The Curious Case of God

Hey Guys,Many Of You wil Get Delighted, Frustrated or Just Ignoring it But God is Dead .God As We Think is No More and I’m Damn Sure about it and Therefore No Devil neither Evil Exist anymore. The Rules are Changed Now.

The Thing Which Replaced God Now is also an abstract Like Him and It is Called Logic or To Be More Precise it’s Called Psuedo-Logic . It Has already Committed Sin By Killing It’s Father ‘Desire To Knowledge’ and Mother i.e. Innocence.It also Killed it’s Brother Logic and Now Using His Name.

Don’t Understand, That’s Okay.The Same is Happening in The World, Nobody Understand Nothing.But I’ll Explain it With Some Examples because I Am Devil’s Advocate and God is Necessary For The Existence of My Client.

For Example They Say Men and Women are Equal,So They Should Have Same treatment Everywhere.Seems Very Logical.Yeah But it’s a Psuedo Logical answer. Men and Women aren’t Different Physically only But they are Unique In Existence.But In Modern Times it’s Easy to mingle up With Both Sexes,After a Few Generations ,It will result In a Society Where Men and Women will only be Different in there Genitals and Masculinity and Femininity will Gone.So No Soft Feelings,No Love,No Bravery,No family,No Strong Attitude,Only Cut Throat competition.

We’ve already Seen on New Year’s Eve in Germany and Banglore Few Years Back In the Incident of Mass Rapes. There Were Men With the Victims, But There Was No Masculinity in Them. Soon If We Continued To Believe That Men and Women are Equal then There Will be No Men or Women Existing. Also, For You Girls Don’t objectify Yourselves by Wearing Short Skirts, Because if a Boy Stare You he Will Be Viewed as Characterless,and Can Be Sued In Court,and Not You Even after Degrading and Objectify Yourselves as Nice legsThe.So, the Old School Love of Staring in the Eyes Of Each Other Will Be a Crime in Today’s Era. Today Love Start on Facebook, Become Young in Car or Hotel and ended in Court.

Also West Is Facing a New Problem of Aging Population , Because Young Women Didn’t Want Children Therefore, population Which is Getting older Couldn’t Be Replaced by Young Workforce,So In a Way this Logic is Not killing Family Institution but is a Huge Threat For Human Existence.

Once More,They Say there’s No Need For Nations, There is War Just Because Of Nations.Seems Very Logical To You, Yea it is,But it’s Psuedo of it. If There’s No Nations,No Brotherhood, Because Nations actually Bound Peoples To Each other In Unknowable Thread,Like Families, You’re Bound To help Each Others.So there are Nations then We have Seen Two World Wars But If there’ll Be No Nations then Millions of War Will be Started For Resources at the Same Time.So if There’s No Nations, There’s No Humanity.

One More Example,They Say you are So Traditional.You are Such an Old School Guy,Such a Naive. Yeah it’s Really Logical,But It’s Not. I am Modern Then You Because all the Traditional Values are Just Five Thousand Years Old,But This New Habits Of One Night Stands, Using Slangs, Drinking,Not Respecting The Institutions,Is Millions Of Years Old When Humanity was in it’s Pre-Mature Stage,they Do the Same Because of their Primate Nature. So You’re Following their Your animal Part and I’m Following my Human Part,So Who’s Modern You Can Guess Now if you Know The Timeline of Life on The Earth.

They Say Having Sex in Public is The Right,Even animals Do That Why we Can’t,and Why We Shouldn’t Do incest,We Both have Genitals and Consent.So animals Don’t Lived in a Civilized Society But You Do.You Don’t Deserve to Live in the Human Society Because You’re Simply an animal,Who Just Know How To Get instant Gratification,So if Become aggressive You’ll Kill Humanity. Sex is Illegal Without Love,and Love Is Really a Private thing,So Love Making Must Be a Personal Thing,But You’re Not Going to Understand Because You’re Incestuous animal,So Just Go to The Jungle.

Shievering, That’s Okay,I’m Breaking Your Very Essence Of Viewing Freedom.

One More ,They Say Don’t Believe in Religion Because Religion Increase Violence, Innocent People are Killed in The Name of Religion.Seems To be Very True,Yeah but in TV Debate Only. Believe Me Hitler had Killed One Million in the Name of Religion,But in the Same Time era ,Two World wars Were Fought,and No One Was in the Name of Religion,Even Anti- Religious Communists Killed Ten Millions In Russia, China and India For Establishing Non-Religious Society.So Think Upon it,If You Delete Religious Values From Your Life,How Will You Give Meaning To Your Life. Yeah,I Know Something in all The Religions Become Old and Bad But That Doesn’t Means,You Leave The Religion. If Your parents Grew Old,and Have Different Thought Process From will You Kill Them.?

