The Theory Of Nothing

Today,We are Going To Talk about Nothing, Yeah, Nothing Which Simply Means Nothing, That’s it.

So What Do You Think We Can Talk about Nothing, It’s Nothing.Nothing are You, Nothing is Me, Nothing Is This Blog and Nothing Is The Knowledge.Even God Is Nothing.Everything Was Emerged From Nothing and Everything Will Eventually Become Nothing.Therefore ‘Nothing’ Is Important,and I Mean To Say ‘Nothing’ Is Important Not Nothing Is Important.

So what are Your Problems , There are Nothing, That’s Why Very Important To you, Because as I Said ‘Nothing’ Is Very Important.Now How To Deal With This Nothing, That’s Very Easy.You Just Need To Know and Apply This Knowledge To Your Problems That These Problems are Nothing.

Now ,Who You are. You are a Fraction over Nothing,Made By Nothing itself and You Will Become Nothing again One day.Till That One Day Imply Some of The Parts Of The Principle of Nothing, So That You Can Get Rid Of These Nothings.

So What is The Principle of Nothing? It’s Nothing.Nothing Matters,all The Things are Relative To Your Existence and Your Existence Will Be Nothing One-day,So according To This Logic Nothing Is Here ,Nothing Big Can Be Done In This Universe, Except When The Universe Do itself.

All The Great Peoples at Different Time Zones ,At Different Places,On Different Time Periods, Have Thought That They Are Everything,Big Kings,Fighters,and Scientists,and Philosophers They are Grains of Soil Now and You Know Now That They Were Nothing at There Time,and They are Nothing Now.You Are also Nothing

This Is Also True For You. How Much Time Do You Have,Just Merely Hundred Years if You are Lucky. And You are Thinking That The Whole Universe is Your Enemy and Wants To Give You Pain.Universe Has Nothing To Do With You and There’s No God Who Is Playing With You.

Believe Me, It Does not Matter,Who You are,What You Deserve, Just Matter Is What You Create.
So If You Want To Develop Your Country,Built Temple, Spread Your Religion,Or Solve The Problems Of Hunger,Thirst and Poverty Of Humanity and If You Believe That You Can Do all This,Then You are Fooling Yourself,You Can’t Even Sneeze With Open Eyes,and Don’t Even Try It.

We Saw So Much Problems In The Whole World, Because Our Own Life Is So Miserable and according To Newton’s Law, Everything Wants To Remain at Status Quo,So When You See Others Problems,You Get a Certain amount of Joy, Your Ego Gets Satisfaction in It.But If You Just Solve Your Life’s Problems and Don’t Create For Others, That’s It,One Day You Will Find That’s There’s No Problem In The World.

How It Works, Because It Seems To Be Too Selfish as an Idea,Which Kills Your Idealism.But It Works,It Works Wonderfully and Brilliantly That You Can’t Even Imagine Because There’s Not a Single World But Almost Seven Billion Worlds In The Head Of Seven Billion Fractions Of Nothing.

So If You Solve Your World’s Problem Then All Others Will Solved automatically. And if You Are an Elite, Leftist, Modern,City Guy and A Reader Who Read Novels on Sundays,Then This is Going To Shake Your Values.Here Comes The Idea To Change The World.

Imagine You are on Road, and Suddenly You Saw and Smell a Beautiful Rose,and You Say How Beautiful Is This Rose. It Smells So Beautiful.You Go To Office and It Was a Good Day. So What Do You Think was It Because of That Rose. Believe Me The Rose Don’t Even know That You Were There, Happiness Was In Your Mind and Not in The Fragrance.

Nobody Has Ever Done anything For anybody, Never Ever.Sun is Shinning, Earth Is Rotating,Even Air Is Inhaling Through Your Body Is not For you. It Does It Because it’s Very Nature.If You are Not here,Still The Sun Will Shine,Air Will Blow and Earth Will Rotate .
So,What’s The Matter, Never Mind and What Is The Mind , Doesn’t Matter

So For Example If You are Thanking Someone For Creating Light Bulbs, Believe Me Thomas Alva Eddision Don’t Even Know That You Will Born Someday,He Don’t Expected any Thanks From You,It Was His Joy And He Does The Things Which He Enjoyed,He Don’t Even Think That One day The World Will Be Thankful To Him.

Everything’s Goodness Comes With a Validity.If Something is Great Today,It Can Be Wrost Tomorrow.For Example Even You Change The World By Making a New Religion,Then After A Few Hundred Years You Will be abused By Your Own Followers.

So Don’t Be Good , Don’t Be Bad Just Enjoy Your Being

You are Too Small To Bring any Big Change,You are Just Nothing In This Huge Cosmic Game,and Everything Which You Feel Is Relative To You, So If You Change Your Feelings,The World Will Change.

Do What You Enjoy,and Don’t Expect any Kind of Fruits Or Thanks For It, Because Work Is The Fruit Of Itself. and If You Do Good For Yourself,Then You Will Eventually End up In Doing Great For Everyone,and In This Way You Can Become Everything From Nothing,You Can Be Eternal Through Your Creations Like The Beautiful Piece of Music.

So Ultimately You Will Become Nothing and I Give A Solution To You For Becoming Everything But ‘Nothing’ Is Still Very Important and It’s Very Dark.

Since You are Becoming Nothing, You are Coming Closer To Dark and Journey To The Dark Continues….

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