The Masculine Philosophy

So, Your Life is Hell. Your Life is Shit. Are You Getting Bored of Your Life.?Are You The Subject of Bullying By Your Group?Did You Never Get What You Want From Life???You Don’t Have Enough Money? You are Unable To Date The Girl You Want?? Sometimes You Think That You are the Most Unfortunate Person in The World. ??You Want Some Motivation?

Then Don’t Expect Some Kind of Shitty Motivational Things From This Blog. You Will Not Get Some Kind of Motivating Quotes and Life Changing Stuff Which You Get Daily On Your What’s App Because Wounds of Life Can’t Be Cured By Metaphorical Words. Life is Dark, Absolutely Normal and Casual. It Can Be Cured only By Material and Spiritual Well Being. You Will Never Be Happy Just By Reading or Hearing Some Great Words By Some Great Men.

Believe Me Life is Just Nothing But Meaningless. It’s a Totally Accidental Phenomenon of The Cosmos, Infact it’s a Cosmic Joke. So in Harsh Words “You Can’t Change The World But You Can Change Your World . This World Will Not Change. You Can Give Your Whole Life For a Great Cause But Nothing Will Ever Change,You Can Just Pass Time In Doing Such Things if You Have But In The End You Will Die Discontented. Even Socrates,Buddha and Even Jesus Died Discontented.Then Who are You and Who The Hell is Me?

Life is Not a Miracle Or Something Unimaginably Interesting. You Have To Know about Certain Boundaries Of Life. You Can’t Have Everything In Your Life. You Can’t Live Somebody Else’s Life. You Can’t Be Everything. You Can’t Go on Date With all Beautiful Girls You See on The Roads , Neighborhood,In Buses,Metro or Dating Sites.You Can Buy All Smartphones You Like on Shopping Sites and Especially if it’s iPhone then You Can’t Even Buy One. You Can’t be a Great Philosopher, Sportsman,a Great Musician Or Investor in This One Life, You Have To Choose One. You Can’t Marry Your Favorite Hollywood or Bollywood Star,Can’t Go to Mars or Become Bestseller Writer Now. You Can Only Try To Utilise Better Things, Peoples & Information To Have a Great Life . You Don’t Need To Be a Billionaire or a Superstar To Live A Life Worth Living. Your Life Can Be Worth Living If You Died contented and Happy. You Can Achieve all Smaller Goals. Life Is Made of Small Happinesses and Achievements Not Great Massive Desires. You Don’t Need to abolish Poverty From The Whole World, That’s Not Your Responsibility,The World Will Do itself. You Just Need To Wipe Out Poverty From Your Life and Poor Street Childrens around Your Locality. Just Stop Watching Shitty News Channels Which Shows You All The Bad Happenings of The World, Believe Me Great Things are Happening in The Same World.

This all Sounds Negative and Pessimistic But it’s The Hard Reality of Our Life as Humans.

So I Will Not Give You Fake Consoles That Everything Will Be Good One Day,There Will Be Day After This Night. No , Because I Know That Both Day and Night are Part Of Same Existing Pattern. Negativity is The Part of Life . It Gives You Power. It’s More Manly.

Even in the Beginning Of The Universe It Was an Electron With Negative Charge Which Survived The Epic War of Matter and Anti Matter,Due To Which The Whole Universe Comes Into Being. Even Sensuality is Considered as A Negative Thing In Most of The Cultures.We Usually Hide it But See The Dichotomy That We All Born are Because Of It.

So If You are Unhappy Because Your Life Is Going Negatively, Then You are Misguided Because It Had To Be Like That. All The Things Which You Have Learned From The Outer World Just Throw Them in The Dustbin and Search For Something Which is Not Soothing But Solving The Problems . As The Buddha Have Said in His Final Words :-

अप्प दीपो भव

– Be Your Own Light

So, I Will Tell You Some Hardcore Realities of Life , A Very Few Which I Have Discovered By Myself. You Just Have To Read it and Start To Searching For Your Own Life Philosophy,Your Own Meaning,Your Own Purpose, Your Own Solutions.Nobody Will Do That For You. Here We Go

  • All The Negative Emotions are Really Really Powerful Then The Positive ones. So If You Have Decide To Do Something Good , Then Change The Idea To Avoid The Bad. Anger,Lust, Selfishness and Hatred Are Faraway More Powerful Then Love, Peace, Calmness and Desire To Serve. So If You Want To Be Rich Then Start Hating Poverty. If You Want Something Then Do It For Yourself . Live Your life for Yourself. You Are the Most Important Person of The World But only For You.
  • The Real Taste of Life Is In Sour. When You Achieved Something , It Start Losing It’s Value. The Whole fun of Life is in mystery not in Knowledge.
  • Everything Here Becomes it’s Anti With Time. So If You Love Somebody Now Then He or She Will Be The Subject Of. Hatred For You. This Law Works For Everything in Universe. It’s True For Your Relationships, Your Work ,Your Desires and Even Your Smartphones.So To Avoid These Conflicts always Keep Searching for Something New.
  • Everything in The Universe is Have an Expiry Date. Infact The Universe itself Has an Expiry Date. So Never Ever Expect Anything To Be With You For Your Lifetime. There’s Nothing like Forever.
  • The Only Thing Which Get To Much Wounded in The Battle of Life is Our ‘Ego’ – The Will To Live. So For Curing it and Preparing it For The Very Next Day, and If You are a Man Then You Need 3W’s – Wealth , Women & Wine. If You are a Women Then You Need 3T’s – Television,Talks and Trust. These Will Keep You Motivated Everyday. Please Don’t Go With Moral Obligation or Health Implications,Even The Doctors Do it For Themselves. Nobody is Immortal Here.