They Say Oh My God! Rich are Killing Poors. That’s Very Bad, Yeah it’s Like That.Then I Tell Them a Story,Suppose There are Three Friends in A village,One of Them Goes To The City,Work Hard and Become Rich, While The Other Two Remain Poor. Now tell Me Who’s Responsible For The Poverty Of The Two Friends.Now If You Take away all The Money From That Rich Friend Then , There’ll be No Rich friends Remains Only Three Poor Enemy Will be Left.

They Say Only twenty percent People own The Eighty Percent Wealth,Then I Say Take The Wealth From The Rich,Distribute It Equally and You’ll Get all the Hundred Percent Poors With No Hope. Abudance Only Can Diminsh Poverty, and only Few People Can Create That. So Think Upon it.

They Say Don’t Believe in God Because it’s Really Old,and I say Idea of God is Just Few Thousand years old but Before That There Was eternal Atheism Because Nobody Have The Idea Of God,There Atheism Was So Deep,That They Never Think of God For a Second,But Still They Were Primates. Science Is New, It’s Lovely,But it Explains How things Work,But Why Things Do What They Do? According To the Law Of Existence There Must Be a Cause For Existence of A Being,and The Universe is in Being for Thirteen Billion Years, Because of Big Bang,So What’s The Cause Of Big Bang..?

We Actually are Living in a Hippocratic World, Which Say Something and Do Exactly Opposite,So Don’t Believe What The Newspaper and TV Says To You,What Your Textbooks in School Have Taught You, Because Life Will Never Be Like That.

Don’t Believe in These Psuedo Logics Because ,They are Short-sighted,Have No Future, Always Have The Anti-Logic, Sounds Sweet,But Kills You In The End.
So, That’s all My Lord,My Client Devil Can’t Be Sued as a Reason for all Problems Because Both He and His Partner,The God are Gone. This Duo of God – Devil has already died Long Before Information age, all the Morality and anti- Morality, Values ,Loves, Emotions and laws They established Are Broken. No Batman,No Joker My Lord. Now You Can Rape Your eight Months old Nephew,

Marry Your Sister and Person Of Same Sex, Going To Temple is a Crime and foolishness while Going to Pub is an achievement,

Everyone Can Vote Equally ,So the Man Who Sold His Vote For Hundred Rupees and a Quarter of Whiskey,Who can’t Write His Name is Equally Important With an Highly Educated Guy and If the Fools Want To Destroy Them,They Can Because it’s Democracy.

Our Ancestors were Not Fools and Not Everything Which is Older or Traditional is Bad, Follow Some old Rules, Or Replace Them With New ones But please Have some Laws. Think Or Prepare for the Last Century of Humanity.

There are No Good or Bad People Remaining, Just Junk of Mechanical Primates Left on The Earth. It’s Absolutely Dark Now.

27 thoughts on “The Curious Case of God

  1. Thanks Bro,and I’ll be Really Happy if it’ll Be My Perspective,But it’s Seems Like Reality Of Modern Times
    Thanks For Such a beautiful Appreciation

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  2. It was refreshingly a different post from the usual. Ur take was interesting. Kind off felt that u let the lid open to release some boiling pressure accumulated inside. Keep penning as ur way of writing is interesting.

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  3. Well written dude!!!!!
    Seriously..i like that traditional one and my human part is more modern para..this happens with me too..
    I hope u don’t mind if i say that God is not dead bcoz He wasn’t born and get mature like we all humans..
    I literally liked your post.. it’s awesome

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  4. Thanks Dear,Thank You Very Much For Such A deep Appreciation.I Believe that Everything Which was old wasn’t Actually that much Bad,Here God Is the Metaphor of all the Goodness and I Strongly believe that,We ourselves are Responsible for our Problems, Neither God,Nor Devil can Save us.The Morden era of Lawlessness is Not Good For Humanity.

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  5. By ‘God Is Dead’ I Mean Faith, Fear and Love of God Doesn’t Existing any More,and a person who is Not Fearing Even from God ,He also Will not Fear from Devil Because he is More Evil then God.I believe that Good and Bad are The opposite Sides of the Same Coin

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  6. Factually, in our zeal to excel, we’ve really decelerated on the moral plank. To which limit it will take us, only our God knows. Thanks sharing a wonderful and thoughtful write-up.

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  7. My pleasure Pankaj Ji. I am really impressed by the up and coming crop of research writers and thinkers like you who go into the psyche of the general masses and bring out the black spots – in fact through critique and introspection we learn and refine ourselves.

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  8. No, Words To Express How Overwhelmed I am . Sometimes Few Words From Good Peoples Makes You Wordless. Just A Simple Thanks From The Deepest Corners πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™


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