Keep Smoking…

Life is all about metaphors,infact life is a metaphor itself, it’s a metaphor of Metaphysics, Confusion of the Self and the meaning of it’s being.Life is like the Morning Dream, The most illogical Sequence, unwanted , Unknown, Undesirable, Unacceptable and Unaccounted emotional Scenes Which literally have no Meaning in themselves,But when You go Deeper They have the Deepest Meanings of Your Existence and Existential Crisis.

It’s Not Easy to analyze the intensity of the Intense Desire to Get Rid of logical ,Real,Practical and Concious Phenomenon Called Life.Everybody Wants to escape from the Most strongest Uphold,Bully and Jailer, Which he’ll Never be able to escape because it is Himself,The Very own self. everyone wants to anhilate himself.Some Watch cinema for Doing that and Some Smoke.

The Deep sea of Life seems so vast that everyone Knows that he would Never escape,so he Closed his eyes and drown in to it ,Just a burning Cigarette in Mouth,To do all bizzare things, Just to be himself,or just to keep on existing.

Everyone knows that nobody is his, Nobody wanted him, Nothing can save Him,He has intense Desire to have Sex which is a sin,He needs Smoke but it’s a crime. Nobody can save Him from death and Nobody Even wanted to Do that.

Hitler Killed Millions of Jews in Gas Chambers,Many hundred Millions were killed for the sake of equality in Russia China and India,and it’s Still Continuing,The Massacre of Bodies Slows Down But Massacre of Souls is accerlating. Everybody’s still Continuing that, Your parents, Loved ones, Friends they all Have created an illusion in Your Mind that You are wrong,Mad,Fake,Fool and Bad and kills you billion times, They killed The very basis of your Existence. They Don’t Love you, They love what They see or assume or percept in You.

Dreams of life are also unreal but they seem to be real and Logical because of Time. Just Sit alone Sometimes and You’ll find that there’s No morality needed,You can’t feed all hungry people, Even you feed them They will see food only and not you, Even if Someday You’re not able to feed them they Will eat you up.

Now ,Light a Ciggrete,inhale it to fulfill the Intense Desire to anhilate yourself. You Know you will die if you Smoke but the Air You breathe have more Smoke then that little ciggrete. All your relationships, Country,Name, Identity, Religion, Ideology,Idea of God and Good,Infact Body is Given by others, Others Who wants to kill You and place the man they Desire into your Body, It’s a win-win Situation for them.

So, let Them lose. You can’t escape this prison of being because this prison is the very essence of You,But You can have a payroll,Burn that Ciggrete in Your Hand and Keep on Smoking because in the Course of thinking,The Only thing in the Dark, Painful, Drowning Existence only one thing which is bright and relaxing is the Cigarette in Your hand.

Never trust what They say,Forgive them, Forget them and move forward from them,Be alone and Keep on Smoking…

31 thoughts on “Keep Smoking…

  1. I thought I’m not going to like this one ‘ keep smoking…’ I’m wrong. I liked it. Well written. What the say, ‘devil’s advocate?’ You can change thinking process.

    Liked by 1 person

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