So What are You Waiting For? If You are Waiting For Something Big To Happen Then it will never Happen . Just start doing some Smaller things.

Remember Life is Not about The Book, It’s About Chapters.

Life is Dark , Absolutely Dark , It’s Casual, Normal,and Is Made Up of Small Things and I Am The Agent of The Darkness, an Advocate of Devil. So It’s Up To You . You Have To Make The Choice Between Fake Brightness and Dark Realities.

“अप्प दीपो भव”

94 thoughts on “The Masculine Philosophy

  1. I agree with you at most of the points..specially ‘When You Achieved Something , It Start Losing Its value’😊
    Great and well written post☺️😊thanks for sharing🙏

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  2. Kudos to you for writing this incredibly amazing post. You Will never be happy just by reading or hearing some great words by some great men. These lines are too good. Couldn’t agree more with you on this. Phenomenal writing.

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  3. “Life is harsh, ugly and dark” only for those who think that nothing can be changed. They accept that their fate is written before they were born. They believe that it doesn’t matter whatever they will do, they will get results according to their fate.
    For those, I would say they have already lost their war, War to make their life the way they want. This is only my belief.

    Very well written post!

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  4. Love your statement “You Have To Make The Choice Between Fake Brightness and Dark Realities.”…Always wonder why should any one of us dream ‘happy ever after’ life style based on holly/Bollywood fairy tales inspite knowing that these things are impossible.Accept the fact that ‘life’ is nothing but shit and every saint knows this.Glad that you are brutally frank.One has to Accept the ‘life’ as it is and don’t argue and just move on.

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  5. Thank You for For Such a Beautiful Appreciation. I Named It’s Masculine Philosophy Because I Think It’s Really Hard Hitting and Really Aggressive and It Doesn’t Have any Softness. It Has Nothing Do With any Gender

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  6. I can’t say I agree. You know what life is? Life is whatever you want it to be. Anything. We choose.
    Meaningless? Hell no! That’s a choice one makes. Every single day. And with each new day we can make new, different choices – if we choose to. If someone wants to choose that, I say bummer.
    It’s one I never ever will – I find incredible meaning in life everyday 🙂
    Life becomes whatever we focus on, whatever we tell ourselves we believe.
    Tell yourself the world has no point, no purpose, is dark, meaningless, & that’s exactly what it becomes.
    Tell yourself the world is a mysterious, elegant symphony of lessons, epiphanies & synchronicities,
    & you’ll see a world that’s filled with so much Beauty.
    It’s the same thing with the things that happen to us:
    Nothing ‘good’ or ‘bad’ happens – Things just Happen.
    It is us who then attribute a ‘good’ or ‘bad’ value to those “Things that Happen.”
    The ‘colossal-is-an-understatement’ power of our minds is something that many haven’t seemed to grasp.
    We are powerful beyond the wildest imagination. Our worlds are created by us, first in our minds, then becoming our outer worlds. So what we think, believe, & say we know, is what becomes our reality.
    Therefore, what we think; what we tell ourselves we believe; & tell ourselves is ‘true’ –
    becomes the most important choice one makes.
    Have a great day 😉

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  7. Thanks a Lot for Such A Deep Analysis However We Don’t Agree With Each Others Point of View But I Really Touched By The Way You Read My Blog Such Deeply . Thanks A Lot

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  8. We don’t agree and that’s okay 🙂 People don’t have to agree to get along 😊 Sadly some people forget that like on Twitter LOL I see so many nasty arguments on Twitter because God forbid somebody doesn’t think the same way they do LOL agreeing to disagree and still sitting down at the same table for a meal is what mature well-balanced civilized people do LOL besides who wants to live on a planet of clones haha oh the Lost Art of debate!

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  9. A wonderful sharing indeed.

    The opposite forces, in fact, play a part in our lives. It is well said, Those who have not seen the dark side of a think will not enjoy the light side of it. Sometimes, in losing, we gain much.

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  10. Ref blogger Love infusion Inc ,I agree,life happens the way you look at it ,it is positive if you look that way or negative if you look in a negative way. But my feeling in general is , not all are born with silver spoon and mostly negative aspects of life dominating positive aspects of life in these days and present circumstances wondering where we are heading !

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  11. Life Is Made of Small Happinesses was a head turner for me which relates to chapters of a book called life.
    Your writing does invoke and engage in reading where there is something for everyone to relate.
    One thing is sure we all come with a return ticket from this Mother Earth even before we are born. How meaningful we want to make our journey is up to us and many around us who we seek a guidance ( GOD, parents, Teachers, Guru, Books, Places etc).

    I would love you to pick each pointer from your philosophy and deep dive to in depths writing.

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  12. Ah, my friend, years ago, when I was too young to benefit from his words, a cousin said to me, “If you want something from life and can’t seem to get it, change yourself.” I finally understood. The change had to come from within. Maybe I never got that one thing I thought I wanted, but I got so much more. And, in time, I found that my previous wants never measured up to what I actually had and/or was able to get.

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  13. Yes,We Have To Leave All The Dream Created By Unachievable Desires. These Desires are Always Hungry,as We Feed Them , They Keep Growing,So it’s Better To Have a Realistic View about Realities of Life.
    Thanks From The Deepest Core of My Heart . It’s Really Lovely Feeling To Be Readed By People Like You.

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  14. I agree with you. In fact happiness has no shades but darkness has many. We can’t define word happy nor face but gloominess and other negative emotions could be described well bcoz we are living with it.

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