That Girl in Pink Shoes

I was traveling from somewhere to home,off course by train,With all common frustrations that a Young Man Can have,Like Argument with parents, Dissatisfaction with Job,Low Income,Fat belly,And No Philosophy and Goal in life, Everything in one brain.

Finally My Journey begins.At a small Station Somebody touched Me, Shakes My Shoulders because I was Sleeping . I open both my eyes and Mouth. But within few seconds my mind awake with a Bang.It was a girl.

She Said,”Hieeee!! Jiju” and I was like what the hell I wasn’t even married.I just let it happen, That’s the way I was handling My Life so i just said nothing and look into the eyes of that girl ,And I Saw a sudden emergence of fear as four almost middle aged body builders Goondas coming behind her and she can feel their Footsteps and suddenly I said “hiieee!! how Are you dear” and she started and off course it didn’t ended because of that Girly Habit till those four men Walked away from our compartment.

After that I saw her ,A shawl ,Old Salwar-Suit,beautiful eyes,Full of Life Face and off course very New and Bright Pink shoes.She Saw me Watching her body and I said ,”first of all I’m not your Jiju okay”.

“I know” she said. “I was trying to save me from those hungry meat hunting Dogs”.”I Understand Don’t worry.

“All Men are like that” she continued.I don’t know what to say so Just let it be.She said ,”Hi I am a Girl” and I was like what I Have to do with that because at that time I was an Idealist

And She started talking With her cute Smile.She said I was Raped by my Creator.” Wait what”,I was almost shouting.She said yes My father has two wives both died and when I was fifteen ,He was drunk.

But I never saw any shame, Infact he tried it again for second Time and I Half Mudered Him.And Runaway to my Metarnal Granny’s Home.and was studying journalism, Untill one day when My step Brother tried to do the same act,When I told this to granny she asked my cousin to marry me and I was running countinously from that day.These Four were my Cousins,Who had Never seen me and still are my Relatives.” She said

I was almost crying.Tears are just running down to my cheeks.But she was eternally Calm.All my sensibilities and ideals have broken.So I said hey I am going to washroom.”You can cry here also”,She Said.All that Porn Mentality Was washed away in Those Tears. From Which Deep Ocean You Fetch your will to live? I asked.

She Said ,”why I should die or even feel bad for what others have done to me.I am going to Delhi to be a Journalist.Do you Still believe in Allah ?I asked.That’s the only thing which give Me Power along with Bollywood,Duaa is more powerful than anything else in world”.I was smiling at myself who was a very proud atheist.

“I Think in the end this world is going to be beautiful. i strongly believe in karma so if somebody has done wrong to me he will pay for it if not now than in future” she said.God knows from where TT came,I show him ticket, But he strangely doesn’t asked for it from her.

All my sensibilities were dead and It was 3 Am. So i said goodnight to her and close my eyes.After a few minutes I hear her crying.And I was like ahhh.She said I want to be with you because you are the first Who dare to listen me,My soul is injured,and I am torn between humanity and Womenhood.But I will love to be with you but it’s too Late. Goodnight She said this Time and close here eyes and I was shocked.

But she was too beautiful to say anything, So I was just, looking on her eternally calm,Cute,innoncent and peacful face while she was asleep and thinking how worried I was about my little baby type problems,And how wrost life can be,She was seemingly like Goddess Durga who has immense power to face anything and I was a Rat.All that male ego was broken and so my attention.

When I woke up I was already arrived at hometown Railway station.But She wasn’t there.Oh shit I must asked for her phone Number,She had changed my Outlook about Life and I don’t even Know her name! Hah! Chalo.Thats okay.

So after my Literally Ghar wapasi to Delhi,I buyed a news paper to read in Metro From station to my home.It Was a well Known Newspaper,So I was Shocked,It was she,Yes that Girl in Pink Shoes.And the headline was A 24 year old young Journalist was Mudered Last night for refusing to marry her cousin at 7 Pm.Her name and other details were mentioned there and I was shievering because I met her at 10 Pm Last Night. That’s why TT doesn’t asked her because She wasn’t even there.

Then Who was she?She was a Philosophy.A really beautiful philosophy.I was Searching for some answers and she was that answer.A philosophy of life is always raped by it’s creator, and raped by brothers like what Lenin does to communism.But it still provide the answers to the Researchers.

Small things make life not big ambitions.Will to live is the only thing You Need To survive.She Taught me How to Live after her Death.

So I was in Dark and she comes and goes back to dark.Dark is still there ,Forever…

21 thoughts on “That Girl in Pink Shoes

  1. What a beautiful way of speaking her story for our eyes to take in. We now have a understanding of how life is in India even at its worst. Thanks for sharing such an extraordinary story !!

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  2. That’s a Marvellous post and quite heartwrenching I must say. I guess am to afraid to write about anything like that but yes empowering one I would love to jott down.

    Liked by 1 person

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