistakes and my gender is equally at fault as you are and that nowhere are we the victims alone. I won’t play the victim card and I won’t play the female card to get attention.

I will work equally hard, just like you and compete with you and win by my own talents and then call it GODDAMN equality.
Yours lovingly

A True Feministโค

Friends , This Was a Post I Previously Shared , It Was From a Friend of Mine and She Deserve Applause for This.

60 thoughts on “A True Feminist

  1. Wonderful !!!!

    What is gender?

    Is gender an identity?

    Certainly gender is not a choice.

    But gender is shaped, molded to young new minds,

    strings hang from children’s joints to dance as society tells them

    No matter man or woman, we are born into roles.

    The woman, the one whose mind stands and pleads on her legs, bring about equality

    But whose body reacts not out of her own accordance and moves

    Moves, graceful, gentle, elegant, and FEMININE.

    As society tells her, she is a woman, and that is her role.

    Where she wishes to stomp, she stands on her tiptoes.

    Where she wishes to thrash, she glides across the floor.

    A puppet bound by the hands of society, pushing, pushing

    To free herself, to change what being a woman means,

    what (gender) equality means.

    The man, he is to castrated by the hands to be a MAN.

    What does that mean? Better put, what does that mean to society?

    I don’t dance.

    I am the example to others, and know how to do everything

    I don’t feel things, or at least show them, because that is not what I do.

    I am powerful and MANLY,

    funny that should be made into an adjective…

    But, I am not one who should be played with like a puppet, much like the woman,

    I do have feelings, but they cannot be expressed for society tells me I will be seen otherwise,

    I don’t know everything even when I’m expected to,

    I have my pride as a man, and am no one’s puppet, I too wish to change the meaning of โ€œmanโ€.

    But strip us down, wash away our skin, we are bare, we are the same,


    What makes us, us?

    Is it our gender?

    Is it society?

    No, what makes us, what makes you, is ultimately your decision,

    and thats something, not even society, can take away from you.

    *Ella Linero

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  2. Glad at least someone somewhere has the concept sorted in their mind and trying to bring awareness. Nicely written and expressed. Share my appreciation with the friend.

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  3. That’s really a wonderful Post, Equality is indeed the most valued principle but always depends upon the circumstances prevailing. ๐Ÿ˜‘๐Ÿ˜‘

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  4. Yeah,If There Should Be Equality Then It Should Be For Everyone Not Differentiate Between Sexes Because If It Differentiate Then It’s Not Equality. In This Concept of Fake Feminism Women Doesn’t Want There Freedom But They Want Superiority Over Men. I Personally Don’t Think That Men & Women are Equal They are Actually Unique In There Existence. Women Are Actually Colours Of The Humanity & Men Are Canvas So This Beautiful Picture Of Life Are Incomplete Without Each Other.
    But Today Women Call Freedom as To Be Men.

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  5. I’m completely agree with you Pal, they are actually unique in their existence but opportunities provided to both should be equal as future is unknown but making them self dependent here we are in utter need of equality as it plays a key role in self development. Two different Individuals.

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  6. Thank god there are people who still believe that feminism does not mean doing what is not supposed to be done on the cost of safety or feeling that making compromises or adjustments in relationships will is against women freedom.

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  7. This is honestly the best post I’ve come across about feminism. I really want to thank the author for penning down her thoughts so brilliantly and to you for sharing this post with us. Thank you.

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  8. An ideal write-up full of ideas which educates us immensely how best we should conduct ourselves in life while dealing with others – male or female. Wonderful indeed. Thanks sharing.

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